Occeus’ performance explosion brought the victory home to Phoenix Hagen

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Phoenix Hagen wins the fourth victory in a row in the 2nd ProA basketball league. Very dramatic match against Eisbären Bremerhaven.

Shawn Occeus rarely throws his poker face. Whether it’s a spectacular block or an important three – the American guard from Phoenix Hagen always maintains a calm, cool facial expression. But as Occeus is 18th match day that 2. ProA League against Bremerhaven polar bears puts the game-crucial stuff into the basketball hoop to make it 90:85 and a little later to make it 92:87, his determined gaze reveals satisfaction. Mainly thanks to the performance explosion from the 24-year-old, who added 27 points, Phoenix Hagen defeated the Polar Bears 95:93 (48:50). This is the fourth Volmestadt victory in a row – no other ProA team has as good a race.

That’s what the coaches say after the game

“I’m incredibly proud of my boys,” Hagen coach Chris said after the game. “In the final stages, we forced a couple of difficult shots, which I thought were the key to victory. I think we showed some maturity today – we did not necessarily do that in Bochum and against Quakenbrück. I am happy with the steps the team is taking. Even though we sometimes still have mental failures. ”

Despite the defeat, Bremerhaven’s coach Michael Mai was also proud of his team. This was mainly due to the North Germans having to play three away games within six days. And that with a rotation of only seven players. “The last week has been tough for us, but we will not make excuses and we have to acknowledge Hagen’s performance. They moved the ball better and were more consistent, we tried our luck too much in one-on-one. It made the difference. “

Spohr turns up the heat for the first few minutes

The polar bears can score, it was clear even before the ball. And the guests wasted no time in demonstrating their offensive power. After less than four minutes of play, Carrington Love scored 10:17 with a lay-up. But Phoenix was also in a good mood in the attack. Team captain Dominik Spohr converted his third three to 16:17 in the fifth minute. However, the Hagen team fell behind, mainly because Bremerhaven’s fast duo Kevin Yebo and Armani Moore could hardly be stopped. The latter always triumphed with his back to the basket. Moore’s two lay-ups in a row to 28:38 brought the visitors from the shore a double-digit lead for the first time.

However, Moore’s namesake Marquise played a strong first half for Phoenix and was also almost unstoppable by his opponents (10 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists). In addition, the hosts got better access in the defense in the last four minutes of the first half and bravely grabbed the riposte. After 20 minutes of play, they were almost equal (48:50).

Daubner brings Hagen’s management back

Bloody Phoenix Third Neighborhood? Not this time. The game became more disorganized after the break, but Hagen continued. Shawn Occeus scored eight points in the third period, including a throw from distance to 55:56 (25th). Three minutes later, Ward made the long-awaited 63-63 equalizer with a three from the left corner. And at the start of the last quarter, the Volmestadt team took the lead again for the first time since the third minute (69:67) thanks to a layup by Phillip Daubner.

The drama came to the top in the final minutes. Marcel Keßen, who had not had a good fight until that time, hit a three-pointer over the outstretched arm of Bremerhaven’s giant Robert Oehle to 82:80 (37th). But the man in the crunchy time was Shawn Occeus. With only 45 seconds left to play, the shooting guard lowered an incredibly important three-pointer to 90:85. Although he insulted Carrington Love in his three-point shot on the other hand, Bremerhaven converted just two of three shots from the line. And immediately after, Occeus made up for his mistake, freed himself near the basket and converted CJ Walker’s pass to 92:87.

Love makes serious mistakes

But it was not. The strong Armani Moore put a completely free three into the net, in return the failed Walker converted only one of two penalty throws. But now Carrington Love made a hair-raising faux pas. Bremerhaven’s guard dribbled the ball forward, but according to the referee, his foot touched the line outside – Phoenix possession! The visitors failed Dominik Spohr, who hit both penalty throws to 95:90. Daniel Laster’s triangle with the last siren was worthless.

Phoenix had to do without shooting guard Paul Giese this time. The 24-year-old has muscle problems in his back, but has already started light training again.

+++ Statistics +++

Phoenix: Occeus (27, 5 rebounds, 5/8 treere), Zajic, Kessen (7, 5 rebounds), Walker (15, 5 assists), Daubner (9), Ward (6, 9 rebounds), Spohr (15), Moore (12, 5 rebounds), Moreaux (2), Baumann (2).

Bremerhaven: Richards (9), Moore (21, 7 rebounds, 9 assists), Reischel (7), Kruhl, Drijencic (3), Laster (9), Oehle (11, 8 rebounds), Love (12, 10 assists), Yebo (21, 8 rebounds).

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