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There are things that Felix Magath claims do not mean much to him. For example: The remarkable fact that he has now coached 500 Bundesliga matches. He has played the last five as a coach for Hertha, who are in acute danger of relegation, and three have won. Including the match that Hertha played against VfB Stuttgart on Sunday night.

The Berliners won 2-0 through an early goal from Davie Selke and a late goal from Ishak Belfodil – which put them in a good position to stay in the match with three games left of the season. Hertha is now number 15 in the table. four points ahead of the Swabians and six ahead of penultimate Arminia Bielefeld. “The heart is relieved,” Selke said after the match in Dazn: “I do not have to explain how important this victory was.”

At the same time, there was again focus on the fan topic around the game. Hertha gave the around 40,000 club members two free tickets to the relegation duel as a thank you for their support this season, which has gone so badly so far (and for filling the big stadium as much as possible). The stadium was not full. And the 54,589 spectators had to do without the usual winning ritual after the match. As soon as the match was over, Hertha kickers marched into the locker room. It was a reaction from the professionals on the scenes after the derby defeat against Union two weeks ago, when radical Berlin supporters forced the footballers to take off their club jerseys. “As a team, we decided not to address the fans in the beginning. It was not okay against Union,” said goalkeeper Marcel Lotka.

His teammates had dressed in the dark blue away jerseys for the match against VfB – as in the previous week in Augsburg, where Hertha scored three important points with a fine magic goal from Suat Serdar. Believe the motto: Never change a winning jersey.

Tousart and Ascacíbar wear down Stuttgart’s creative department

Immediately before the kick-off, the Augsburgs had tightened their starting position for Hertha and Stuttgart. Because FCA won 2-0 in VfL Bochum and thus took an important step towards staying in the league. In this mixed situation, it was not the worst idea to knock the fist on the table as early and loud as possible. Hertha succeeded in an excellent way.

Redeemed Hertha in stoppage time: striker Ishak Belfodil.

(Photo: John Macdougall / AFP)

In the second minute, Marvin Plattenhardt kicked a corner sharply into the six-yard box; Marc Oliver Kempf, of all the people who moved from Stuttgart to Berlin this winter, just missed the goal from his former colleagues with a header. A few seconds later, Stuttgart goalkeeper Florian Müller was beaten. After a cross from Plattenhardt – this time from the left – Hertha’s center forward Davie Selke got the ball and steered it into goal with his leg stretched out to 1-0. The line judge hoisted the flag, but they know how to use calibrated lines in the video judge’s room.

The goal spoke and gave Hertha equal parts security and confidence, especially as they went into duels with determination and defended in solidarity. With the exception of two long shots from Wataru Endo and Chris Führich, Stuttgart were unable to combine in Berlin’s penalty area. Hertha’s two defensive midfielders, Lucas Tousart and Santi Ascacíbar, wore Stuttgart’s creative department so much that Hertha’s four-man defense only needed to sweep out the last remnants of Swabian attacking effort.

At the beginning of the second half, Stuttgart becomes a bit more intrusive

On the sidelines, Hertha coach Magath’s Scottish assistant Mark Fotheringham repeatedly urged the team to move on. The distances of the Stuttgart team to the Hertha goal got longer and longer. However, there were hardly any chances for Hertha up until the break. But applause on the way to the cabin.

Hertha BSC: Celebrated a victory in the 500th match as head coach: Hertha coach Felix Magath.

Celebrated a victory in the 500th match as head coach: Hertha coach Felix Magath.

(Photo: Andreas Gora / dpa)

At the beginning of the second half, VfB became a bit more intrusive. After regaining order and consulting his linesman, the referee called Konstantinos Mavropanos’s to one side and produced a red card for the player. Führich and Erik Thommy tried unsuccessfully, Hertha only came back to ease the attack after Ishak Belfodil came in for Kevin-Prince Boateng – for example with a long shot from Peter Pekarik (68th).

All in all, however, the game remained an extremely tough affair, with Hertha increasingly insisting on maintaining the lead over time, and the self-sacrificing fighting VfB ran out of ideas to present Hertha’s defense for real tasks. In the end, it was Belfodil who let four Stuttgarter run out into space with ice cold in the six-yard field – and scored to make it 2-0 in overtime. Now, after four games without a win, Stuttgart must try to take on Wolfsburg, Munich and Cologne. Hertha still have matches in Bielefeld, against Mainz and – on the last match day – a visit to Dortmund. Nothing is certain yet, but it seems unlikely that the victory against Stuttgart was a really big point.

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