Online Yoga: These exercises are ideal for the home office

Meanwhile, everyone in the home office has figured out how to do a little yoga. Here you stretch, you stretch and Yinyasas just flows through your body. Yoga is the ideal exercise to get away from the stressful everyday life and really relax. But it can also get really tiring and hit your muscles, depending on what workout you are doing. We show you the best online yoga training with our favorite yoga influencers to emulate.

Online yoga – this is what awaits you in this article:

That’s why you should have started online yoga yesterday

The benefits of online yoga are many and can not be overlooked: it is soothing and relaxing and can even reduce the symptoms of depression. It can also improve concentration, help control emotions and strengthen the immune system. Especially if you do not have much time and do not want to spend so much money on your fitness program and still want to relax online yoga perfect for you We show you which coaches you should not miss.

The 6 best online yoga videos on YouTube

June 21, 2021 is World Yoga Day! So it is best to spend a lot of time on this day dealing with this particular practice. If you do not have that much experience with yoga, you should first try the online yoga videos for beginners that all yoga teachers offer in this overview. There they will Exercises explained step by stepwhich allows you to avoid misalignments and incorrect loads.

1. Mady Morrison – the famous German yoga influencer

Anyone who deals with online yoga can not ignore Mady Morrison. Mady Morrison is one Yoga teacher from Berlin and on their over 271,000 Instagram-Followers for their varied yoga videos Youtube famous.

Their training lasts between 10 and 60 minutes and shows both Yin yogaso something calmer yoga and Vinyasa Flow, a creative and dynamic version of yoga. If you do not know which type of yoga suits you best, you can take the test with us.

2. Yoga exercises for beginners – fayo with Mira

This channel is perfect for you if you are a yogi beginner and finally want to try the relaxing practice. All exercises are from Life Coach Yoga & Meditation Mira Dejdar explained in detail and most of the videos are only 15 to 30 minutes long so you do not overwork yourself.

while standing fayo to fascia yoga, which runs through joint-optimized exercises excels, which stimulates metabolism, strengthens connective tissue and ensures more mobility. This yoga technique is especially good for you if your work day is characterized by sedentary activities and a little movement.

3. HappyAndFITYoga – basics and training

Of Youtube channel Happy and fast yoga belongs to happy and fast Blog of various fitness experts has been operated on. In addition to Mady Morrison, this channel offers one of the few videos featuring German-speaking yoga teachers.

you mediate basic just like the sun salutation and the warrior too different yoga sequenceswhich strengthens individual parts of the body or helps against pain, for example menstrual or back pain.

4. Yoga with Adriene – Texas YouTube star

Texas native Adriene Mishler is it. with over 6 million subscribers most famous yoga star on YouTube. No wonder, as she offers a wide range of yoga videos: from videos for beginners and office yoga to meditation to anxiety and yoga for more concentration and focus, she has it all.

Included does not pursue any specific technique, she prefers to help users get through everyday life with her videos. Those who stay longer can watch their 30-day program and try one of the videos with devices between 15-45 minutes each day. Her dog Benji is also part of the party.

5. Tara Stiles – Inventor of Strala Yoga

American yoga teacher Tara Stiles not only publishes yoga videos Youtubebut has also published several books and one own yoga style: Strala Yoga does not value strict rules or perfect behavior. Instead, asanas, the body positions, are only a rough guide to the goal.

6. Boho Beautiful – the digital yoga model

The Canadian couple Juliana and Mark founded the Boho Beautiful YouTube channel in 2014. There is to see Yoga and meditation exercises, always in impressive natural surroundings. The self-proclaimed yoga nomads bring a fitness aspect to their yoga training and make many videos about individual body parts or the fusion of yoga and Pilates.

Conclusion: Online yoga is cheap and uncomplicated

With online yoga videos, you can get started right away at home if you bring a mat and a few minutes. You can call our favorite carpenter for free and at any time. But only with regular practice can you enjoy the many benefits of yoga such as Relaxation and improved concentration.

Do you want to start with small baby steps first? No problem, we have the perfect introductory workout with the five minutes of yoga in bed and the five yoga stretches.

Do you also want to try other sports? Then we have the right items for you:

Do you already know Mindful Running? This trend combines running and meditation.

If you want to target specific body zones, then you should try our back training and core strength exercises.

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