Relaxation will apply from March 4: These corona rules will no longer apply

Young people in particular are looking forward to the first weekend in March. Then clubs and discos had to reopen for the first time. According to the resolutions of the federal and state conference in mid-February, guests should then be able to celebrate while adhering to 2G Plus.

Those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered must then have a daily citizen test. This is available free of charge at all pharmacies and in the many established test centers. According to the current status, boosted users do not need an additional test. However, it is “recommended in principle” before a visit.

The validity of the evidence also comes into focus.

WHO recovered loses its immune status in Germany six months or 180 days after the positive test result.

WHO basic immunization is, ie has only received two vaccinations, loses its status after nine months (270 days).

Reinforced people (ie with third-party vaccination) is currently considered “boosted” for an indefinite period.

You can see when your status expires using our calculator, which you can find here:

If you have been vaccinated

What will change from March 4?

In public life, the 3G rule then applies for the most part. For example at the hairdresser, in the fitness center or in the restaurant industry. Those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and those who have been boosted must also show their digital evidence at the zoo or in the swimming pool. Unvaccinated people need a daily citizen test. Only in a few exceptions should 2G then apply. It would be at the football stadium or at concerts, for example. In total, up to 25,000 visitors can watch a football match live at the stadium.

There are no access restrictions in the retail trade. Only the mesh requirement remains. Like the minimum distances.

But there are also important changes when entering and leaving the country, which apply no later than 4 March. Those wishing to travel abroad usually no longer need an additional test once they have been vaccinated or have recovered. Within the EU, unvaccinated people need a rapid antigen test that is updated daily.

When entering Germany from former high-risk areas, there are no quarantine requirements for unvaccinated children and unvaccinated adults. The registration form also no longer needs to be filled out. Instead, a coronal test, vaccination, or valid proof of cure will suffice.

The 3G rule in the world of work and on the bus, train or tram will initially remain in place until 20 March.

What applies in your state?

Baden-Württemberg: Ländlen has already implemented all solutions. 3G applies for the most part, clubs are open (2G Plus). Events with more visitors will be possible again in the future – in closed rooms they can take place with up to 6000 visitors, but with a maximum of up to 60 percent of their capacity.

Outdoors, 75 percent capacity utilization applies with a maximum number of 25,000 visitors. By 20 March at the latest, only the mesh requirement remains.

Bavaria: Bavaria opens bars and discos on 4 March. In addition, 3G applies in gastronomy, in the swimming pool and in the gym. Even in zoos, cinemas and theaters, only unvaccinated people need a test. For those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered, there is a corresponding burden of proof. A mask must be worn indoors.

Berlin: The same applies in Berlin from March 4: Clubs and discos open in accordance with the 2G Plus rule. 3G will then apply in gastronomy.

Brandenburg: Brandenburg introduces the 3G rule across the board on March 4th. 2G Plus applies in clubs and discos. In addition, the indoor mesh requirement remains in place.

Bremen: Also in Bremen, all discos and clubs will open from 4 March.

Hamburg: In Hamburg, the 2G-plus access model must be replaced by an FFP2 mask requirement for persons aged 14 and over. The FFP2 mask requirement must apply from 4 March in closed rooms in public facilities, to which only vaccinated and healthy persons with an additional test or booster vaccination have had access so far.

In retail, however, a medical mask is sufficient in stores for daily needs such as supermarkets, pharmacies or gas stations. In restaurants and accommodation establishments, for body-related services and for sports in enclosed spaces, the 3G access model should apply beyond the requirement for FFP2 mask – ie. access only for vaccinated, healthy or tested persons.

However, the masks could be removed at restaurant tables and by exercise. In addition, standing tables will also be allowed again in gastronomy from March 4, Offen said. From then on, it should also be possible to dance in music clubs and discos without a mask. The 2G plus model will apply there until the planned expiration of all corona measures on March 20th.

Hesse: For outdoor events, a maximum of 25,000 spectators apply from March 4, and from the 500th place, the occupancy rate must not exceed 75 percent. Indoors, the maximum number of spectators is 6,000, from 500. the space must have a maximum occupancy of 60 percent. If there are more than ten people, the 3G rule (vaccinated / recovered / tested) applies indoors and outdoors, and if there are more than 500 people, the 2G-Plus rule applies. Then only those who have been boosted will be allowed in without an extra test. Bars and clubs must implement 2G-Plus, 3G applies in gastronomy.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: According to the decision, the 3G rule will apply to gastronomy and hotels from 4 March. In addition to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered, those who have not been vaccinated with a negative coronal test will also have access. From the beginning of March, more guests will be admitted to larger events, and clubs and discos will be allowed to reopen.

Lower Saxony: Unvaccinated people with a negative test should be able to return to a restaurant or to events with a maximum of 2000 people. From 4 March, overnight stays at hotels will also again be possible for people who have not been vaccinated. Clubs and discos should then be allowed to reopen after months of closure. Here, however, an FFP2 mask must be worn if you are not sitting.

North Rhine-Westphalia: There are also signs of opening in North Rhine-Westphalia. Clubs and discos will open on March 4 in accordance with 2G Plus. In public life, 3G will apply for the most part. Exceptions apply to retail. There are no access restrictions here. Then only the mask requirement applies.

Rhineland-Palatinate: Clubs and discos will open from March 4 under 2G Plus terms. In the catering and hotel industry, 3G will then apply – access for those who have recovered, those who have been vaccinated or those who have been tested. Football matches and other major events then take place with significantly more spectators.

Saarland: In an opening step from 4 March, the access restriction according to the 2G-Plus rule, according to which only guests with booster vaccinations and those who are healthy and vaccinated with a test may enter, will no longer apply in the catering industry. . The change also applies to hotels and body-related services. And: The previously closed discos and clubs in Saarland then open with 2G Plus.

Saxony: From 4 March, contact will only apply in health and social care institutions. The mask requirement remains. If bars do not have any “entertainment components” such as dance floor, DJ, band or karaoke, they must be opened and therefore treated on an equal footing with gastronomy. The 3G rule applies in both areas. In clubs and discos, those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated need an additional test (2G-plus), but do not have to wear a mask and keep their distance.

Saxony-Anhalt: In the catering and hotel industry as well as in organized sports, the 3G rule should apply again from 4 March. In addition, under the 2G plus model, an increased capacity will be introduced for larger events and an opening of discos and clubs.

Schleswig Holstein: It is still unclear what should apply in Schleswig-Holstein. The first party dates for March 4th and 5th have already been set. Schleswig-Holstein will in principle also endorse the federal and state resolutions. This means that 3G will apply in public life and 2G Plus in discos.

Thuringia: From now on, less strict rules apply in Thuringia. Folk festivals and spring markets are now possible again, festivals can take place under certain conditions.

The 3G rule now applies in bars. This means that only vaccinated and healthy individuals and those who can show a negative coronal test will be admitted. 2G applies in amusement parks or indoor playgrounds – only those who have been vaccinated or have recovered can enter. In clubs, discos, brothels or swinger clubs, only vaccinated and healthy people enter who can also show a negative test, or whose immunization not so long ago.