The best apps for cyclists: Everyone should know these

The mobile phone has long been an integral part of the car. But it is also a useful companion on the bike. Once it is fastened to a holder on the handlebars, cycling apps can be conveniently started there – for example, navigation apps for orientation. We show you which Android and iOS apps are most useful for passionate cyclists. Whether you are an occasional cyclist, professional or racing cyclist.

Apps for cycling and navigation

Cyclists usually need orientation if they want to cycle longer trips – whether they are on an electric bike, racing bike or regular bike. A navigation app helps you stay on track. The best bike navigation systems other than Google Maps can be found here in an instant.

Komoot: for cyclists with body and soul

Komoot is an app specially designed for cyclists and outdoor adventures. Therefore, it is also one of the most popular and well-known applications in this field. The company behind the bike app promises that user experiences will be included in the further development. All types of leisure destinations are listed along the defined routes, such as beer gardens, viewpoints or sights. Specific cycle routes are also indicated.

With Komoot, cyclists can not only set and plan their route on their smartphone, but also via their PC. It is possible to calculate the duration of the respective trip based on your own condition and also to record the route. This can be checked online. The cards can also be used offline on Komoot.

You get an area for free when you download the app, all other regions around the world can be purchased for 30 euros. Komoot is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app can be downloaded for free, but for most regions you have to pay at least 8.99 euros.

Bikemap: Known and popular

Bikemap is a well-known and no less popular app among cyclists to navigate around. The app uses map data from OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap and Google Maps. As usual, it is operated via a search box: either you enter specific addresses or just keywords to find nearby destinations or stations. Bikemap allows you to save the bike rides and even record the ride using the record button. The app spits out many details about your trip, such as distance, ascent and descent or speed.

As with some of its competitors, Bikemap is also supported by a community that feeds the app with additional local information. This is valuable information for travelers who want to get to know specific places. At the same time, the app is always kept updated through the contributions. If you dare to cycle into areas that only allow poor cell phone reception, you can download the corresponding map and use Bikemap offline as well.

Bikemap, on the other hand, is only free in the basic version. If you want access to the full scope of the app, you have to pay 35 euros per year for the Bikemap. However, you can currently try the premium features for free for seven days and see if the app suits you.

Naviki: for beginners and professionals

Another bike ride app designed specifically for bikes is Naviki. Like Komoot, routes can be created that can be equipped with different intermediate destinations. The app takes into account different types of bikes and responds to their needs. Alternatively, the community can also help: By using the keyword search, tours can be searched for by other users and nodded into your own route. In addition, Naviki also offers predefined tours.

The maps provided by Naviki can be used, recorded and documented both online and offline. Before the next trip, the route can be planned online and then synchronized with the smartphone.

Naviki is available for free as an Android app and for the iPhone – however, there are fees for some features. This also includes trip planning taking into account the different types of bikes or voicemails for navigation. The wheel sensors or the cyclist’s heart rate can also be recorded and read at an additional cost.

Road ID: The social

This app does not necessarily work as a navigation system, but is interesting for cyclists who want to share their route or location with others. Whether it’s cross-country on a mountain bike or cycling through the city – Road ID allows you to record your route and then share the route with up to five other contacts. An alarm can also be sent via the app if the driver gets into an emergency.

Road ID’s free apps can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Bike Citizens: urban farmers among apps

The name already suggests it: This app is aimed at cyclists who want to cross big cities like Berlin, London or Amsterdam. This also includes the surrounding area, which is also on the maps. You can either select a specific route or search for one. Depending on the situation, cyclists can choose to avoid e.g. highways. You can also use the cards abroad and offline. So you do not charge your mobile data.

Bike Citizens is free to download, but the cards themselves cost money. The price varies depending on the city, for example Berlin costs 4.49 euros, while the map to Munich costs 5.49 euros. The package to all cities costs 19.99 euros.

Exercise effectively – also on the bike

With the bike, you can not only travel long distances quickly and easily. A fitness and training effect can also be set with the two-wheelers. There are also some apps available in the Play Store and App Store for this purpose.

Strava: competition and motivation

If you want to monitor your training sessions on the bike closely, you can do this with Strava. The app is like a fitness tracker and in addition to cycling is also suitable for endurance sports such as running or swimming. It not only explicitly records the data on, for example, altitude, pace and speed. In addition, your heart rate will be recorded if you use a similar sensor during training.

You can evaluate the success of your training with the app and analyze your training behavior over a longer period of time. The training diary in the premium version Strava Summit, where weekly overviews are created, is also useful. You can also measure yourself against other users. Here are defined routes that users can walk or experience. Anyone who manages to do this without a break is automatically entered on the rankings and the associated competition.

Strava is not free, but relatively expensive. To be able to use the app, you must complete a membership. It costs either 7.99 euros a month or about 60 euros a year. However, to get to know the app, you can test it for free for 30 days.

Exercise bike training: the personal trainer

This app is supposed to look like the personal trainer. Exercise Bike Workout introduces you to various training programs for your bike and guides you through them using a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. With voice command, the app provides instructions for the workout, evaluates the calories burned and the entire workout. You can design the training programs individually or choose between pre-programmed devices.

The app is particularly suitable for spinning or the exercise bike. Exercise bike training is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Useful cycling apps

In the depths of the app world, there are also applications that make life easier on a bike. Physical activity is not the focus of the following apps.

Saddle adjustment

In addition, there is, among other things, Saddle Adjustment. This helps to adapt the saddle exactly to your own physique. This means that you place the smartphone on the saddle, then measure it and determine the correct inclination. Once found, the app saves the correct angle. It is currently only available for iOS.

Apps for rental bikes

When you are on holiday, you do not always have your own bike with you, and some do not even want to own a bike. In this case, there are apps that show the nearest bike rental locations. “Call a bike” from Deutsche Bahn, “nextbike” or “Bikein” are such applications that show you the nearest bike.

Some of the apps offer overview maps including distance information and navigation to the bike station. To be able to rent the bikes, you usually need to set up an account so you can then pay the fee.

All three apps are compatible with Android and iOS and are also free.

First aid apps

If you travel complicated routes by bike or mountain bike and come across an accident, it is often difficult for rescuers to get to the scene of the accident quickly. In most cases, however, cyclists can also provide early first aid themselves.

The app from the German Red Cross refreshes first aid knowledge. Apps provide step-by-step instructions and immediate action for some emergencies. The app can be found in the Play Store as well as the App Store; no additional costs are incurred.

ABS first aid app

Wheel bonus: For discount hunters

The “Row Bonus” app is primarily aimed at one thing: collecting bonuses. You can do this by simply getting on your bike and riding. You collect points for every kilometer you drive. Important: Before cycling, open the app to register the route. You can then redeem the collected bonus points as discount codes in various stores – for example Lieferando. You can generate discounts of up to 15 percent.

In addition, the app also offers various challenges. For example, you can participate in draws by covering a certain number of kilometers within a given time frame. There are also various prizes to be won in the draws. “Radbonus” is free for Android and iOS.

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