Hamburg Marathon: Winner Yalemzerf Yehualaw breaks all records – sports mix

Hamburg is flourishing.

After two dark gray Corona years, the 36th marathon was the perfect restart for the sports city: blue spring skies, about 200,000 fans along the route and a race that will go down in history …

Mega marathon!

At the fastest 42,195 kilometers that the Hanseatic city has ever seen, records were set in rows in the asphalt.

“Today was a very good day for everyone,” beamed sports director Jurrie van der Velden (38). Four men fell short of the eight-year-old track record (2:05:30 hours) set by Eliud Kipchoge (37 / Kenya).

But one woman obscured EVERYTHING on the sunny Karolinenstrasse: Yalemzerf Yehualaw (22 / Ethiopia).

In her first marathon, she ran the amazing time of 2:17:23 hours – a national record, track record, the fastest women’s ever race in Germany and a world record for a debutant. Insane!

Embarrassing error

► NDR missed the finish line for record holder Yalemzerf Yehualaw (22 / Ethiopia) during the live broadcast. Cause: not enough staff and poor coordination …

sponsor is back

► The contract with title sponsor Haspa expires at the end of May. Talks on an extension are underway. Trend positive!

Great hunger

► When the professionals wanted breakfast at 5:30, there was nothing! The hotel was wrong by an hour. There was something on the plate with turbo speed. In the evening, the Africans had made the kitchen sweat with lust. Instead of 120 servings, they ate twice as much.

Thank you, Michel

► Marathon legend Michel Descombes (80) created a good atmosphere on the route for the 36th time. The Frenchman now only runs 300 meters and then cycles. In 40 years, Descombes raised 500,000 euros for children with cancer.

fast times

► Because the favorites gave up, the upcoming economics doctor Florian Rösser (28 / Konstanz) was the fastest German in 2:15:03 hours. The fastest German Kristina Hendel (25 / Reichenbach) increased her best time by two seconds to 2:27:29 hours (5th).


► Daisy Rossbach (54) and Alex Kiesow (54) set off barefoot. After 5:24:46 they reached the finish line at the same time. Some people could not even do it with carbon shoes that cost 250 euros …


► Oldie Dirk Borgert (76), who has been one of six runners at every marathon in Hamburg since 1986, managed 6:13:33 hours.

Because it was so beautiful

► The next marathon is April 23, 2023. Registration starts today at 12.00

There was a huge bonus of 65,000 EUR for this. Marathon manager Frank Thaleiser (56) covered 40,000 euros with insurance.

Cybrian Kotut (29 / Kenya) received “only” 40,000 euros despite a best time of 2:04:47 hours. But was still happy.

For years he had set the pace as the “rabbit” for stars. He first got his visa to Hamburg on Thursday. Thanks to perfect teamwork with his own pacemakers, he has now improved his idol Kipchoges record. “But for me, he’s still the greatest athlete ever,” Kotut said. And excited: “We had perfect weather.”

When things calmed down, Boss Thaleier pampered himself with a beer: “It was a gigantic day, for us and for Hamburg. The two years were tough. The emotions in goals are therefore enormous. We have refunded what we received as an advance at that time. We must now implement this achievement. “

Because the number of all has dropped after Corona. Of the approximately 20,000 registered runners (relay, half marathon, marathon), 15,000 finished, of which only 700 marathon runners.

Fantastic team: Hamburg champion Benjamin Franke (r.) Set the pace for Olympic runner Debbie Schöneborn (center).Photo: WITTERS

Master Franke let Debbie go first

At the finish line, Hamburg champion Benjamin Franke (32 / LT Haspa, 2:30:14) and Olympic starter Debbie Schöneborn (2:29:51) were in each other’s arms. The two have been friends since a training camp in Kenya in 2019. And supported each other on the field. It ended up that the flight engineer (Airbus) had to have it torn down.

Commissioner Tabea Themann (30 / TH Eilbeck) was the fastest woman from Hamburg. She improved her personal record by almost nine minutes to 2:40:45 thanks to the cheat sheet! She had the march table written on her forearm.

The German top athletes had nothing to smile about: Philipp Pflug (34 / Berlin) escaped with thigh and back problems (km 30). Johannes Motschmann (27 / Berlin) struggled with cramps for 2:17:08 hours (27th) to finish.

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