Super Bowl LIFE: Here the match is live on TV and as a stream

Watch the video: football coach explains the rules of the game and the Super Bowl.

Half the world watches the Super Bowl, but the sport is relatively unknown in this country. The game is exciting and varied. Football veteran Maximilian von Garnier explains what’s important.
“Hello I am Max von Garniercoach for Hamburg Blue Devilsand we’re getting you ready for the Super Bowl. “

“American football is basically about getting a place. The ball has to be moved across the field. Each team has a attack and one defense of eleven players. They are never on the field at the same time. Team A’s attack plays against Team B’s defense and vice versa. The game is played for four quarters of an hour of 15 minutes each. However, it is also not a continuous time, because the clock stops again and again. A game like this can easily last 2.5 hours, maybe even three hours – there are also a few commercial breaks. “
“To soccer field in American football is a little narrower, but also a little longer than a football field. It is divided into so-called farm-Markers that are the center line with 50 yards of markers, and then 40, 30, 20, 10 in both directions. The last zones back here, which are also ten meters long, are them end zones. That’s where the ball is going. “
“Like I said, it’s about winning space. The attack from your team has to bring the ball into the opposite end zone. quarterback is the main playmaker / captain in the attack. He gets the ball first and then distributes it to his teammates. Either by air or by transfer (hand in) to his bishops. In order for this to be a bit regulated, you have four attempts to walk ten meters, in American shipyards. If successful, they have four more attempts. Until they have either arrived at the opponent’s end zone or have not reached it. Then it’s the other team’s turn to attack. “
“In addition to the attack of crime and the defense of Defense there are, of course, them special teams. They are used, among other things, at the very beginning of the game when it comes to Kick off goes, the so-called “kick-off”. Team A kicks the ball against Team B. Team B can then carry it back as far as possible. Where the so-called recurrent has been stopped, then the offense and first attempt and 10. “
“Points are scored in American football when the attack manages to bring the ball into the opponent’s goal zone. It is called touchdown. That’s why there is 6 points, immediately after that 1 extra point can be scored by shooting the ball from the 3-yard line through the big “U” through the goal posts. Also from the course of the game one can field goal be shot. This is usually done a little further away from the opponent’s goal zone and it gets 3 points. “
“Of course there is American football also Punish. Seven referees are scattered across the court, looking closely to see if there are penalties anywhere. If they see a punishment, throw one yellow flag (Yellow Flag) exactly where the penalty was committed – but let the game go through to the end. The committed team then has the option of either taking the result of the game or taking the penalty, which is assessed as a 5, 10 or 15 meter loss of space. A very common mistake is the so-called Holder – to hold an opponent. If I as an attacker than blocksay quarterback protect and a defender will pass me so I can not grab him and pull him down. This is immediately seen as a penalty kick, and the referee puts the flag right on the spot, and it usually goes 10 yards back. “
“To tackle, the so-called stop of the ball carrier, usually happens with the defender’s shoulders. Often on the ball holder’s hips, but the legs can also be attacked. Attacks with and against the attacker’s helmet are not permitted and will be severely punished. “
“Of quarterbackplaymaker in attack (crime), of course, exposes himself to great danger the moment he wants to throw a pass. If he gets the ball and goes back and looks for one of his passing stations and one of the defenders manages to get him down before he has thrown the ball, it is called a one quarterbackbag. Of course, if the quarterback has thrown the ball, it is always possible for someone in the defense to catch the ball. It’s called that eavesdropping. The one who intercepted the ball has the opportunity to bring the ball into the opponent’s end zone and score a touchdown. If he is stopped or goes off the field, then the game ends and the striker comes out and tries to move the ball forward. “

At the time of the shooting, Maximilian von Garnier was the coach of the traditional Hamburg Blue Devils. In 2014, he resigned from the post. The article was first published in February 2014.

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