Natalie Portman uses Mjolnir in the new ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ poster

Source: Marvel Studios

As the first Thorthe film was released in theaters in 2011, Natalie Portman experienced a real career high. Just a few months earlier, she won for Black swan an Oscar, her rom-com released shortly thereafter friendship plus was a ticket hit, and now she’s starring as the female lead in a Marvel success. But Portman was not entirely content to just play the woman along with the superhero, whose character had nothing to do but adore the toned-down god of thunder. Portman was a strong supporter of a female director for the sequel, and felt hopeful when Patty Jenkins was considered for the role. But Jenkins and Disney disagreed and went their separate ways. Instead, Alan Taylor took over the instruction, while Jenkins instead directed the DC filming for Warner wonder Woman has with great success conjured up on the screens.

Portman was very disappointed with Jenkins’ departure and the poorly written role of a girl in need Thor-The Dark Kingdom eventually disillusioned her. Portman left MCU and big movies in favor of art house movies like jackie, Knight of Cups and annihilation. Inside the MCU, her character Jane Foster broke up with Thor off-screen, and it also seemed to mark the end of Portman in Marvel’s film universe. Her brief appearance in Avengers: Endgame consisted of archival footage from the other Thor– Movie.

But Taika Waititi, director of the third Thor-Adventure Portman wanted Thor: Love and Thunder make sure to bring back and actually convinced her to return for the fourth film. Portman’s return was revealed during the Phase Four presentation at Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego. How did he do that? By finally offering her Jane’s most interesting story from the comics: Jane Foster becomes The Mighty Thor (aka Lady Thor), who even swings Thor’s hammer Mjölnir! Finally, Portman also got something to do and was willing to spend time in the gym to keep up with the action part.

The first teaser trailer too Love and Thunder ended with a shot of Jane as The Mighty Thor. Now the brand new alternative teaser poster of the movie Portman’s character is coming to the fore. It’s basically the same metal album cover motif as the first poster, only with Jane instead of Thor and a cleverly modified tagline over the film’s title:

Thor Love and Thunder PosterRuns!

According to the cartoon, Portman’s role in the film also has a tragic component. The actress previously revealed that the cancer story from the comic would find its way into the film. This is now also confirmed by the merchandise description of the officially licensed replica Mighty Thor helmet:

Cancer-stricken astrophysicist and Thor’s ex-girlfriend Jane Foster visited New Asgard, and her life was changed forever. The fragments of Mjölnir, the hammer of the God of Thunder, mysteriously transformed her into the Mighty Thor, giving her Thor’s superpowers to fight against internal and external threats. With Mjolnir in her hands, she became a divine protector, and a new heroine was born.

I’m curious to see how Waititis’ certainly over-the-top films that do not lack stupidity will handle this serious aspect, but he managed it effortlessly in Jojo rabbitwhich gave him the script Oscar, so I have full confidence in the New Zealander.

Along with Portman and Chris Hemsworth as Thor, in Thor: Love and Thunder Chris Pratt, Sean Gunn, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan as well as Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper (with their voices) appear as Guardians of the Galaxy, which Thor joins at the end of Avengers: Endgame back in search of new adventures. It’s unclear how big their roles in the film will be, but they will definitely have an impact on the upcoming Guardian’s Christmas special and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 having. Therefore had Guardians-Mastermind James Gunn also made some requests Love and Thunder-Co-author Waititi, which he talks about Twitter revealed. So he asked for some adjustments, and these were implemented so that the adventures of the guards in the film can flow smoothly into their next adventure.

Who has not yet seen the teaser is Oscar winner Christian Bale as the new villain Gorr the Godslayer, who has set out to annihilate all the gods in the universe and of course comes into direct conflict with Thor, who needs help from the Guardians and his recently overwhelming ex needed. I’m guessing that Gorr’s performance will be held back until the long trailer, which should not be delayed either, because eventually it’s coming Thor: Love and Thunder already at July 6th to our cinemas.

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