So safe is the workout in this Dresden fitness center


So safe is the workout in this Dresden fitness center


Dresden – Sport is important! Precisely because we’ve been home a lot the last few weeks, it’s all the more important to go to the gym now. But how is training in corona times?

This is what INJOY’s CEO tells you Uwe Wohlrabe in the TAG24 interview.

Moreover: At the bottom of the text you can vote two free “trial weeks” Sign up for the test winner of the fitness industry.

CEO Uwe Wohlrabe knows how important it is to go to the gym.

CEO Uwe Wohlrabe knows how important it is to go to the gym. © INJOY Dresden Loschwitz

DAY 24: Why is training important during the Corona period?

Uwe: Apart from a strong immune system, most goals, such as losing weight, a tight stomach, arms and a round, firm buttocks, depend on strong muscles that can not be achieved through pure endurance or gymnastics training.

Back and joint problems are also mostly a matter of the missing muscles.

DAY 24: You can lose weight by swimming, running and cycling, right?

Uwe: At least in the first place. But most of them do not reach their goal because the body adapts too much to this workout.

We used to go hunting and traveled long distances to gather food. So if we were to constantly consume a lot of calories with endurance effort, it would have been disadvantageous from an evolutionary point of view.

© INJOY Dresden Loschwitz

DAY 24: What is different about muscle training?

Uwe: Muscles are “fat burners” in the body. Muscle is incredibly efficient at burning calories, even at rest. Even the loss of two to three kilos of muscle has a huge impact on calorie consumption.

A large figure also comes from muscles. Especially from the mid-thirties this becomes a problem for many people. We often find a good example of the Elbe’s cycle paths. A lot of people jog there, but if you look at the bottom, for example, you can often see that it still has no shape.

The reason is that endurance training does not basically build muscle, even though we feel exhausted afterwards. Muscles are trained with a higher tension, which is mainly made possible with extra weights and training equipment.

DAY 24: What other goals are pursued with muscle training?

Uwe: Everything in pain relief, tension, more energy and posture. But muscle training is also very important for hormone production, organ health and stress reduction. A lot has happened in sports science.

© INJOY Dresden Loschwitz

DAY 24: How safe is training in the studio in corona times?

Uwe: Some have concerns. From our point of view, however, these are not necessary. Unlike discount stores, we only have a limited number of members to ensure quality. We have never had more than ten participants in the same class hour.

In addition, we have an extremely large number of windows at INJOY-Loschwitz, which we keep open, and a ventilation system continuously changes the air.

The lost training efficiency and training time is therefore out of proportion to the risk from Corona, especially in Dresden, where the situation with the number of infections is very relaxed.

DAY 24: What do you do to keep winning customers?

Uwe: We cordially invite everyone to “taste” us for free for one to two weeks in order to form your own opinion.

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Uwe Wohlrabe and his team will be happy to invite you to a free trial session and accompany you to your goal.

The difference to other tested studies is, among other things, the good service quality and customer support, which is above average in the industry.

Whether you are losing weight, building muscle or just having fun – whatever your goal is: at INJOY you are definitely in the right place.

Moreover: In addition to a family atmosphere, the gym offers much more. It was not for nothing that INJOY was judged as one Best study 2020 excellent.

After all, INJOY has defended this title for ten years, showing consistent quality and great deals.

Here you can sign up for two free trial weeks:

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