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After months of waiting, gyms in large parts of the country are reopening. Lots of fitness enthusiasts smash the doors to the studios and rush to the equipment full of anticipation. But is it easy to get back up to the level of performance where you left off seven months ago?

“Surprisingly many people packed their exercise bags at short notice and came to the studio,” says Stephan Vorländer, trainer and owner of a fitness studio in Stuttgart-Botnang. It was not until Monday that he found out that his studio would be allowed to reopen from Tuesday (June 8) under certain conditions. Therefore, he could only convey the good news to the members the night before.

These rules apply at the gym

If you go to the gym again, you must comply with current rules. Access is only possible with proof of vaccination, improvement or a daily rapid test. Depending on the gym and the maximum capacity, which depends on the level of opening and the size of the training area, members must book an appointment.

In addition, the mask requirement applies and to keep distance throughout the area on hiking trails. Vorländer has also set up disinfection stations in its study and encourages its members to either grab the devices with disinfectant wipes or to disinfect them thoroughly.

Overmotivated attention

If you are aware of all this, you can finally lift weights again after a month’s break full of anticipation. But the fitness coach warns against starting too fast: “The biggest mistake you can make now is overmotivation. You can not continue where you left off seven months ago.” Exercising too hard does not promote muscle growth, but damages the immune system in the short term. No one can use it at the moment.

According to Vorländer, one should expect that the body has lost up to ten percent of its muscle mass during the break and should slowly reintroduce into the load. So: start moderately, regenerate sufficiently and then increase step by step. A general training program to get back in the gym is not possible due to the individual differences between the trainers, but focusing on the cardiovascular system and a full body workout is often the right choice.

How to heal the sore muscles properly

If you exaggerated it in the first few sessions, you would pay the bill in the days after: “Those who start without hesitation right away will experience the sore muscles of their lives.”

So that you do not immediately lose the joy of sports, Vorländer recommends moderate exercise when you have sore muscles to promote healing. Massage or sauna sessions would also help.

Fascia training for back problems

Apart from the sore muscles, Vorländer sees certain structures more exposed than others during the first training sessions. Adequate heating is important so as not to overload tendons and joints in particular. But he places even greater emphasis on another aspect:

“Due to the long home office hours in mostly unfavorable sitting positions, many have developed back problems. The front structures are shortened, so one has to restore the necessary mobility through fascia training or stretching programs.”

What about those who kept you in shape?

Anyone who has continued to train during the lockdown may be able to get back into it faster. But one has to differentiate, according to Vorländer: “Anyone who has actually put a training stimulus through his training and has given the body the impetus to improve his performance can start again immediately. Anyone who has just moved without major effort, has not experienced any adjustment. and must be more careful. “

Distribute “memory effect”

Nevertheless, this group would also notice a rapid return to the old form with a regular start. The reason for this: the “memory effect”. This means that once the body has reached a certain level of performance, it can return to it with less effort.

Those who have not done anything for a long time and now long for their old fitness level should wait four to six weeks until the body is back where it was before the lockdown.

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