Nagelsmann gives insight into his mental life: “Blows to the neck were not easy to cope with”

Updated on 25/04/2022 13:11

  • The German championship with FC Bayern Munich is Julian Nagelsmann’s first major title.
  • However, the season was overshadowed by setbacks on and off the field.
  • The coach is open about how he is feeling and what he has learned from the season.

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It was inevitable! As soon as the championship ended with FC Bayern Munich’s victory over Borussia Dortmund on Saturday night, Julian Nagelsmann got several beer showers. “The wheat beer shower was relatively cold,” the coach said at the press conference after the match with a laugh, adding: “Of course it’s my first major title, and therefore it is very special.”

But the tenth championship in a row does not hide the fact that the season was quite turbulent for FC Bayern. “To be honest, it was not the easiest year as Bayern Munich coach,” Nagelsmann admitted, giving an insight into his inner life: “I’m one who never actually complains. But it was not easy because many things happened during the year, and there were also a few blows to the neck that were not always easy for me as ambitious to handle. “

Vaccination debate and Qatar’s heated temper

The 34-year-old saw a lot of construction sites on and off the track. The many corona failures and the vaccination debate about Joshua Kimmich & Co. often made more headlines than sports. The events at the annual general meeting of FC Bayern, where the sponsorship connection to Qatar warmed up, were the number one topic of conversation for days.

Nagelsmann had to take a stand on all these issues. He did not complain about it. “I have said many times, at the time when I had to talk about other things, that I see a coach’s task holistically,” he explained. “Of course you can always sit down and say that I do not have to answer that topic – that was also asked a bit recently. But I think you have a certain role model function and a certain opinion, and that you can also convey that opinion. “

Nagelsmann sought to convey the attitude of his superiors Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic and “to show unity to the outside world”.

Champions League-Aus blurs the mood

Sportingly, the 5-0 defeat in the cup against Borussia Mönchengladbach and the Champions League quarter-final against FC Villarreal were low blows. In addition to all these setbacks, the German championship is at least a consolation – but not much more.

“Basically, the championship in Munich is perhaps a little less important than a Champions League title,” Nagelsmann said on Thursday when asked by our editors. “The last two weeks (Elimination in the Champions League, editor’s note.) cloud the mood, that’s just the way it is. It comes into play a lot. I can speak openly and honestly about it. “

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Nagelsmann will experiment less tactically

So what lessons does he take with him from his first season in Bavaria? “Overall, I know I can do things better than I have done,” he admitted. Nevertheless, he wanted to keep his style. “Otherwise, I would not be the coach in Bavaria, and then I am no longer the coach I want to be.”

Nagelsmann, however, announced that he would like to make fewer tactical changes in the coming season. “There will definitely be moments where we can stick to the familiar a little more,” he said. “For years, the team was used to playing the same thing over and over again. Especially in situations where the overall structure might be a little unstable, it’s always good to be able to fall back on something familiar.”

For Nagelsmann, it means: “I do not want to completely change my style, but I adjust certain things. And next year I will probably feel the same pressure as this year, maybe even more.”

For one thing is clear: He does not want to be happy with the championship alone next season.

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Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann does not have much time to celebrate: he has his next appointments in Säbener Strasse on 25 April. Nagelsmann expresses clear ideas towards the top of the club.

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