Nuremberg: The head of the gym demands fines for corona violations

  • Nuremberg: Americans pay fines at the gym
  • “Had no evidence of vaccination “: study leader required 250 euros
  • Sheep of the 18-year-old teeth – and is indignant
  • Police there almost every day“: study leader sees safety at risk

IN Nuremberg demands Head of a fitness center in the south of the city recently fines from customers, if they do not comply with the applicable Corona rules. This practice recently provoked outrage from Swabian-born American Thomas Burkhardt, unlike Burkhardt reported. His 18-year-old son, who spends a year abroad in Nuremberg, and his friend are wronged money “taken”. Of Head of the study that Fitness chain Gym10Khalifa Hicher, on the other hand, defends himself against the accusations.

Nuremberg gymnastics director “scared” his son – demanded 250 euros

Thomas Burkhardt is sorry. His son living with a friend in Gym10 on Allersberger Strasse in Nuremberg train, was asked by study leader Khalifa Hicher on January 16, 2022 for a valid coronate test. On December 14, 2021, the Bavarian Cabinet decided that boosted members of gyms no longer need a test to train. For all other members, currently applies. still 2G plus rule (3G applies from Thursday). “The head of the study insisted they needed a test, otherwise he would call the police and file a complaint because they had violated the 2G plus rule,” Burkhardt said. After a boost, he wanted the two Americans not asked.

Instead, Hicher got the two “frightened” and one “Compensation claim” of 250 euros required. “Under stress”, the two young men “went home to pick up the desired 250 euros” and hand them over. Burkhardt talks about a “method of cheating money”. In retrospect, the head of the studio said that the whole situation avoided would have been if both one booster would have had, “said Burkhardt. But it was both his son and his friend triple vaccinated. The father then contacted Hicher via Instagram. chat logs, the exists, prove this.

Specifically, Hicher states that Burkhardt’s son violated Corona rules and he is therefore entitled to raise a “claim for damages”. The study leader announced that he would become his son “to show“He also signed that he did such a thing.” He also explained to him the facts in English. “My son had to Sign several documents during this case“, says the father of the family. The head of studies” did not let him take pictures of the documents “. After a phone call with Hicher, Burkhardt’s son did so on January 18, 2022 Money back.

“Health hazard for members” – the leader of the study defends himself against allegations

The head of Gym10 in Nuremberg, Khalifa Hicher, confirmed in an interview with, having asked Burkhardt’s son to pay a “fine.” The background is that Study on a special concept dispose in which members per Train access code 24 hours a day, seven days a week could. “We have no employees other than myself and a part-time colleague, so it is always difficult for us personally to Compliance with Corona rules to control, “says Hicher. That’s why he should Proof of vaccination stored online before training will, watched would the gyms with cameras. “The son did, though repeated no evidence of vaccination and did not upload it either, ”says Hicher.

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Because he last “constant problems due to corona fractures“had and” the police sometimes have to be called every day “, the study leader had in consultation with his employer Gymnastics 10 Before “imposed finesif the rules are violated. “Those who” train black “have to pay around 99 euros, who without mask in the studio travel or do not bring a test or proof of vaccination with you, 250 euros. “It’s all clarified, the money then goes to the company,” says Hicher. “If police come and find violations we have to pay for each guest, “is his reasoning. But he paid the money back to Burkhardt’s son,” because he with retroactive effect his Evidence of vaccination shown have”.

The documents he signed were “only for me as an employee so I could repeat document violations to then also be able to issue a house ban, “says Hicher. Burkhardt says, on the other hand, that Hicher” has not shown house rules or conditions that say that Gym10 can demand a fine of 250 eurosThe study leader replies that he has “put up big signs all over the study that clearly indicate this.” Hicher says he sees through the frequent Corona bride “one health hazard for my members and for me as an employee. “The leader of Nürnberg Gym10 counteract. He reported Thomas Burkhardt’s son, who dreams of becoming a professional footballer in Germany, but does not. But this will now be with his friend other fitness center in Nuremberg search, according to his father.

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