Hamilton does not hang his head


Russell: Hamilton “inspires” the team

The Mercedes newcomer emphasizes that his teammate in no way hangs his head in the current difficult situation – on the contrary! “The way he pushes and motivates the team is inspiring,” Russell said.

He therefore expects Hamilton to fight back stronger after the difficult Imola weekend. Russell is currently 21 points ahead of Hamilton in the World Cup. But that’s just a snapshot.

He will not rest on this lead, “because I know what he is capable of,” said Russell, emphasizing, “Lewis will come back incredibly strong. I have no doubt about that.”


Explained: Formula 1 track in Miami

Imola is behind us, so Miami is next on the agenda. In this video, we took a closer look at the latest issue on the Formula 1 calendar!

Explained: Formula 1 track in Miami

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The notes are here!

As promised, here are the driver’s assessments from the editorial staff. Rarely have we disagreed as we were this time, the drivers have always stood exactly between two characters.

Eventually, two pilots got top marks from us. Later, as usual, follows the grand final evaluation!

Photo gallery: Imola: The driver’s assessments from the editorial staff


Mercedes: “Time is critical now”

Mercedes has not yet written off the 2022 season even after the difficult Imola weekend. “We know where we are in terms of performance at the moment and we know where we need to be. However, there are a few major issues with the car,” explains Andrew Shovlin.

“If we can correct them, we can close a large part of the hole relatively quickly. But time is critical now and we have to make progress over the next two races if we want to keep the lead within reach. this year, “he said.

Because otherwise the World Cup train should finally have gone.


Albon: Williams gets the most out of it

“We do not have the fastest car. But we are getting the best out of our options,” Albon said after the P11 in Imola. After Melbourne, it was almost enough for the next surprising points victory.

Albon left several actually faster cars behind. “It’s a shame we missed the points by one position. But it shows we are taking our chances and doing things differently,” Albon said.

“It almost worked again,” he says proudly.


Zhou will work to qualify

The Chinese got points on his debut in Bahrain, but went empty-handed in the three races that followed. “It’s pretty clear that my weakness in the first three races was the performance in qualifying,” he sums up.

While Bottas came into Q3 three times, the rookie was always over in Q2. Imola, by the way, was already “clear progress” in this regard, although one could not see it through the many red flags.

However, Zhou is convinced that it is getting “better and better”.


The most important thing on Sunday …

… by the way, we’ve summed it up again in this series of pictures. Click on!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 Imola: The most important thing on Sunday

1:23 p.m.

Ferrari has not regretted that Leclerc pressed on

Should Ferrari have asked Leclerc to secure P3 yesterday? “We will never regret having a driver push,” says team manager Mattia Binotto, explaining: “It’s part of our job. And part of your job is to drive to the border – and mistakes can happen.”

His full statement is here!

1:08 p.m.

Norris: The podium came as a surprise

“I really thought after Bahrain that we would not be on the podium all year,” Norris admits. At the start of the season, McLaren was completely lost with places 14 and 15.

He was therefore “surprised” to have been back on the podium only three races later. Of course, Norris also knows that he has benefited from the accidents of Ferrari drivers.

But he does not care. “It doesn’t really matter. We beat two cars that are probably a second a lap faster than us. One ended up in the wall, one in the gravel,” Norris said.


Why did no one switch to slicks before?

The pilots stayed at the middleman for quite some time yesterday. Not even further down the field would anyone take a chance. “I asked three laps before we stopped if we were going on slicks,” Russell reveals.

“But there was no one else stopping, so I would have ended up in the middle of the field behind the boys at mid-level,” the Mercedes driver explains. Therefore, his team waited in the first place.

“I do not know why no one took the risk further back,” he shrugs. For him, it was “clear” that the court was ready to slick a few laps earlier.


Mixed RTL reviews

The race in Imola was not only broadcast on Sky, but also on RTL. The TV station in Cologne recorded an average of 2.93 million viewers. That is, of course, significantly more than in pay-TV (800,000).

But: In 2021, as many as 4.16 million viewers still watched the Imola race on RTL. So something of a downturn. Sky, on the other hand, was even able to rise slightly compared to the year before (770,000).

12:13 p.m.

Marko jokes about patching Hamilton

The record holder was patched by Verstappen yesterday – the maximum penalty. Helmut Marko explains with a laugh on ‘Sky’ when asked how Hamilton must have felt: “He was patched by us. Maybe he thinks he should have stopped last year.”

Who has the damage …


Russell: Is Williams experiencing an advantage?

The British are used to driving cars that are by no means perfect over the last few years. Is it at all an advantage this year when it comes to dealing with the difficult Mercedes?

“We’re in a very difficult position as a team. And maybe my problems at Williams, where I’ve driven very difficult cars, will help a little bit,” Russell ponders.

It is at least quite astonishing that he has become at least number five in all four races so far. No other driver in the entire field managed to do so this year!


All the best!

Congratulations today to several former Formula 1 drivers. Felipe Massa celebrates his 41st birthday, Giedo van der Garde turns 37 and Jean-Eric Vergne 32.

Of course, Massa had the most successful career with eleven Grand Prix victories and second place in 2008. Vergne has not had a podium in three seasons for Toro Rosso.

Meanwhile, van der Garde only drove for one year for backbencher Caterham – but in 2015 he delivered one of the strangest stories in recent Formula 1 history …


Albon: There is no lack of confidence

P10 in Melbourne, yesterday at least P11. “I feel really good in the car,” confirms Albon, who again finished ahead of his teammate in the fourth race of the season. He felt “great confidence” in Williams.

That is already a good starting point. “And as soon as we bring updates to the car, we naturally hope we can take the next step into midfield,” said the former Red Bull driver.

Because of course all that confidence is useless if the car is simply too slow …


Guinea pigs cause physical pain

This is not surprising when looking at different TV recordings. Russell now confirms that it was the “most extreme” experience he has ever had in a race car this year.

“I really hope we can find a solution […] because it is not sustainable for the drivers, “he emphasizes and says that he himself had back problems for the first time in Imola.

The mare was so naughty this time that he even felt it in his chest. It sounds pretty unhealthy …


Tsunoda: P7 is not expected on Imola

You certainly did not expect that before the season: After the first four races, Tsunoda is ahead of teammate Gasly in the championship! The Japanese finished in a strong seventh place yesterday, overtaking the French.

“To be honest, I did not expect it,” he admits, explaining that it is “difficult” to make a forecast under these conditions. He is, of course, so much the happier with the result.

“In the beginning, I just concentrated on staying on track,” he reports. While Gasly was stuck in the back of the DRS train, Tsunoda pulled off the track – and with it in the World Cup.

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