Hygiene rules in gyms: How well does it work?

Since the reopening of gyms and sports clubs, there have been strict hygiene regulations. In theory, the requirements sound good, but what does the implementation look like in practice?

The hygiene regulations for gyms and sports facilities stipulate that a minimum distance of 2.5 meters must be maintained in enclosed spaces. Athletes are asked to wash their hands regularly and disinfect the equipment. In addition, adequate ventilation is required. Eimsbütteler Turnverband (ETV), John Reed Fitness and Fitness First have developed concepts for this:

According to Fitness First, the stated distance rules are observed throughout the club. “In addition, there are regular tours of employees, information signs, radio spots in the club, floor and mirror stickers and notices about the rules. Changing rooms and showers are also organized so that the applicable distance rules can be implemented at any time. ”

Hygiene standards in gyms

At ETV and John Reed Fitness, members are asked to wear mouth and nose protection. The mask can then be taken off for training. To ensure a safety distance of 2.5 meters, some devices have been blocked.

“Of course, we have fully implemented all the applicable hygiene and safety rules in all our clubs since the beginning of the pandemic. This also includes the regular disinfection of all sports equipment that our staff performs continuously and several times a day, as well as the independent, extra disinfection. of the equipment that our members use, ”says Marcus Adam, Head of Marketing and Music at John Reed Fitness.

There is no doubt that this will work smoothly

“It’s still one of those things. I find that if you’re indirectly under observation, you’re more likely to disinfect. If people were alone in the gyms, they would probably say, ‘Oh, it does not something ‘, «says ETV spokeswoman Frederike van der Laan.

In order to be able to track which members were in the studios on which day, their presence is documented electronically: Upon entry and exit, the members scan their sports club card. In terms of data protection, this can be a problem, right?

“The access software that our members use to access the club with their membership card ensures that all official documentation requirements are met electronically,” assures Adam.

Team sports are still taking place

Despite Corona measures, team sports can also take place on ETV. The participant lists are kept manually. Under the conditions, 30 people can participate in the game without distance regulation, as group sports such as handball, football and basketball would not otherwise be possible.

It’s easier to track those present here: “The advantage here is that they are always the same players and we keep lists or organize the teams that come to sports, how, where and when,” says van der Laan.

Eimsbüttler Gymnastikforening’s sports hall for team sports. Photo: ETV

Book courses online

Due to the minimum distance of 2.5 meters to be kept, fewer athletes can participate in a course. ETV and Fitness First members must reserve a seat in the class in advance via an app or website. The Eimsbüttler Turnverband makes it possible to book seven days in advance. Nevertheless, some courses are fully booked within five minutes. Some do not understand it.

“The courses previously lasted an hour, but now only three quarters of an hour to be able to air out for 15 minutes. There was really a lot of criticism, ”says van der Laan. 90 percent of the athletes accepted the measures without complaining, but there are also members, “who, for example, are very focused on a particular yoga teacher or a particular time.”

Members are encouraged to show solidarity and book courses in such a way that other members also have the opportunity to attend courses.

“Especially with older people – of course we indirectly ask them to check when they book a course, because they are more flexible. We ask you not to take at. 18 times because that’s where the working people come from.But for the most part, it works well:In the morning, the seniors or people who work part-time usually come. In the afternoon there are many children here and in the evening from 5 pm the working people come, ”says van der Laan.

Support for members of gyms

As not all members are technically savvy or have Internet access, all three sports facilities offer assistance. ETV offers a hotline for members where they can get support from staff when booking courses. There is also no lack of help on site.

The staff assists the members “by informing about all applicable hygiene rules,” says Adam.

As long as the stated rules of hygiene and behavior are observed, it is possible to practice sports in spite of Corona.

Featured Image: John Reed Fitness

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