The biggest sleepers in the move

After last season two of my sleepers from the 2019 draft put touchdowns on a Sunday, Sleeper item is back! Six under-radar players who should be a late-draft pick – or never – and ready to disrupt the NFL.

NFL Draft 2022: Thresholds and Late Round Diamonds in Raw

Dareke Young, WR, Lenoir-Rhyne

A physically impressive recipient. Young tested in the draft process with a height of 6’2 and 224 pounds – nevertheless he ran the 40 yards in 4.44 seconds, had good agility and very good explosive values. Prior to the season, Young landed on Bruce Feldman’s infamous “Freaks List” with bigger hands than DeAndre Hopkins’ and the same arm’s length as Davante Adams.

Just as important to Young, he shone against competition at the East-West Shrine Bowl – as one of the few Division 2 players at this year’s event. And maybe he was a little more on the radar for scouts after Lenoir-Rhyne Safety Kyle Dugger was drafted in the second round by the Patriots in 2020.

He can block, Young moves well despite his physique, turns quickly after a catch, and has a large catch radius, not least in the red zone. He has the speed to turn a jet-sweep into a great spectacle.

Young had his breakout season in 2019 – and he had already considered going to the draft in 2021. But that would have been after the season, which was canceled due to Corona and after a knee injury with a three-month rehabilitation course. However, he refused a transfer to a larger school.

Only ten Division 2 players have been drafted since 2019. Three – Zach Davidson (No. 186 pick / Vikings), Mike Strachan (229 / Colts) and Chris Garrett (252 / Rams) – were there last year. Young, whose enormous physical potential could be unleashed much better under NFL training conditions, has a chance to get on that list.

Jason Poe, OG, Mercer

A player who could fall below some teams’ size limits and who was traded to Mercer to qualify for the Southern Conference at a major college after excelling at Lenoir-Rhyne needs exceptional athletic tools to have at all a chance to hear his name late in the draft.

Poe has these athletic tools.

With just over six feet and 300 pounds, Poe will fall short of some teams’ guard profiles, and his arm length is also below average. But the athletic profile is extremely impressive; in fact, so impressive that some teams auditioned for him as a back in the drafting process.

Poe was in all tests – above the 90th percentile, sometimes clear. And for those who question power due to size and length, Poe did 34 reps on bench press, two more than Zion Johnson, who is likely to be selected for first guard.

Poe is a great pull blocker, he has not least shown against Alabama. Yes, lack of height and arm length can be a problem, at least in some situations. But an athlete like Poe, who is as versatile as a blocker in space, should get a shot on day 3 and ideally land on a misdemeanor that makes her linemen move a lot.

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