Lewis Hamilton “logged in” in the backfield: “Really frustrating!”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – From lap 20, Lewis Hamilton was stuck in the 2022 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in Imola. Then he saw only one thing for the rest of the season’s fourth Formula 1 race: the rear end of Pierre Gasly in the AlphaTauri AT03. Because nothing worked for Hamilton in his Mercedes W13. “It was really frustrating,” Hamilton said after the race. “I just wanted to move forward.” But it did not work.

“Logged In”: Alexander Albon in Imola in front of Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton


From the 22nd lap, Hamilton Gasly sat right in the gearbox, having only a hole of more than a second in two laps, but even with the adjustable rear wing (DRS) he could not make a serious overtaking attempt.

He finally saw the finish on the track in 14th place after 63 laps, and took advantage of a time penalty against Alps Esteban Ocon to eventually finish P13, outside the points.

Why Hamilton did not just overtake

What prevented him from overtaking Gasly, Hamilton is asked after the race. His answer is short and sweet: “I do not really know. I just was not close enough to overtake.”

Because Gasly was also able to flatten the rear wing directly in front of him, because Gasly in turn hung in the DRS window behind Alexander Albon in Williams, the DRS effect at Hamilton emigrated repeatedly. “I just hung out there today,” says Mercedes driver Hamilton disappointed. He does not say much more about it.

Toto Wolff apologizes to Lewis Hamilton

Instead, team leader Toto Wolff spoke up on the radio shortly after the race ended. He addresses his star driver Hamilton directly: “Lewis, hey. Sorry about what you were driving today. I know [das Auto] is impassable and in the end there is no result that we deserve. It continues, but it was a terrible race. “

It takes a few seconds before Hamilton replies, “Yeah, no problem, Toto.” After a short pause, he adds, “Let’s keep working hard.” Wolff picks this up right away and says, “Yeah, we do. We’re fighting our way out of here!”

Hamilton has no answer after Imola

But Hamilton has not yet been able to answer the question of how. After the race, he was perplexed: “I do not really know what to say. It is certainly not easy. But we all feel it as a team. Everyone is focused and doing their best. There is no one who gives up. We wants everyone to make progress as soon as possible. “

“After all,” Hamilton notes, “George [Russell] scored points for Mercedes today. So sorry I did not do the same. “

Will Russell get better at it with the Mercedes W13?

In fact, Russell cut a much better figure in Imola with the silver arrows: When he came from eleventh place on the net, he stormed up to P6 in the first round, later overtook Kevin Magnussen in Haas and eventually took advantage of the spin from Ferrari man Charles Leclerc winner fourth place for the second time this year.

Hamilton started on the other side from P14, was P12 at the end of the first half, was sometimes number 11 and then dropped back again.

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Team manager Wolff was asked if Russell simply got better out of it with the Mercedes W13. He says no and says to ‘Sky’: “That’s not how I see it at all.” Hamilton’s hands were tied in the Grand Prix. “If you’re logged in behind, of course, and it’s George [im Sprint] happens too, then you just can not go any further ».

Overall result unsatisfactory for Mercedes, despite P4

The overall result is therefore unsatisfactory, despite Russell’s P4. It was “neither good,” Wolff says, adding: “The highlight was definitely George’s turn. After a really good start, he did well in front. Fourth place was [aber] only because Leclerc and Sainz are stranded, so you have to be realistic about it. “

In any case, Hamilton seems depressed and says he “can not say that I really am myself at the moment [auf das nächste Rennen in Miami] are happy. But I’m sure: next week I will be positive again. “He will soon travel back to England to discuss with the engineers on Monday,” what we can improve, “Hamilton said.

After the team’s third defeat in a row against Russell, Hamilton is in seventh place in the position of Formula 1 drivers, a significant distance behind his teammates. In the constructors’ championship, Mercedes is in P3 behind Ferrari and Red Bull after the fourth round of the season.

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