Population health as a top priority in the corona pandemic

from a current study by DSSV e. V. – employers’ association for German fitness and health facilities, which is organized in collaboration with the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) and the industry magazine fitness MANAGEMENT international (fMi) was made scary numbers:

  • As a result of politicians’ decision in favor of the 2G / 3G regulation, the fitness industry is threatened with a further loss of sales of 1.34 billion euros and a further 35.8 percent membership decline.

Corona test is today a requirement for non-vaccinated persons to use the fitness and health services in the facilities. From 11 October 2021 must these charged be.

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That is, for the end user set economic barrierswhich denies them access to health and exercise services. Especially socially disadvantaged members of the population must respond to the claim of abandon fitness and health services.

2G option model in Hamburg

With the tightened 2G regulation, one can e.g. in Hamburg already as an optional model consists, becomes Unvaccinated excluded. Access to fitness and health facilities will then only be allowed for fully vaccinated and healthy members.

that Vaccination rate among those who practice fitness lies with 64.2 percent Although it is higher than the rate in Germany (59.4 percent, as of August 25, 2021). Nevertheless, the nationwide entry into force of this regulation would mean it more than 3.3 million people were denied access to fitness and health facilities even though they have existing and valid contracts with the institutions.

Against this background, DSSV eV, Europe’s largest employers’ association for the fitness industry, sees one clear breach of duty on the part of the government in terms of Duty of care for well-being of the entire population.

Risk: Less fast people

Of Printthe policy itself through the measures on unvaccinated hope weighs on the shoulders of end consumers and the businesses concerned leads to the exact opposite of the federal government’s goal: No more, but fewer people will be able to stay healthy if they scientifically proven health-protecting and disease-preventing benefits of a regular cardio training is no longer equally accessible to all citizens.

The current study from DSSV, DHfPG and fMi shows that the industry at least two years will have to do it Membership level from December 2019 to reach again.

With Entry into force of the 2G or 3G Regulation in combination with paid tests, it moves even further into the future to reach pre-crisis levels. This causes significant financial damage for the industry and leads to existential needs with the actors in the fitness and health market.

Paid samples as a problem

It is not the implementation of the 3G regulation that presents challenges for the fitness and health facilities, as one Evidence of a daily negative testone vaccination el one recovery currently already a prerequisite for participating in the training facilities is.

Rather in combination The 3G Regulation with the announced obligation to pay for the coronate tests from October 2021 the central problem for the industry.

that Consequences for the contract situation between the fitness / health center and members and threatening financial damage was not considered by the decision makers or is deliberately accepted. In addition, politics brings businesses and consumers together legal limbowhich leads to uncertainty rather than creating clear rules.

“Compulsory vaccination through the back door is not the right solution for a better rate. This policy decision creates economic barriers, denies people access to fitness and health services, and marginalizes them from society. A new version of the image campaign would be the much more effective option. “

Birgit Schwarze, chairman of DSSV eV

DSSV therefore comes with a clear policy requirements: All people access to health-promoting training in a fitness and health center must continue to be possible, without that consumers have to bear the additional costs of this health service.

threatened public health

If this is not the case, this decision will be made by politicians in one economic disaster for the fitness and health industry result. Next is health damage in the population, that additional burdens on health care in the medium and long term.

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