The best fitness equipment to get fitter

Summer is approaching and many people feel the need to shed winter fat. After a lot of time in the home office, the original motivation to play sports has disappeared, and a lot of laziness has crept in as well. It’s time to start exercising and get back in shape. Not only for appearance but especially for improved health.

If the gym is not right for you, you can easily exercise at home. With this sports equipment, it’s guaranteed to be more sporty!

Sports Watches – Track your progress

Especially as a beginner, facts about your own training can be important. A fitness tracker or a special sports watch is very useful to be able to record your own progress, analyze weaknesses and thus make improvements. Sports watches usually have many categories and can be used in almost any sport.

With Fitbit Versa 3, the focus is on tracking sports activities. Not only steps are counted, but also the active minutes. With the GPS signal, distances traveled can be tracked and evaluated.

Apple Watch 6

If you do not just want to use a watch for sports and you own an iPhone, you can also use the Apple Watch 6. As an all-round smartwatch, it can use many other applications and is also versatile in everyday life.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Another smartwatch with sports features is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Unlike other watches, it has a round design. A cool feature is the body composition measurement, where you can find out how high the body fat percentage is, or how much the skeletal muscle or body water makes up in weight.

Sports watch Lily from Garmin

Sometimes, especially for women, most sports watches are not smart enough. The sports watch Lily from Garmin has a small and delicate design that does not make it clear that it is a sports watch. The watch aims to help women lead a healthier lifestyle. You can not only track sports activities but also determine how your own menstrual cycle is.

outdoor sports

Nothing can be better integrated into everyday life than outdoor sports! Jog, bike or use scooters: the possibilities are endless. Especially when the weather is good, you like to be in the fresh air anyway, and you can make perfect use of the opportunity to get fitter.


Is jogging or running too boring for you? So try sprucing up your workout with a skipping rope! In bad weather, the skipping rope can also be used indoors if there is enough space.


Instead of using public transportation or driving a car, you can use a bike or alternatives and build muscle strength and endurance.


If you want to start small and are unsure whether you have enough muscle power to drive long distances, you can also use e-mobility and ride an e-scooter e.g. After all, a little exercise is better than doing nothing.

indoor endurance sports

In the home office, people sit a lot and spend some time in the fresh air, which is why the opportunity to cycle is less common. To keep moving and get in shape, you can access smaller sports equipment that you can use, for example, to strengthen your endurance.


If the weather is bad, you do not have to do without cycling. With an ergometer you can cycle indoors and thus strengthen your leg muscles and endurance.


If jogging is not possible due to time pressure, a small treadmill is a good alternative to achieve the recommended 10,000 steps a day.


Like an ergometer, a mini bike home trainer can train endurance and strengthen your legs a bit. The crucial difference: the home trainer easily fits under the desk due to its small size.

weight training

If you want to strengthen your strength and build muscle mass, you need exercise equipment and weights at a specific time. Much can be achieved with home training and your own body weight, but to gain more muscle mass you should increase it with weights.


If you have enough space on the wall or door frame at home, you can mount a pull-up bar and work out with your own body weight. Pull-ups strengthen the back, shoulder, chest and arm muscles.


With a dumbbell set, you can easily start exercising and then increase the weight more and more. Especially dumbbells can be well integrated into various forms of exercise.


If you do not plan to increase the weight initially, you can use lighter dumbbells. During aerobics or other exercise, smaller dumbbells are often used on the side. A rubber coating prevents the dumbbells from slipping and thus ensures safe training.

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