Lockdown Saxony 2021 Corona: gastronomy, hairdresser, gym – what is closed depending on the instance?

The free state of Saxony remains the all-Germany-wide corona hotspot. In Saxony, pt Corona Emergency Regulationthe massive restrictions for unvaccinated funds. 2G in retail, curfews at night in certain districts and canceled Christmas markets – Saxony is becoming a partial closure Return. The Corona rules have also been tightened further – especially in hotspots with high incidence values. The gastronomy that must be completely closed.

But what public facilities and shops are there in Saxony now openedWhich one closed? Which are only closed to the unvaccinated?

Emergency regulation Saxony: New Corona rules

The Saxon state parliament has it epidemic situation found in the Free State. This is the legal basis for your own protective measures created. The new coalition revised the protection against infection on Friday, December 10th. Saxony has already adopted a new emergency regulation, which will apply from 13 December. is valid.

But what still applies in Saxony? All current corona measures in Bavaria at a glance:

2G in the retail trade in Saxony: These corona rules apply to DIY stores & Co.

The Saxon Emergency Ordinance states: Im Wholesale and retail use 2G. Only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered will have access. The shops may only be open between 06:00 and 20:00. There are exceptions to basic care, these are:

  • Grocery stores: supermarkets, health food stores, bakeries, kiosks
  • Pet Supplies: Stores like Fressnapf or Futterhaus
  • Beverage shops, eg drinks Hoffmann
  • pharmacies and drugstores
  • Pharmacies: Dm and Rossmann
  • Baby stores, eg BabyOne
  • orthopedic shoe technician
  • optician
  • hearing specialist
  • Shops selling newspapers
  • gas stations
  • wholesale business for professionals

It means: 2G also applies in DIY stores! Also in furniture stores like Ikea or in garden centers. But: Online ordering and pickup (click & pick up) is still possible for everyone.

Corona rules for body-related services: Does 2G also apply to therapies?

Body related services are generally prohibited. There are also exceptions here. These are:

  • Hairdressers – 2G applies here. Only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered have access.
  • Beard care – 2G
  • Physiotherapists, mental health care, etc. medically necessary services. 3G applies here. This means that vaccinated, healthy and tested individuals have access.
  • Closed currently has in Saxony: nail studios, beauticians, brothels, massage studios. Service providers such as travel agencies, insurance agencies and consulting offices are also closed.

The 2G rule in gastronomy: This applies to canteens, canteens, restaurants and hotels

2G applies in all gastronomic facilities. Restaurants and pubs are only allowed between 06.00 and 20.00 to be open. The exceptions here:

  • non-public canteens and canteens
  • Offers for the homeless such as Tafel
  • delivery services
  • Hospitality in hotels or other accommodation

What is closed in partial lockdown in Saxony – leisure and culture

In this area, most places are closed to both the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated. Overview:

  • Museums, theaters, operas – closed
  • Discos, bars and clubs – closed
  • Indoor areas in zoos and zoos – closed
  • Swimming pools – closed
  • Saunas and thermal baths – closed
  • Solariums – closed
  • Arcades – closed

The exceptions here are: libraries and outdoor areas in zoos and zoos. 3G applies here.

Events and sports: Are the fitness centers open in Saxony?

According to the Emergency Regulation in Saxony all events are prohibited, also Christmas markets and mountain parades. Measurements are also prohibited.

All sports facilities are also closed. It means:

  • fitness centre – closed
  • other sports facilities – closed to amateurs. 3G applies to professional athletes.
  • School sports – can take place

Hotels and holiday apartments: Corona rules for accommodation in Saxony

Any kind of accommodation for tourist purposes is prohibited. This applies to hotels, campsites and holiday apartments.

In addition, all business and tourist travel is prohibited, as are tourist train and bus trips.

For non-tourist accommodation, 3G applies in the facilities.

Lockdown 2021: Are adult education centers, dance schools, music schools and the like open?

All leisure education opportunities are closed. This also applies explicitly regarding adult education centers, dance schools, music schools and art schools. There are exceptions for people going to exams and for children up to 16 years. In these cases, 3G applies to the facilities. 3G also applies to colleges and universities.

Demos and conventions: what is allowed?

In many Saxon cities, there are repeated protests against infection control measures. However, some of them are immediately disbanded again, for example because they gather over 100 people. This is currently not allowed in Saxony. Due to the Corona emergency ordinance, it is only conventions with up to ten participants allowed.

Semperoper Dresden and Staatsschauspiel will close until January 9, 2022

Due to the critical corona situation in Saxony, all venues remain closed Semperoper and Staatsschauspiel in Dresden closed after 12 December. In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the play break will be extended to 9 January 2022, as announced by the Saxon State Theater on Wednesday. With this, the two houses responded “to the still alarming pandemic situation” and in view of the extensive planning processes of the stage operations. Already purchased tickets will be refunded.

Omicron corona variant found in Saxony

Saxony is currently standing with its back to the wall in the corona pandemic. With a nationwide incidence of 1104.5 (December 9, 2021) Free State remains a hotspot. In addition, the first case of the omicron variant in Saxony was confirmed.

Complete lockdown can no longer be ruled out - curfew in Saxon counties

Despite initial successes, Michael Kretschmer does not make it entirely clear

Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) sees the first small successes in the fight against the corona pandemic – but gives nothing quite clear. The successes are not what they should be to relieve the hospitals, he said on Thursday, December 9, 2021 at an online conference. What he means by that and what was discussed can be read in the following article:

Despite initial successes, Michael Kretschmer does not make it entirely clear

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