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The mega yacht “Solandge” has been in the port of Hamburg for more than five months. According to information from NDR 90.3, she can now leave him again. There is probably no connection to a Russian oligarch.

The 80 meter long yacht has been in the Blohm + Voss yard for inspection since October last year. It was not until Friday that the ship made a short test trip in the port of Hamburg, but then docked again at Blohm + Voss. The ship will probably leave Hamburg during the week.

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Apparently no connection to Russian oligarch

“The German authorities have followed up on all known tracks intensively, including with the participation of international partners,” said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Economy. The federal criminal police were also involved in the investigation. Therefore, there is no knowledge that anyone on the EU sanctions list is involved in the ship. So far, a billionaire close to Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin has owned the yacht.

The Left criticizes the actions of the authorities

The criticism of the authorities’ actions comes from port policy spokesman for the left-wing faction in the Hamburg parliament, Norbert Hackbusch. Since the owner of the yacht hides behind several mailbox companies, it is likely that “straw men will be used to formally pretend to be another owner”. Until the ownership of the ship is clarified, it must be held in Hamburg, Hackbusch said.

Norbert Hackbusch © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Georg Wendt

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Pool and cinema on board

“Solandge” was built in 2013 by the Lürssen shipyard. On-board facilities include a gym, swimming pool and sumptuous dining room as well as a private cinema. According to the “Yacht Charter Fleet” portal, the white and dark blue superyacht can currently be chartered for around 1.1 million euros per week and can accommodate up to twelve guests with a crew of 29 people. The value of the yacht is said to be around 135 million euros.

A spokesman for the Lürssen shipyard, to which Blohm + Voss belongs, said on request that all yachts must leave the port of Hamburg – unless they are subject to the current restrictions. Any yacht wishing to leave the port shall be notified to the competent authorities in advance. “This approval process has been successfully completed for the yacht ‘Solandge’.” According to the spokesman, the yacht was able to complete a test trip in the port on Friday and “will soon leave Hamburg”.

“Dilbar” is still in port

The megayacht is completely covered "dilbar" in Blohm + Voss Dock Elbe 17 in the harbor.  © dpa Photo: Markus Scholz

“Dilbar” is not ready to go at the moment.

At Blohm + Voss there is at least one other yacht for which there are indications of the Russian oligarch as owner: It is still unclear whether the 156 meter long “Dilbar” will be confiscated by the federal government, as is the case with numerous yachts in other EU countries. States happened. The ship is said to belong to Alisher Usmanov, who is on the EU sanctions list due to his close ties to Vladimir Putin. “Dilbar” is currently not ready to drive, so it could not easily leave Hamburg. In addition, most of the crew left the ship shortly after the start of the Ukraine War.

More info

The megayacht is completely covered "dilbar" in Dock Elbe 17 at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in the harbor.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Markus Scholz

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The megayacht is completely covered "dilbar" in Blohm + Voss Dock Elbe 17 in the harbor.  © dpa Photo: Marcus Brandt

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