The best week of the college football season

Big decisions cast their shadows ahead. The college football season is coming to an end. The final qualifiers for the Conference Championships are being sought and the race for playoff tickets is underway. A blessing that most derbies are scheduled for the hottest part of the year on Thanksgiving weekend. Welcome to Rivalry Week! Best week for college football fans.

Has your team had a year to forget? The mood is at its lowest point? No problem! With just one win, the entire course of the season can be reversed. In the rivalry game against local rivals or biggest recruiting competitors, college teams are given the opportunity to inflict an extremely painful stab wound on their unloved opponent.

Nine teams are still in the playoffs, seven of them with realistic hopes. A jolt against the rival over the weekend would shatter some dreams. Both sides therefore enter the game with motivation, which for some seniors is synonymous with the last task for their alma mater. There are many weekend Rivalry Games with different focus. Here are the hottest ones affecting next week’s playoff races and championship games. Losing weight is forbidden!

“The Game”: Ohio State Buckeyes @ Michigan Wolverines, Saturday at

It does not get better. When Ohio State and Michigan meet, it’s almost always about supremacy in the Big Ten. Of the last 52 champions, only 13 have not been with either the Wolverines or the Buckeyes. Also this year, the last ticket to the conference final is sought here. It likes rivalry against those who harbor comparable enmities against one another. Although it’s unparalleled to cross every “M” out on street signs and billboards in Columbus. No rivalry has been consistently fought at the highest level in decades like The Game. When Michigan hosts the Buckeyes, the two schools meet for the 117th time. Wolverines lead all-time statistics, but after eight defeats in a row, head coach Jim Harbaugh in particular must finally win against the American neighbor.

“Iron Bowl”: Alabama Crimson Tide @ Auburn Tigers, Saturday 9:30 p.m.

Those living in Alabama will inevitably have to decide if they want to cheer on one of the teams by shouting “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” for the rest of their lives. There are less than three hours drive between the competing competitors. Ever since the decision was made in the late 1980s to play the rivalry alternately at Crimson Tide and the Tigers’ respective home court, the meeting has produced incredible college football moments. On several occasions, the Auburn Crimson Tides shattered title hopes at their own Jordan Hare Stadium. Do not forget “Sack Game” or “Kick Six”. There is no major rivalry in the Southeastern Conference, and the Tigers want to play spoilsport again this year.

“Platypus Trophy”: Oregon State Beavers @ Oregon Ducks, Saturday at 21.30

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The Beavers and Ducks have met in Oregon for 127 years. This makes it the fifth most played out rivalry at the FBS level. Oregon leads the long-running statistics of the two Pac12-North rivals 66-48-10. The game has since lost its critically acclaimed “Civil War” nickname. However, it’s no less bleak as a loss could put Oregon out of the Pac-12 Championship Game if Washington State wins at the same time. For Beavers, though, it’s not just about getting one over the other. If you win, you will be invited to the Sun Bowl on New Year’s Eve.

“Paul Bunyan’s Ax”: Wisconsin Badgers @ Minnesota Golden Gophers, Saturday at

The most played rivalry in the top division of college football is that between Wisconsin and Minnesota. With the exception of 1906, schools have met every year since 1890. Since 1948, the victor has been awarded the “Paul Bunyan Ax”. The quirky Challenge Cup is currently in Madison, Wisconsin for the second year in a row. The Badgers are once again under pressure, for only one win will take them into the Big Ten Championship Game, where they face the winners from Ohio State and Michigan. Elsewhere, Iowa goes into the final after beating Nerbaska yesterday, ending the Golden Gophers’ last hope of winning the championship.

“Bedlam Series”: Oklahoma Sooners @ Oklahoma State Cowboys, Sunday at 13.30

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“Bedlam Series” is the name of the rivalry between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, which has been held across sports for 121 years. The Sooners lead the statistics in American football by 90-18-7. In the battle for the national championship, the Cowboys could previously spit in the rival’s soup. Unforgettable was the 16-13 success in 2001, when Oklahoma State itself did not get further than a 4-7 season record, but kicked the first out of the final on the final day of the match.

This time, however, the game is under the opposite sign. The Cowboys enter the game as favorites who would only be too happy to inflict a painful defeat on the Sooners, who migrated to the SEC. Oklahoma must win to go straight to a repeat of the Big 12 Championship Game on neutral ground a week later. Baylor is waiting. It would be the first final since its reintroduction in 2017 without the involvement of the league champions. If Oklahoma State wins, the chances of the first College Playoff participation increase.

“Legends Trophy”: Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ Stanford Cardinal, Sunday at

Last played in 2019, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Stanford Cardinal have met each other on Thanksgiving weekend for over 20 years. The rivalries in the state between Alabama and Auburn, Oregon and Oregon State, or the bitter rivalry in “The Game” may have a longer history, but the playoffs are at stake and Notre Dame still has something to say. While other teams seek to qualify for their Conference Championship Games, this will be the Irishmen’s last appearance before the bowl matches. So one last chance to convince the committee or at least be selected as the best Non-Power-5 College.

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