How to stream your favorite sport

In a few days, the time has come: The new Bundesliga season begins a new round. In addition to football, the NFL season also starts with exciting matches the first few days. We show you where you can stream your live sport.

Which streaming service does the Bundesliga show? Where can I watch all the NFL games and who broadcasts the current basketball season? The selection of streaming providers is gradually large and it is difficult to keep track of them.

We show you which streaming provider is best for you, sorted by the different sports.

Stream Bundesliga: All games in an instant

You can stream the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 on these streaming services:

  • Dazn and Amazon Prime will broadcast the Friday matches in the Bundesliga in the upcoming 2020/21 season. It includes a total of 45 matches, including five matches every Sunday and Monday, four relegation matches and the Super Cup.
  • Sky shows all regular Saturday matches in the Bundesliga live, individually and in the conference
  • In addition, Sky will show all regular Sunday matches in the Bundesliga live until June 2021
  • In addition, Sky shows all matches in the 2. Bundesliga individually and in the conference live

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Stream football: More than just the Bundesliga

In addition to the Bundesliga matches, there are several football highlights that you can stream as follows:

  • DAZN shows all Champions League matches, matches from most international leagues and World Cup and European Championship qualifiers.
  • Sky shows all DFB Cup matches, all Champions League matches and all Premier League matches.
  • With TVNOW-Premium you can watch all UEFA Europa League matches and all qualifiers for the German national team.

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Stream NFL: Pay TV or Free TV

You can choose between pay-TV games and free-to-play TV games for the NFL season:

  • As a rule, ProSieben MAXX shows two NFL matches on free TV and another match in livestream every Sunday. NFL highlights like the first game of the season, all playoff games and the Super Bowl alternate between Sat1 and ProSieben on free TV – or on Joyn in the stream.
  • DAZN also shows NFL games. These may differ from the games on free TV. If your favorite team is broadcast on DAZN, it’s worth joining.
  • The NFL Gamepass is the gateway to the complete NFL world. Here you can stream all games without restrictions – plus conferences, documentaries and other NFL coverage.

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Stream NBA: Basketball fans in Germany

If you want to stream NBA games, you will find a large selection at these two streaming providers:

  • DAZN broadcasts up to 200 NBA games per game. season. No other streaming service offers this large number of basketball games.
  • Eurosport Player broadcasts individual and selected NBA games.

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Stream ice hockey: How it works

Previously, almost all matches in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) could be watched on free television. You can now watch ice hockey matches on these streaming services:

  • Selected NHL matches are broadcast on DAZN.
  • You can stream all DEL games on Magenta Sports.
  • The sports channel Sport1 shows a total of 26 matches from the main round of DEL live and free on free TV.

to DAZN to Magenta Sports

Stream baseball: DAZN as an exclusive partner

Despite the shortened MLB season due to the Corona crisis, DAZN shows the season’s selected matches.

In addition to the games themselves, DAZN offers its members a 24/7 stream of MLB Network, the official TV channel for Major League Baseball. The MLB network also broadcasts selected games live from time to time.


In our overview of sports streaming, you will find everything about the individual providers in detail. What are the costs? How long are the terms and notice periods? What sports are broadcast when? You can find all this in our guide.

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