Melanie Müller: With a new family photo, she announces her comeback

Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker: Melanie Müller announces her big comeback +++ Jessica Haller shows daughter Hailey-Su’s first step +++ Danni Büchner is angry: Another controversy over the former “Faneteria”.

Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker

April 24, 2022

Melanie Müller announces her big comeback

“Melanie stop! […] Melanie Müller, as we know her, no longer exists “, with this statement the manager of Melanie Müller, 33, attracted attention in February. She wanted to take more care of her children and focus on her privacy. It was planned. A comeback under a new image, is it time now?

It is noteworthy that Melanie has posted many family photos lately – not with her ex-husband and father of the children Mike Blümer, 55, but with her new partner Andreas. To do this, she uses hashtags like “famila”, “home” and “love”.

Now Melanie announces that she will soon be back in public: “You think I’m just leaving it all behind me … NO … I’m looking ahead and moving on. Rumor has it that I’m quitting … Wrong I had me I took a break and now I can announce that it will continue. I was looking for myself. I needed some time to fix my feelings and my problems. I recorded a new single and it’s coming out soon: Mama Mia. I I have started a super good project that I will soon announce. But now it’s time to look for a finca. It’s going to Mallorca [sic]. “

It sounds like the reality TV actress is moving either temporarily or permanently to the island where she started her Ballermann career. But in fact, she would give up just that … Fans are excited to see what comes next.

April 23, 2022

Jessica Haller shows daughter Hailey-Su’s first steps

It’s a milestone for Jessica Haller, 32, and her husband Johannes Haller, 34: The influencer has now posted a short video on Instagram where her daughter Hailey-Su is taking her first steps. It’s only a few small steps, but Jessica is obviously hugely proud as her almost one-year-old daughter runs towards her. Completely excited and with a happy smile on her lips, Jessica catches her little daughter and posts this sweet moment on Instagram.

Fans are touched and remember their experiences: “One of the most beautiful, first experiences as a parent without comparison!” and “How nice. My daughter started walking when she was 11 months old,” are two of the enthusiastic comments.

Danni Büchner is angry: Another argument about the former “Faneteria”

Again ballad about “Faneteria” in Mallorca. There had actually been silence in the last few months regarding Daniela Büchner’s former restaurant, 44, and her late husband Jens Büchner, † 49. “Goodbye Germany” emigrants Caro, 43, and Andreas Robens, 55, had previously taken over ” Faneteria “and wanted to turn it into a diner. When they painted the mural from Büchners and then Danni also painted vampire teeth, the former jungle camper got angry and triggered an Instagram Zoff. Meanwhile, the three have gotten back together, but now there is stress again.

A few months ago, entrepreneur Horst Blum and investor Arno Pfaffendorf took over the café and opened it a few days ago. The problem: The two decided to turn it into a fan café again and painted a picture of Jens and a logo similar to it. “The venue does not only have Jens as its theme. The café aims to give fans of Mallorca celebrities a space where they can talk about their favorite celebrities and see pictures of their stars. 18 celebrities are currently represented here with pictures,” explains Arno Pfaffendorfbei “Picture”. Danny does not like that at all. According to the tabloid, she was given a lawyer’s letter and demanded a termination letter.

The operators have so far hung the Jens picture over and covered other pictures of him with stickers. They do not want a fight, they say, but are now waiting for feedback from the lawyer.

April 22, 2022

Danni Büchner surprises with a birthday post for his son Volkan

Daniela Büchner, 44, is a proud mother of five. While the two youngest, twins Jenna Soraya and Diego Armani, 5, occasionally appear on their mother’s Instagram account, the emigrant holds back with photos of his eldest Volkan. Her son is from Danny’s first marriage. Ex-husband Yilmaz died of heart failure in 2009. From the marriage, which ended in divorce in 2007, Danni has in addition to Volkan two other children: daughters Joelina at 23 and Jada at 18. On the occasion of his 20th birthday, Danni addressed emotional words to his son Volkan.

Danni remembers the day of his birth under the image of a sweet child and remembers. The two subsequent snapshots depict the present. In one picture he poses with his mother Danni, another shows him with a cat in his arms. “You are incredibly sensitive, but when you roar, it’s like a lion [sic]”She is thrilled. The happy mother of five concludes her post with a touching declaration of love:” This year will be your year. I’m so proud of you! I love you, your mother “.

Jenny Frankhauser’s reaction to Daniela? “Keep calm and trust in karma!”

In fact, Jenny Frankhauser, 29, and Daniela Katzenberger, 35, loved each other again. But a change on Instagram gave users cause for concern two days ago: both sisters stopped following each other. The cause is unknown. While Daniela Katzenberger originally referred to Zoff with the words “I will not let Gosch ban me either,” Sister Jenny now follows suit. The expectant mother posts cryptic lines in her Instagram story.

The jungle camp winner explained to her fans that she is currently struggling with bad skin: “It’s nervous for me. I can not let myself be provoked and annoyed anymore, I can not get upset anymore. It’s not so good for me either.! ” An excavation at Daniela Katzenberger? It’s quite possible, for Jenny added on Instagram: “Keep calm and trust karma.” This is where the sisters’ battle goes into the next round.

April 21, 2022

Is Silvia Wollny announcing a wedding or an engagement?

There’s always something going on at Wollny’s. This time, though, there are no family members making big eyes with baby news, but Silvia Wollny, 57, with a ring photo! The head of the family posts a picture on Instagram that looks like either a secret wedding or at least an engagement. In the black-and-white shot, one can see a man and woman with suspiciously thick rings on their ring fingers clasping their hands together over a bouquet of roses.

HE is wearing a classic suit. Silvia writes: “She says yes (to German” She says yes “) We are very happy for you” and adds heart-eye emojis and hashtags like “family” and “love”. However, Silvia does not reveal who the happy couple is. The posting also does not say exactly whether one of her daughters has just become engaged or has actually taken the step to marriage. The fans also do not agree and happily discuss in the comments column, but at least leave several hearts and congratulations to the unknown couple. Many of the sequels already have a hint as to which daughter the picture could be about. “I’m guessing Tim, Lavinia has been dating,” says one user and another confirms, “Yeah, she just has the black nails.”

Carmen Geiss mourns her beloved dog

Deep grief for Carmen Geiss, 56: Robert Geiss’ wife, 58, shared a touching photo collage on Instagram with several photos of her beloved dog. “Even though I knew it would happen, I did not know how much it would hurt Dex, you may not be by my side now, but you will always be in my heart. [sic]”, writes Carmen and says goodbye to her deceased four-legged friend.

“Maybe you were just a dog for the world, but you were the world for me. Rest in peace my furry friends, we will all miss you and carry you in our hearts. Now you are relieved of all your pain and go to heaven, I miss you so much [sic]”, she ends her post and reaps a lot of compassionate comments.” Oh no … He was always so sweet “,” I’m very sorry. I know exactly how you feel “and” Sincere condolences, I can cry right now “are the comments that can hopefully give Carmen and her family some comfort.

April 19, 2022

Evelyn Burdecki was stolen from the gym

A couple of beautiful sunny days in Mallorca are behind Evelyn Burdecki. The reality TV contestant got sunburned but could still enjoy the short break – thanks to her friend Sophie. If she had not borrowed her car, Evelyn’s holiday would have been less relaxing. Usually the 33-year-old always borrows a car at the airport, but that was not the case this time. “Not because there were no cars. But because I do not have my driver’s license, it was stolen from me,” Evelyn says in her Instagram story, then describing what exactly happened: “My bag was stolen from me for about a month ago., in the gym, in a very bold way. A woman spoke to me in front of me, she was very sweet. And behind me, my bag was stolen. All my cards were in there, including my driver’s license. “

And even though the cheeky theft was a few weeks ago, Evelyn still has no new papers: “As you know, you have to have a lot of time to apply for all these cards again. That means you have to go to the office tomorrow and there sitting and then of course the wait, you can not get times online anymore. I have not reached that yet. “

Well, so far Evelyn has done well without papers. The question is how long.

A bouquet of flowers and an invitation to dinner for Georgina Fleur

Spring fever with Georgina Fleur, 32! After the last dramatic weeks with ex Kubilay Özdemir – the father of her daughter – the Dubai emigrant finally has a reason to smile again. On Instagram, the jungle camp contestant surprises his community with a large bouquet of white lilies. Fans were not long in asking, but promptly asked Georgina for information. “Who did you get the lilies from?” a follower will know and get answers – albeit a little mysterious. “I met someone there and was invited to dinner with a bouquet of flowers,” the reality TV contestant reveals. Apparently, Georgina is quite enthusiastic about the unknown man. “Pretty charming, isn’t it?” she tells excitedly.

However, the 32-year-old does not want to reveal who the stranger is. When asked by her followers, Georgina posted only three smileys that put her finger on her mouth. However, the ex- “Bachelor” candidate still shows the user the gentleman’s invitation card. “You have something unforgettable about you,” he writes, among other things. A new man by Georgina’s side? That would be her wish.

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