Shoes for Bulgaria: A collection from the helpers’ perspective

The “School for Bulgaria” campaign took place for the 13th time, and for a long time it has been about much more than just school. This year, two 40-ton trucks could be filled – with great support from the Heider company. One of the helpers reports.

“Where do the lingerie go?”

“Where’s the box of jeans from size 164 for boys?”

“Has anyone seen my sunglasses?”

+ display +

“Where can I find empty boxes?”

“Can anyone move the packed boxes out of the way?”

“Is it disgusting! Hildegard, can we throw it away?”

“Look, the labels are still on here – everything is new!”

Such statements buzz through the 300 m hall. The atmosphere is good, there is a lot of laughter. 40 volunteers work for six days: They accept donations, sort them by type, size and gender and pack them ready for transport.

The youngest helper is seven-year-old Mustafa, but all age groups (even over 70) are represented.

This year, “Shoes for Bulgaria e. V.” use Heider Druck’s halls.What is bad for Heider Druck is a blessing for the campaign.In addition to the large hall, the volunteers are also allowed to use other areas to store the pre-packaged things.

In addition, Heider Druck allows the use of forklifts, trailers and euro pallets. And when loading the trucks, Heider Druck employees lend a hand, e.g. B. forklifts. This makes the strenuous work much easier!

This year, Hildegard Knoch-Will is organizing the collection of shoes, clothes, household items and toys for Bulgaria for the thirteenth time. It’s a challenge every year. First a suitable hall must be found, then helpers must be mobilized, transport must be planned and much more must be organized. It is good when you help hands to take on sub-tasks.

The team keeps each other in a good mood, many contribute to the big picture – rolls, cakes, snacks, warm lunches, cool drinks and coffee help throughout the day.

Again this year, the willingness to donate is very high. In addition to donations in kind, people from Bergisch Gladbach and outsiders also make monetary donations. Money that is urgently needed, for example to pay for truck transport.

At times, the hustle and bustle is so great that the helpers can barely keep up with removing the donated clothes.

People bring their clothing donations in boxes, bags, suitcases and towels. The donations are sorted, packed in boxes and marked. The boxes are stacked on euro pallets, the euro pallets are wrapped with plastic foil so that the forklift can transport them. The donated suitcases and bags are also filled and marked.

Finally, 61 euro pallets are ready packed in the halls. These are filled by two 40-ton trucks, and the remaining space above the euro pallets is filled with about 1,000 suitcases and travel bags.

This fundraising campaign is also a win for everyone involved. Things are no longer lying around in closets and basements, the volunteers save themselves a visit to the gym, and the needy Bulgarians are happy with shoes, warm clothes, household items, painting materials and children’s toys.

A statement from the Board of Shoes for Bulgaria: A big thank you to the two owners of Heider Druck (Hans-Martin and Roberto Heider), whose spontaneous and great willingness to help can not be overstated, as well as their staff, who have helped in many places. And also a big thank you to you who donated so many important things. We do not want to forget our loyal supporters of “Return Game” for their many toy donations.

The loyal administrator (our on-site collaborator) and his collaborators – kindergartens, homes, schools, nursing homes and refugee facilities are already looking forward to the long-awaited aids that come with you this time and can quickly alleviate major distress in many places.

Where would we be without our team – you who did so much in the background of touching, sorting, packing, stacking, organizing, tasting and so on. As always, you are invaluable in your achievement – THANK YOU!

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