Smartwatches or fitness trackers? Your pros and cons.


March 3, 2022 – 10:43 watch

Wearables: It is small devices that we carry on our wrists that count our steps, calculate our calorie consumption and record data related to our health. We are talking about smart watches and fitness trackers. The small smart devices are becoming more and more exciting for sports enthusiasts. But what is what now? How do smartwatches differ from fitness trackers? We have a clear answer that should make your purchasing decision easier.

Smartwatches vs Fitness Trackers: What are the Similarities?

Both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch are worn on the wrist. And both deal with health-related data related to fitness. But here the similarities stop. For a look at the prices reveals that there is obviously a lot more behind a smartwatch than behind a fitness tracker. They often cost three to four times as much.

Smartwatch: Elegantly disguised as a wristwatch

Very banal: The look of a smartwatch is similar to that of a wristwatch. The intelligent functions are usually hidden behind a digital or analog dial. The watch has a large touch display that can be operated with your fingers. Here you can access several apps. This includes not only fitness and health apps, but also games or telephony, SMS, Messenger and Co.

Huawei Watch GT 3 * was rated “good” by In the test, the watch showed the highest precision when measuring health values ​​such as heart rate. The analysis of the oxygen content in the blood (SpO2) is also a central indicator of the individual’s health condition – and therefore an important feature. Highlight: A personal fitness coach is integrated, who makes training plans for maximum success. finder: The sharp display is also convincing. Lots of sports features to play with. Only the Huawei operating system leaves something to be desired.

Tip: The Huawei Watch GT 3 is currently coming with the Huawei FreeBuds 4i worth 79.99 euros. The test verdict: Top sound quality and fantastic battery life. slutscore: 1.6.

Test winner smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 6 is the long runner

Apple is clearly winning the race for the best smartwatch on the market with its Apple Watch Series 6 *. The consumer portal IMTEST presented the smartwatch with the trophy with an overall rating of 2.0. The other nine models had to settle for the seats behind them.

Benefits of the watch: Apple Watch 6 detects falls. According to Apple’s announcement, this could save lives, especially in the event of an accident. In addition to many health features and great sports tracking capabilities, the Apple Watch shines with a top screen that is perfectly readable (even in the dark). According to IMTEST testers, the colors are crisp and sharp. Missing: The smartwatch battery must be charged daily. In addition, the device is only compatible with other Apple devices. For over 400 euros, the smart Apple Watch 6 is not the cheapest smartwatch on the market, but it offers a number of great apps, features and top performance. Almost no other manufacturer can match it at the moment.

Fitness tracker: small but powerful

On the other hand, a fitness tracker often has a rather small display, in many cases even elongated. While this is also a touch display, the trackers are not quite as intuitive to use as a smartwatch.

The Fitbit brand is very popular with its fitness trackers. Fitbit Inspire 2 * has a battery life of up to ten days and is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. It measures, among other things, heart rate, steps, calorie consumption and sleep phases. praises the top sports recognition, the simple user-friendliness and the long battery life. The lack of a payment feature or display that could be improved are criticisms, but many buyers should not notice them negatively.

Smartwatch vs. fitness tracker: differences in an instant

smart watches fitness tracker

  • The design is similar to digital clock
  • smartphone supplement
  • Social media and messenger can be used
  • many apps
  • Telephony and SMS with card use possible
  • Top sensors for fitness and health data
  • contactless payment

  • simple, discreet design
  • Fitness and health data collection clearly in focus
  • Top analyzes such as sleep phase detection
  • high battery life
  • cheap price
  • latest models come with better features

  • low battery life
  • high price
  • depending on the smartphone
  • small apps hard to use


  • not as versatile as the smartwatch
  • it is not possible to use SIM card
  • Some features like GPS tracking require smartphone
  • no design for the special occasions

Smartwatch or fitness tracker: for whom is what worth?

If you only want to monitor your health data and your training success, one is enough fitness tracker absolutely. The wearables have enough features to make fitness fans happy. From calorie consumption to heart rate recording and athletic performance, they offer everything an athlete could desire.

But if you want to present your tracker as a glamorous wristwatch, you should opt for a smartwatch. The clear advantage: Thanks to many functions such as telephony or the use of messengers, the watch is the perfect companion for everyday life. Not just for sports. The shortcoming: The smartwatch no matter how nice it looks, in the end it costs a good deal more. User behavior determines whether it is a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

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