Oura Ring 3: Test – a ring to track them

Fitness trackers usually collect their data from the wrist and show information on the display. Of Oura Ring 3 decorate the finger. Its predecessors were primarily suitable as a sleep tracker, in the new collection it also works during the day and promises detailed analyzes. We put Oura Ring 3 on the finger for a while and reveal here whether it is worth the investment of 314 to 419 euros for fitness fans.

Oura ring: to find the right size

Anyone who has ever worn a ring on their finger knows this: If the finger jewelry is too large, it slips down and is in danger of being lost; if it is too small, it can hardly be removed again. Oura solves this dilemma as follows: If you order Oura Ring 3 from the manufacturer’s website, you will first receive a test set with eight plastic rings in different sizes. It is up to you which finger the fitness jewelry ends up on. According to the manufacturer, the product collects the most accurate data on the index finger or middle finger. Oura recommends wearing the ring for 24 hours to find out if it fits well. For our test, we ordered size 7, which fits well on the index finger. The ring is made of titanium and is extremely light: 4 to 6 grams depending on the size.

The test kit comes home first. Which size fits should be tested one day and one night so that the ring later fits perfectly.

Oura Ring 3: Comfort is top notch

Oura Ring 3 is easy to put on and take off, yet it does not slip. The silver version of the ring leaves a very high quality impression. The ring is even suitable for swimming (up to 100 meters). The sensors give three hemispherical dents on the inside at the bottom. These “pimples” feel hard, but because they sit on soft tissue on the underside of the finger, the ring is still very comfortable to wear. The outer shape of the simple ring already shows where there are ups and downs: it has two subtle edges at the top. The ring does not bother you at all when you sleep, in everyday life it is positive that it has neither decorations nor stones and thus never gets stuck in clothes or the like. In light of all the sensors, it is surprising that the ring has a relatively delicate format.

Oura Ring 3 sensors

Inside is the sensor technology for detecting body values.

Oura ring skills

What can Oura Ring 3 do?

Oura Ring 3 contains light, temperature and motion sensors. Gramophone records:

  • heartbeat: It indicates how many times the heart beats per minute.
  • resting heart rate: Resting heart rate measures recovery.
  • Heart rate variability (HRV): It clarifies how the body responds to exercise or stress. A high HRV is considered a sign of health.
  • Training heart rate: In the future, the associated app will also record training accurately; the ring monitors the heart rate at shorter intervals.
  • Respiratory rate: The day shape menu shows the average number of breaths that occur per minute while you sleep.
  • Oxygen saturation in the blood: The ring is to learn SpO2– value value.
  • Temperature: Based on the skin temperature, Oura calculates an estimate of the body temperature and notices deviations from the wearer’s cut. A difference of up to 0.5 degrees is normal, but above that it becomes critical.
  • Motion data: The ring tracks activity and calculates calories burned. It recognizes sports automatically and asks for the type of sport in the app.
Screens Oura App

The home page of the Oura app clearly shows the data. Little by little it goes into detail, even heart rate curves are interpreted.

Small ring, strong statement

Oura Ring 3 collects all kinds of data. However, they can only be called up in the Oura app for smartphones (from iOS 13 / iPhone 6S or Android 7.0), as the ring has no display. The app shows an overview as well as the areas “Day shape”, “Sleep” and “Activity”. Under “Resources” you will find breathing exercises, but only in English. Much more important is a heart rate measurement that is as accurate as possible. In relation to the editor’s reference, Oura Ring 3 succeeded in everyday life. Because the close monitoring of heart rate during training only comes with a later update, the accuracy during sports can not yet be checked. Although the ring automatically records exercise, so far it has only recorded duration and intensity in the form of estimated calories burned. But it can already be said that Oura assesses the collected data in a clear and understandable way – and thus goes further than the competitors: sleep analysis plots Oura as a curve over time, allowing you to see multiple nights at a glance and identify medium- to long-term trends. Oura tries to use the data to recognize when diseases such as influenza are emerging: If heart rate, temperature and respiratory rate change, the app displays one on the home page warning message.

Oura Ring 3 sleep tracking

The curve shows the sleep analysis and provides a quick overview of the previous nights.

Oura gives clear announcements

Oura not only records blunt data, but evaluates them in such a way that they say as much as possible: The app colors values ​​in red in the display that are not so good. In the test, for example, this was often the case with the “Recovery Index”. What does it say? It also reveals the app at the same time: It measures how long it takes for the resting heart rate to stabilize during the night. Anyone who eats a heavy meal before going to bed (guilty as accused), exercises late (caught!) Or drinks alcohol (rarely …), hardly needs to be surprised by a bad index – and thus has three starting points, such as. can be improved.

Oura Ring 3 tracking

The ring also makes statements about the amount of movement.

Non-annoying notifications

There are many app notifications that are annoying. The Oura app is limited to the important things: It tells you when to put the ring on the charging station, or when it’s time to move – though not in an inflationary way, but in a well-dosed way. Especially because the ring has neither a display nor a vibrator, this is actually very convenient.

Oura Ring 3 app notification

Too many notifications on the phone bother. However, the Oura app manages to dose them correctly and send the right content at the right time.

Oura tells women when their period comes

There are a few apps where you can enter about the woman’s cycle so they can let you know before the next expected period. Oura has now activated the feature as a beta version. So far, it can be found in the menu below Settings, period forecast. For the prediction, the app needs the date of the previous period and information about the regularity and duration of the cycle. In addition, Oura includes the measured body temperature in the prediction – and this is a special feature that other fitness trackers have hardly used so far. The app notifies you a few days in advance when your next period is on the way. The calendar view (on the home page at the top next to the word “Today”) provides an overview. Whether this works reliably can only be clarified by a longer test.

Battery life for Oura Ring 3

In the practical test, the Oura ring lasted almost a week before the next charge – a decent performance! For refueling, Oura supplies a charging cradle with a USB-C cable. The manufacturer promises an operating time of four to seven days and recommends charging the ring for a while each day. Putting the ring in airplane mode, that is, turning off the Bluetooth connection, also saves battery power. Concerns about lost data are unfounded: The ring stores them for up to six weeks without syncing with the app.

Oura Ring 3 charging cable

Charging is possible via the included charging station including USB-C cable.

This is getting expensive: Oura app membership

Oura is based in Finland and has introduced a subscription to Ring 3. Six months membership is included. The subscription model is not mandatory for use of the ring afterwards, but because otherwise it is only charge level and daily sleep, activity and recovery, it is recommended. All other features are available for EUR 5.99 per person. month. Little by little, Oura adds a library of more than 50 audio and video content to the app, all about meditation, sleep and understanding your body.

Oura Ring 3 on the finger

If you do not know that it is a fitness tracker, you will not see it on the outside of the Oura ring.

Oura Ring 3: conclusion from the practical test

The Oura ring convinces with a well-thought-out design, a well-made app and hugely interesting insight into your own fitness. The manufacturer focuses on an analysis of sleep, heart and movement data that helps health-conscious people recognize how they can do their body good. In the future, the training heart rate will also enable the ring to perform a more detailed analysis of sports devices. Because the ring itself is very expensive and membership incurs extra costs in the long run, Oura Ring 3 remains an expensive fashion and fitness accessory. Finally, there are alternative smartwatches like Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch for the same money.

Our ring price

How Expensive is Oura Ring 3?

Oura Ring 3 comes in four colors with different prices:

  • Silver: 314 euros
  • Sort: 314 euros
  • Dark gray (“Stealth”): 419 euros
  • Gold (Limited Edition): 419 euros

This includes a six-month Oura membership. At the end of the six months, it costs EUR 5.99 per month. Anyone who already owns an older Oura Ring and replaces it with Ring 3 will receive a free lifetime subscription.

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