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They should be neat and thick, but at the same time super airy and simply delicious: For many, pancakes are the epitome of the perfect Sunday breakfast, whether it is with blueberries, generously buttered with chocolate cream or drowned in maple syrup. You must definitely be able to pamper yourself with something, even if you otherwise follow a healthy lifestyle.

Lose weight with pancakes? Clear!

If you just want to lose a few pounds, eat low-carb or go “sugar-free” for a month, pancakes are taboo. Are you serious when you say that! The statement is not true because the small, American pancakes may well have a fixed place in your diet plan for weight loss.

However, under one condition: Replace wheat flour, butter and sugar with slimmer alternatives and you have the perfect weight loss pancake! How to make healthy low-carb pancakes yourself – plus 3 easy recipes – you can read here.

NOW is the best time to get your body in shape for summer. You can also find healthy pancake recipes in our Beach Body Plan:

Moreover: Protein pancakes that you prepare with protein powder or oatmeal instead of flour are also ideal for a healthy breakfast. If you do not like cooking, we recommend a solid baking mix.

Healthy ideas for pancake topping

If you’re part of “Team Nutella” and you basically do not eat anything else, then we do not want to repent – enjoy every bite! If, on the other hand, you are preparing low-carb pancakes or protein pancakes, you should ideally also choose the right “accessory”. We have just the thing for you: ideas for toppings that are healthy AND delicious at the same time.

1. Pancakes with cottage cheese and berries

Quick to make and very high in protein: A topping based on low-fat quark (alternatively skyr) is always a good choice. The quark is low in calories and fat, keeps you full for a long time and complements the taste wonderfully with the sweet berries. What kind of berries you use is entirely up to you. Whether it is blueberries or raspberries: the small fruits contain little fructose and are therefore recommended without reservation. You can find other low fructose fruits here.

Berries also contain many healthy ingredients, such as flavonoids. These secondary plant substances not only give them their intense color, but also have health benefits: Anthocyanins in blueberries, for example, are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Tip: If you want to sweeten the low-fat quark a little, stir in a dash of maple syrup or erythritol (calorie-free sugar substitute!). You can also get a flavor boost with a few flavor drops, such as Flavor Drops from GymNutrition. They are available in several variants and do not charge your calorie account.

2. Tasty pancakes with diced ham

In the USA, pancakes are often served with bacon – possibly also in the sweet and salty combination with maple syrup. The taste is certainly great, but in terms of calories it is more of a flop, for bacon and syrup are no lightweights.

The lean alternative: Use boiled ham or raw ham in cubes, and process it either directly into the dough or – more delicious because it is much crispier – fry it and spread it over the salty pancakes as a topping. A blob of herb quark goes well with this. Omit the sugar when cooking the pancakes, or make this quick quick recipe:

“Quark-Käulchen” (quantity for about 5 pcs.)

  • 150 g low-fat quark
  • 1 egg
  • 30 g spelled flour
  • oil for frying

Preparation: Mix the ingredients, spread the oil thinly in the pan with a syringe or cloth and put small heaps of dough in it with a spoon, on both sides, finished.

3. Pancakes with banana and peanut butter

Sweet banana and rich peanut butter complement each other perfectly. Not only as pancake accessories, but also in muffins, shakes or porridge.

Yurchenko Iryna /

Peanut butter and banana – a powerful duo

Simply grease your pancakes thickly with peanut butter (the crispy version with pieces is especially delicious), cut the banana into slices and add them to the pancakes. Using this topping, you can also reduce the sugar content slightly in the pancake batter and save calories. The bananas provide sufficient sweetness, especially when they are already lightly browned and therefore very ripe.

4. Cottage cheese topping with strawberries

It’s soon time for strawberries again – you need to take advantage of it! The red berries are – like all other types of berries – low in calories, super healthy and low in fruit sugar, so perfect for losing weight. Combine them with high-protein cottage cheese for your pancakes and add chopped nuts or pistachios if you like. You can find more recipe ideas with cottage cheese here.

Tip: You can also puree the strawberries to make a sugar-free fruit sauce that you can pour over your pancakes.

5. Apple pancakes with almonds and almond butter

You can either use apple pieces directly in the pancake batter or add them as a topping. Simply wash the apple, peel it or not and cut it into boats or cubes.

Grease your finished pancake with almond butter (like KoRo’s) and add the apples. Whether you use brown or white almond butter is a matter of taste – both varieties are delicious and rich in saturated fat. Alternatively, you can also use pistachio cream or peanut butter. Peanut butter is always a good topping for your healthy pancakes, regardless of the variety.

If you have not had enough yet, chop a few more almonds and grate them on a pan until they smell. You can also use almond strips or almond strips from the supermarket. Why are almonds healthy? Here are 7 reasons to snack a handful each day.

It does not always have to be maple syrup or Nutella: our ideas prove that even healthy pancake tops can be addictive.

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