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It’s still cozy at home – which is why many yoga fans prefer to work out in their own four walls. You will not be distracted by anything or anyone and you can be completely with yourself. And best of all: the free offers are easy on the wallet. The new SHAPE (3/2017, EVT 01.02.) Shows the best free YouTube channels, apps and online studios that take “yoga at home” to a whole new level. ommm …

For mobile phone or laptop: You need to have these channels on the screen

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced yoga fan – on YouTube, yoga fans will find complete flows, but also shorter training sequences for a specific body region or individual poses. Mady Morrison reports on her personal experiences on her yoga channel of the same name and writes about how yoga enriches her life. Are you looking for a new morning routine, do you suffer from back pain or need a workout that immediately gives your body more energy, you have come to the right place with the sweet girl from Potsdam. And the channel “Amiena Zylla” is also impressive: In addition to yoga, the experienced trainer also shows Pilates and barre training. Convenient for in-between: There are mini-units for individual body parts such as legs and abdomen.

Turn on the smartphone and let’s go!

No cost, lots of fun – the “yoga-free” trend has already conquered the app market. The free apps can mostly be upgraded to Pro versions if needed. Here’s how it works: With the “Daily Yoga” app, users have access to about 20 hours of material that they can select specifically. Whether you need to lose weight, relieve stress, tone your body or just get fitter – the right videos are recommended here. And because every start is difficult, there is a 12-day beginner course with a mini-workout a day to get you started. The “Asana Rebel” app promises a healthier lifestyle – with only 15 minutes of exercise a day. After downloading, a decision must be made: “lose weight” or “get fitter”?

Start up the computer – start the yoga program

Via the online studio for Yogini: no problem with “Yogaia”. If you speak good English, you can switch between different yoga styles. Beginners can find out which yoga is best for them: from sensitive to full force – with the help of about 61 different teachers. If, on the other hand, you want a real outdoor feeling, you should take a look at the beautiful scenery in the cliffs from “Yogamour”. The sessions are accompanied by a voiceover from off, which provides useful information on what to be aware of in the respective positions.

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