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Not everyone wants to relax at once

fri 01.04.22 | 06:18 | Of Sylvia Tiegs

Audio: Inforadio | 04/01/2022 | Sylvia Tiegs | Picture: REICHERT + COMMUNICATIONS GmbH / chris tubbs

No more masks in confined spaces – and no more questions about vaccination status: In Berlin, virtually all corona restrictions have been abolished. Some institutions are now making their own rules, at least for the transition. By Sylvia Tiegs

The dance school’s website “Traumtänzer” has for a few days announced how things will continue here from April 1 in terms of Corona: “We will remain cautious hosts”, can be read there. And also what it means: “Regardless of local rules, 2G still applies”. That’s the way it is, confirms founder and operator Miron Daniel Jakubczyk in the rbb24 interview. “We sat down as a team and decided it together.”

The incidence of infection is still too high, and in his opinion the relief would come too soon. For the past few months, the dance school has also only allowed members who have been proven to be vaccinated against Corona, or who have become healthy to dance. Most customers would have felt comfortable with that, and “we will now pass on that feeling of security”. It also means that the staff at the reception and in the bar will continue to wear masks. But you can dance – of course – without a face mask.

MD Jakubczyk (founder and co-owner of
Dance studio operator Miron Daniel Jakubczyk | Picture: rbb / Sylvia Tiegs

approval and criticism

Of course, not all members agree with this. This is what dance school director Jakubczyk is aware of. He says he does not want to offend anyone. He is concerned with protecting the health of both employees and members: “I do not want to imagine when we say that we relax everything, we do not even look at how crowded it is and who is coming – and for a month or two we become a hotspot ?! ” The dance school could not risk that. It was difficult to get its three locations on Ku’damm, in Tempelhof and Mariendorf financially through the pandemic.

It would not have been possible without government bridging funds and donations from loyal members, Jakubczyk says. The circle of the former 70 employees has shrunk significantly. “It’s better to be a little more careful now than to exaggerate,” was the motto until summer. The domicile rights make it possible to do so outside the official rules.

Better to be a little careful now than to overdo it.

Miron Daniel Jakubczyk, operator of the “Traumtänzer” dance school
Aspria Berlin (Source: REICHERT + COMMUNICATIONS GmbH / chris tubbs)
There are no longer any restrictions in Berlin’s fitness and wellness studio | Picture: REICHERT + COMMUNICATIONS GmbH / chris tubbs

Open doors – with skepticism

In the fitness and wellness club Aspria on Ku’damm, on the other hand, everyone can sweat, swim or relax together from Friday. According to the easing of restrictions in Berlin, proof of vaccination or improvement is no longer necessary, nor are masks. The studio does not have its own house rules in Berlin, though club manager Sandra Schmalzried still have mixed feelings about it. “It’s going to be hard for all of us to handle this whole new situation. From mask, proof of test and distance to ‘puha, the doors are open, come in!”

But Sandra Schmalzried would like to welcome everyone, because she knows from conversations with her customers how many have missed the personal meetings and also the ease. “Being somewhere other than home, exchanging ideas, enjoying sports and wellness – it was all inactive for a long time.”

Hoping for mutual consideration

But even Sandra Schmalzried can not hide the high number of infections. So that the operation is not immediately in danger, the club manager and her staff will for the time being continue to wear masks “to protect against infection”. And: Every member is also “welcome” to wear a mask – “only the masked members should have respect for those who say, ‘Thank God it’s finally over!'”

There will be no separate courses in the gym, nor will there be restrictions on the number of participants in the gyms. The day-to-day manager believes that it will be a challenge to satisfy everyone. Above all, she is dependent on the new unity working through mutual consideration. That the brave do not harass the cautious – and vice versa. For Corona really affects everyone very differently, says Schmalzried. Nothing has changed about it.

Broadcast: Inforadio, 1 April 2022, at 07.10

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