Sporty even in the Corona crisis: Magdalena Brzeska and Rosanna Davison: How they stayed in shape in the lockdown – entertainment

Magdalena Brzeska (left), Rosanna Davison (right) and Alexander Sosa handed over a donation of 5,000 euros to Hamburger Tafel. Photo: | Marc Metzler

How did the stars really stay in shape during the lockdown phases? Magdalena Brzeska and Rosanna Davison now explained their personal secret during the opening of a new gym in Hamburg.

Prominent training guests at the opening of Sports Club Eppendorf: Both former professional gymnast Magdalena Brzeska (43) and model and Chris de Burgh daughter Rosanna Davison (37) came to the new Hamburg gym on Thursday (September 9) to be physical active for a good cause. At the end of a fundraiser, 5,000 euros were raised for the Hamburger Tafel, whose representatives were “very happy with the mega active day”.

Alexander Sosa, CEO of the Sports Club’s fitness chain, also spoke of a “big day”: “It is a special pleasure that 5,000 euros have been raised for the non-profit organization and that we have been able to support it. little.” But in addition to supporting the Hamburger Tafel, Brzeska’s and Davison’s sports activities were also in focus at the event. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the two revealed their very personal fitness secret on the sidelines of the event, which also brought them through the lockdown phases of closed studios.

Sports program also during the lockdown phases

“I love fitness and have been practicing fitness from home for the past year and a half,” Davison explained. She also travels a lot with her children and stays in shape. In general, her life changed fundamentally during the pandemic, also due to the birth of her twins. This was even a benefit to her family as her husband Wesley Quirke spent a lot of time at home. It was “very nice” because he had a lot of time for the kids.

In general, she now experiences her life as a mother “very turbulently”: “The boys are now ten months old, and today I am separated from my three children for the first time.” The day before leaving for Hamburg, she was very excited about whether everything would work out at home. She has already recovered “very well” from pregnancy and childbirth, only one thing bothers her: “I’m actually always tired and need a lot of coffee.”

After being born in November last year, Davison only slowly began to play sports again: “I was very careful.” But she “always ran up and down stairs” for the kids anyway, so after a month she was already taking care of the clothes from before the pregnancy and felt comfortable again: “I was very lucky there, it’s the same It’s always different situation for everyone. ” This is a big change for any woman, even for the body: “You have to be patient if you do not immediately have the figure you had before.”

How Brzeska fared after its defeat in the final of “Die Alm”

Magdalena Brzeska even increased her athletic workload during the lockdown phases. The reason: online sports activities. “I train groups of children with rhythmic gymnastics, and I continued to do so during the pandemic – just stay online and you need more patience with each workout, and above all I have to demonstrate each movement much more often to capture all the children so that it also all so right, “explained the 26-time German champion.

The Polish native has already managed his final defeat in the ProSieben show “Die Alm” at the end of July against Yoncé Banks (28): “I take it sporty.” She had a great time and can now well imagine “taking a holiday on Almen” herself. She could not have imagined it before. What she found best was that she did not have a cell phone with her and therefore “just had my peace and quiet”.

Your TV career is not necessarily over yet. Because other TV formats would also appeal to them. Her big dream was always to participate in “Let’s Dance”, says Brzeska. But she has already done so; In 2012, she was even able to win the fifth season of the RTL dance show. “I would have loved ‘Ewige Helden’, which unfortunately no longer exists, and of course it would be fun to be in ‘The Masked Singer’, because I just can not sing …”

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