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Pumping despite Corona: Fitness studios, but also swimming pools, may be open in accordance with current pandemic regulations. (Iconic image) © Vladimir Gerdo / imago images

Stricter corona rules apply nationwide. This is to counteract the occurrence of infection. What does this mean specifically for gyms and swimming pools?

Bremen / Hamburg / Hanover – They have been dictating public life for more than a year and a half. We are talking about all-encompassing corona rules that aim to effectively curb and combat the pandemic. Due to the ever-increasing number of infected *, politicians had to act consistently and tighten the mentioned corona measures. Last but not least, this also affects the corona rules in the gym and swimming pool.

Corona rules in gyms and swimming pools: what applies to 2G and 3G?

In late August 2021, the 3G rule was introduced in fitness studios across the country, making proof of vaccination, recovery or testing indispensable. However, more and more federal states soon decided to operate with the 2G rule or variants of it in gyms. With the adoption of the new Infection Control Act *, which has officially been in force since Wednesday, November 24, 2021, athletes once again need to be aware of a few things.

The focus is primarily on Bremen *, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. Three federal states in the north that differ in terms of the specifications of the applicable corona rules in gyms and swimming pools. This is not least due to different occurrences, the resulting corona warning levels * and the infection process in general.

Gyms and swimming pools in Bremen: mandatory test from corona warning level 1

In the state of Bremen, the 2G rule * is mandatory in fitness and health facilities. Therefore, only fully vaccinated or healthy persons may stay here. The current corona rules are divided into warning levels 0 to 3, which in turn take effect depending on the corresponding hospitalization frequency *.

From Corona warning level 1, a test is mandatory for visits to saunas, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) studies, fitness studios, swimming pools and similar facilities. In the current Corona Regulation for Bremen, “the practice of indoor sports in sports facilities” is also explicitly mentioned. School sports, however, are an exception.

Hamburg is dependent on 2G across the board – also in gyms and swimming pools

A new Corona regulation * enters into force in Hamburg on Monday, November 29, 2021. With this, regular visitors to gyms and swimming pools in the Hanseatic city must also prepare for a tightening of the pandemic. In accordance with Article 10 of the said Corona Regulation, a “negative coronavirus test certificate for facilities, businesses and offers open to the public” is mandatory.

On the one hand, operators of gyms or swimming pools accept the negative result of a PCR test. On the other hand, a quick test performed in accordance with the Corona Test Regulation is also legitimate. In the case of a PCR test, the test result must be taken no more than 48 hours before entering, using or using the service.

A quick test, on the other hand, can only take 24 hours before you can go into a gym or swimming pool and take advantage of the offers there. In addition, proof of the test must be provided in connection with an official photo ID.

Lower Saxony gets new Corona regulation – and also tightens the rules in fitness studios

And what about Lower Saxony, where a new Corona Regulation * entered into force on 24 November 2021? In warning level 1, the 2G rule for training in the gym applies here, 3G is also used for employees. Finally, the 3G rule is now mandatory * in the workplace and requires daily negative testimonials unless a worker has been vaccinated or recovered.

The period of validity of the aforementioned Corona Regulation was only extended by four weeks on 10 November. This regulates the corona rules in facilities such as gyms or swimming pools, at least for a certain period, and refers specifically to the respective alert level, including warning level 2, which will most likely apply from Wednesday *.

The first corona warning level in Lower Saxony enters into force with a seven-day incidence of over 35 (hospitalization frequency between 6 and 8, intensive bed occupancy between 5 and 10 percent). The second warning level applies to a seven-day occurrence of more than 100 (hospitalization frequency between 8 and 11, intensive bedding between 10 and 20 percent). From a seven-day incidence of over 200, the third warning level applies (hospitalization frequency over 11, more than 20 percent intensive bedding).

2G, PCR test, mask requirements: What to consider in Lower Saxony’s fitness studios

If corona warning level 3 is reached in Lower Saxony, a PCR test applies to training. In addition, masks with protection level FFP2, KN 95 or equivalent alternatives must be worn. A look at recent times also shows that the rules for gyms and swimming pools have been drastically tightened.

Because gyms were previously allowed to open from a U50 facility. They could be visited with a negative test, but the changing rooms and showers had to remain closed. In addition, the presentation of a hygiene concept with an incidence below 35 was sufficient to have opened.

Obligation to present proof of vaccination or proof of cure in gyms and swimming pools – to prevent another lockdown

Regardless of the federal state where a gym or swimming pool is visited, it is imperative that you bring your vaccination card, vaccination certificate * or recovery certificate with you. Because in almost all federal states, the obligation to show up applies when registering at the reception.

Measures aimed at, on the one hand, maintaining public life but also avoiding massive restrictions on the other. The big goal, not least for the operators of gyms and swimming pools: to prevent another closure by all means.

Corona rules in the supermarket, at the Christmas market and at the hairdresser: What applies to body-related services

The Corona rules in supermarkets like Edeka or Rewe and discount stores like Aldi and Lidl in December * will also make it clear if and how the fourth wave can be broken. While the Corona rules in the Christmas market are very different in the different federal states *, the Corona rules in the supermarket with the possible introduction of 3G or even 2G * can also mean drastic cuts and changes.

The situation is the same with the tightening of the corona rules for hairdressers and other body-related services with 2G *. In the end, however, it is crucial in the run-up to Christmas how the pandemic develops. Depending on the situation, further drastic tightening can take place, such as a shutdown throughout Germany and a federal emergency brake *. * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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