OPPO Watch Free Review

In the OPPO Watch Free Test, I find out if the first fitness tracker from Oppo is worth its (relatively many) money or not. How is everyday life and are there alternatives?

Oppo has been making a big splash lately. That is why they are always a topic for us podcast. With Oppo Watch (Review) you have the only angular Smartwatch with Wear OS in the program so far, which is also really good. Expectations for Oppo Watch Free are already quite high, especially as the price of 99 euros is far higher than that of competitors, such as my current recommendation Huawei Watch Fit New (Review) or Redmi Smart Band Pro (Review), which is not recommended.

It is also important to know that I have a fitness tracker or smartwatch around the clock, and how I test exactly is described in detail here -> link

Specifications OPPO Watch Free:

  • Android from 6.0 and iOS from 12.0
  • 1.64 “2.5D AMOLED screen with 456 x 280 pixels
  • Gorilla glass 3
  • heart rate measurement
  • sleep tracking
  • messages
  • bicycle tracking
  • SpO2 measurement (What is it?)
  • waterproof to 5 ATM (what does it mean?)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • 19 mm rem
  • 40.4 x 17.6 x 11.45 mm
  • 34 g (incl. Bracelet)
  • 230 mAh

Product page: oppo.com/de/watch-free

German manual: oppo.com/Quick_Guide_OPPO_Watch_Free_EU.pdf

OPPO Watch Free is available at Amazon (link to Amazon *) in black and vanilla at a price of 99 euros.

The clear scope of delivery of OPPO Watch Free

What I like:

The scope of delivery of the OPPO Watch Free is very clear, because in addition to the watch itself, you will only find a magnetic charging cable and a German quick start guide in the packaging. There is nothing wrong with the treatment. The whole watch looks like it is made in one piece, which also applies to the watch case. Whether plastic or aluminum is not known at first glance, which is positively meant. In the end, the house is made of polycarbonate, that is, a high-quality plastic and polyamide. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The striking thing about the display is that it is slightly curved on all sides, but the edges have different widths there. The bottom edge is a bit wider, which is because the brightness sensor is located there.

The screen comes with a 1.64 “AMOLED screen with a resolution of 456 x 280 pixels and is similar to the Huawei Watch Fit New (Review). The colors are strong and the response speed is very good. In direct sunlight, the automatic brightness control ensures good readability. There are no buttons or controls on the cabinet. It is only operated via the touch display. There are also no speakers or microphones, so you can not make calls with Oppo Watch Free. Unfortunately, there is no GPS that Huawei has on board. On the back are the sensors for measuring heart rate and oxygen content in the blood. Plus the two pogo pins for the magnetic charger.

Good workmanship with OPPO Watch Free

Oppo Watch Free is waterproof up to 5 ATM. You can use it to jog in the rain, wash your hands, take a shower or swim. However, only in fresh water without chlorine, which can also be read in small print. Diving is explicitly excluded there because 5 ATM does not mean 50 meters depth, but pressure, as Markus described in this article (link).

In the practical test, the wearing comfort was convincing thanks to the low weight, because it lies comfortably on the wrist and the bracelet has enough space to fit most forearms. The alarm clock wakes you up reliably and the adjustable vibration is really noticeable. But you are looking in vain for a smart alarm clock. You can read the first few lines of incoming notifications, but you can not respond or respond to them in any way. Other features found on the Oppo Watch Free, such as stopwatch, timer, music control, camera shutter release or mobile phone are standard and not very exciting. Do you want an outdoor activity such as running per A-GPS (what is it?) be careful to select the GPS icon at the top of the watch after selecting the activity. If you have activated the house, no route is registered.

The bottom of the OPPO Watch Free with the sensors

Much more interesting are the recorded values, such as heart rate measurement, and they are incredibly accurate. You can even get your heart rate recorded in real time, ie permanently, but it drains the battery properly. The values ​​are not suitable for medical purposes, but even during a workout, the heart rate varies with only a few beats in direct comparison with a professional device. However, this does not replace a reasonable chest belt. The oxygen measurement is still quite questionable, just like me described in detail here (link). As always, the recorded sleep data provides a lot of room for interpretation. How should a bracelet accurately analyze sleep? It’s impossible, and that’s how values ​​should be understood. The length of sleep at least fits reasonably. Women can also record their cycle.

The battery is really good by today’s standards. Heart rate measurement every 2 minutes, SpO2 measurement during sleep at intervals, all notifications activated, automatic brightness, at least one activity with route registration a day and I get 7 days. This is significantly longer than the Huawei Watch Fit New (Review), which also has several features such as GPS. The Oppo Watch Free charges in less than an hour, and just a few minutes is enough for a day thanks to fast charging. The magnetic charger holds the watch well.

Oppo Watch Free with connected charging cable

What I do not like:

The strap is made of silicone and unfortunately only has a simple plastic buckle. It has a width of 19 mm and is very easy to change without tools. However, it is a bit cumbersome to remove and standard replaceable straps do not fit.

The app required for Oppo Band Free is called HeyTap Health (Android / iOS) and is extremely different depending on whether you are an Android or iOS user. Unfortunately, both versions are anything but usable. It starts with the massive connectivity issues whether you are using Android or iOS. If you launch the app, nothing happens for a long time. In status, you can see that the app is desperately trying to establish a connection, but it does not work. Closing and restarting the app solves the problem. But then it takes a while again before the data is synced by Oppo Watch Free. But it gets really annoying when whole days are missing.

Oppo Watch Free menu

Just walk away. I wear Oppo Watch Free 24/7 and my goal is to fill all four bars every day, which I have consistently achieved. Suddenly, however, whole days are missing, and even worse, they are lost afterwards. Yesterday there, today is gone and you probably will not get them back for money, kind words or patience. Although I manually sync the ribbon several times in a row, the missing tags are no longer displayed. It also sometimes takes a very long time before the synchronized data is transferred to displays and values. I also can not explain why when the app launches, suddenly only April 16th is displayed in the top graphic and no longer the current day, while the data below shows the current date. You must tap this display each time and manually select the current day. All very strange and annoying in everyday life.

Otherwise, the app does not have much to offer. The 42 dials that are available to choose from but cannot be adjusted are fine. Here too, there are sometimes different dials to choose from on Android than on iOS. Only on Android, you can create a dial with a pattern by swiping across the screen. Regardless of the operating system, up to 7 dials can be installed on the Oppo Watch Free. With the function “AI Outfit Watch Face 2.0” you can create personal dials. You take a picture of your clothes with the camera and are presented with a (roughly) matching dial. Or you select an image and have a dial made from it. Otherwise, there are the settings for notifications, settings for all measurements or the order in which the individual displays are to be displayed. Here, too, there is a difference under Android, because here you can also change the displays and their order in the quick start center. What should it? Why is the Android version so different from the iOS version?

The HeyTap app looks very different on iOS …

If you want to connect to other services such as Apple Health or Google Fit, there is unfortunately no more to choose from, this option can be found at the top right of the gear under “Data sharing”. Why the complete menu item “Fitness” is missing under iOS remains a mystery to me. Although it is quite useless because you can only activate running and walking, and the training is better started directly via the belt, it does not explain it to me. The app does not offer much more than that. If you have recorded an outdoor activity via GPS, you can see the route on a map without contrast, but you can not zoom in or use it in any other way. Otherwise, there is not much data to assess. Speaking of assessing. There are well over 100 activities to choose from and you can add or remove them from your favorites right on the clock, but only running, walking and cycling paths that are little more than duration and calories which I am very concerned about, seems retrieved.

… Than on Android and this also offers more features

In general, the HeyTap app is an old acquaintance, as in a slightly modified form it can also be used with Realme smartwatches such as Realme Watch 2 (Review) and Realme Watch 2 Pro (Review) is used. You should know that Oppo and Realme come from the same BBK group. Incredibly, there are not these differences between iOS and Android, nor are the connectivity issues. From this point of view, Oppo Watch Free did something that already worked worse. You have to do it first …


Is Oppo Watch Free Recommended? Unfortunately not. Too many errors and problems and too few features to justify this relatively high price. Especially since the range of features in the app is so different between iOS and Android. It all seems so unfinished and carelessly thrown away. The comparable Huawei Watch Fit New (Review) currently costs at Amazon (link to Amazon *) only 65 euros, the battery does not last that long, but otherwise offers more in all respects and will be my recommendation. It’s a shame, but unfortunately I can not award the bruise like this.

Publication: Mobi-test.de purchased this device from Amazon at its own expense. It was not provided by the manufacturer or the online shop as a loan or as a gift. This publication is for transparency.

peter w

Oppo is free

  • processing / equipment

  • connection / operation

  • practice test

  • Price performance


+ very good workmanship
+ good screen
+ good battery life
+ Fast charging function
+ many activities
+ useful readings

– more errors in the app
– Connection issues
– Problems with the operation

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