Huawei Band 6: Test – a bracelet for bargain hunters

A cheap fitness tracker must reliably record movements in everyday life and during training and process the data clearly. The knockout criterion is an accurate heart rate measurement. It should be easy to operate and there are a few smart features associated with the smartphone as a bonus. To what extent Huawei Band 6 live up to these expectations, the test clarifies.

Huawei Band 6: Design – not bad at all!

Huawei Band 6 gives a surprisingly high quality impression in light of its low price (recommended price: 59 euros, in some stores for less than 40 euros), and this is confirmed in scratch test. The screen withstood pens up to a hardness of 7 out of 9. The stylish plastic frame at least up to level 3. Only the back is more sensitive – but it is usually well protected on the skin. By 2021, pretty much any fitness tracker can withstand a rainstorm, a shower or even a swimming session. Huawei Band 6 also has one waterproof housing and is equipped with protection up to 50 meters for swimming. As expected, the COMPUTER PICTURE test passed in the water column undamaged. To bracelet worn comfortably, does not attract dust and holds well thanks to the pin clamp. With a height of 11 millimeters (mm), however, the case is relatively bulky – even the Apple Watch is narrower by 10.7 millimeters.

  • Exterior dimensions: 43.0×25.4×11.0 mm
  • Weight (body only): 18 grams

Huawei nicely sorts the features of circular apps on Band 6.

Display easy to read, but not permanent

The screen of the Huawei Band 6 is pleasantly large and easy to read thanks to the high-contrast AMOLED technology. The touch panel responds extremely quickly to input. The screen does not display all the time, but only when you press it or lift the arm – probably to save energy.

  • Display technology: AMOLED
  • Screen size: 17.6×34.2 mm (1.47 inches)
  • Resolution: 194×368 pixels
Huawei Band 6 in the test: Solid fitness bracelet for bargain hunters

The screen remains black until you activate it.

Successful: Operation of the bracelet

The logic of the menus is easy to understand: at the touch of a button opens the app overview, by swiping down, the context menu opens with a few settings, and in the other direction, Band 6 displays notifications. On the page, it goes back and forth between a few tiles: weather, music remote control, activities, heart rate and stress analysis.

Huawei Band 6 in the test: Solid fitness bracelet for bargain hunters The quick menu leads to a few settings.

The context menu leads to some settings.

Huawei Band 6 in the test: Solid fitness bracelet for bargain hunters

This button supports the operation of the touch screen.

Huawei Band 6: change the wristband – this is how it works

The wristband on the cheap tracker can basically be removed and replaced. However, this is a complicated and cumbersome mechanism: the small flap at the bottom of the case must be removed, and because it is not attached to the strap, there is a risk that it will quickly disappear. A click mechanism or a standard pin attachment would be the more elegant solution.

Huawei Band 6 in the test: Solid fitness bracelet for bargain hunters

You can change the belt by removing the flap.

Fitness tracker skills: What the Huawei Band 6 can do

Huawei Band 6 masters the two most important features of a fitness tracker:

  • Accurate sleep tracking: The wristband tracks sleep properly. Huawei compiles the results in the app and indicates the sleep duration, analyzes sleep phases and assesses the night as a whole and in relation to details such as breathing and sleep phases with scores. The app also recommends how sleep can be improved. However, special features are missing such as a detailed analysis of breathing, a comparison with other or long-term trends.
  • Heart rate measurement: In the test, the Huawei Band 6 determined the heart rate according to the reference both selectively and during training. The heart rate profile can be seen as a diagram both on the bracelet and in the app. To do this, Huawei determines values ​​such as the resting heart rate, assigns the heart rate to (adjustable) training zones and calculates the performance value VO, which is important for athletes, after training2Max.
Huawei Band 6 in the test: Solid fitness bracelet for bargain hunters

The screen provides enough space to display the heart rate measurement as a chart.

Huawei Band 6 in the test: Solid fitness bracelet for bargain hunters

This overview summarizes the activity.

A few health features are on board

Huawei Band 6 reminds you to get up and move after sitting for an hour. It counts steps and calculates calories burned. Huawei calculates the personal stress level based on the heart data. The light sensors estimate the oxygen saturation in the blood – but as with the competitors not medically precise, why the function is of little use.

Huawei Band 6 in the test: Solid fitness bracelet for bargain hunters

Huawei Band 6 shows graphs, including for estimated blood oxygen saturation.

Exercise analysis is sufficient for recreational sports

The most important functions for leisure sports are on board. Huawei Band 6 names many training modes and automatically recognizes running, walking, cross trainer and rowing. The tracker is suitable for swimming in the pool: it counts swimming strokes, calculates the SWOLF performance value and recognizes the swimming style. There is no GPS for route registration, but distances and altitude can be recorded in connection with the smartphone. There is no repetition counter for fitness training and no other sophisticated training features.

Huawei Band 6 in the test: Solid fitness bracelet for bargain hunters

To record a route, use the paired smartphone.

Huawei Health app and smart features

For setup and use, Huawei Band 6 requires a compatible smartphone with at least iOS 9.1 or Android 6.0. With the iPhone, the already rare smart features are even more limited: the Huawei Band 6 receives notifications from the mobile phone and allows at least calls to be rejected. But the music remote control is no longer available. This works well with a paired Android mobile phone, but setting it up with smartphones that do not come from Huawei is a bit more complicated because the manufacturer’s app store is required in advance. COMPUTER IMAGE explains how to install Huawei Health through the Huawei App Gallery in a separate guide. Huawei Band 6 also has the following smart features: vibrating alarm clock, which can be set up as a sleep in the sleep phase if desired, stopwatch, timer, flashlight, weather display and phone search function. A calendar and messaging features are missing, as are NFC payments.
Huawei Health

This is what the menus in the Huawei Health app look like.

Long battery life

Huawei Band 6 demonstrated a long battery life in the test. The manufacturer promises an endurance of up to two weeks, which the tracker easily fulfills – no wonder, as it lacks power-hungry features such as always on screen, apps and GPS.

Huawei band 6 colors

Two cover colors, two strap colors: Huawei Band 6 is shown in these versions.

Huawei Band 6: price, colors, availability

Huawei Band 6 comes in black and pink body and four strap colors – black, green, orange and pink. The tracker has been on the market since April 2021 and costs less than 40 euros (as of December 16, 2021).

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