Hamburg fitness center offers tent training – after a legal dispute

Sports in Corona times

After legal dispute: fitness center offers training in tents

Training under Corona conditions: The Prime Time gym in Hafencity has moved training outside to small event tents.

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The Hamburg entrepreneur fights for survival in a creative way. Sport is practiced in event tents in HafenCity.

Hamburg. It looks a little crazy. But what’s in it Corona times still normal? In it Hamburg HafenCity Nils Kuprat has Corona requirements taken sporty and found a way to its customers cardio training to offer on site. Fire tents stand in front of the door, four on the roof terrace. There are various devices that members can use with a personal trainer to strengthen their body. This makes the gym one of the few, if not one of the few the only one in Hamburgwho can offer such an education.

Because the Corona requirements in Hamburg prohibit the fitness centers in the Hanseatic city from operating. But there is a gap. And Nils Kuprat took advantage of that and argued with the help of his lawyer also for it before the administrative court. Because sports in fresh air under hygienic conditions are not prohibited. The tents are also on Überseeboulevard on the territory of the district, that is, on non-public land. The trainer is considered a second household and also wears a mask.

Gym: My district office takes a stand

Nevertheless, the police stood at the door a few weeks ago. After a bit of back and forth, the case went to court. In a letter available to Abendblatt, the Mitte district office takes a stand and currently sees no reason for “regulatory action”. Personal training is within the framework set out in the executive order to limit the spread of coronavirus (November 6, 2020).

Even during the first lockdown, Kuprat, as the owner of the Prime Time gym in HafenCity, offered training in the fresh air under a tent roof. Even with the second lockdown in November, he wanted to house fitness equipment in a tent again. Then came the visit from the police and the legal interlude that Kuprat could win in a short case.

The current Corona rules for Hamburg at a glance

  • All the rules that should be in place under the containment order until January 10 will in principle extended to 14 February – a large part of the retail trade is still closed, but ordered goods can be picked up. “Body-related services” such as hairdressers, nail, massage and tattoo studios may not be offered. Cultural and leisure facilities also remain closed, and alcohol consumption in public remains prohibited.
  • contact rules Members of a household may only meet with one other person. There are no exceptions for children.
  • that Requirements for mask will be adjusted: Fabric masks are no longer sufficient in most cases. Instead, medical masks should be worn (at least surgical masks, FFP2 or KN95 masks are also possible). There is a transitional phase until February 1, after which violations will be punished with fines.
  • day care centers and schools: Compulsory schooling remains abolished, instead distance learning should be provided as far as possible. Whenever possible, children should be cared for at home. The day care services go over to “extended emergency treatment”. Private organized childcare in small groups is still allowed.
  • employer is obliged to be able to work from home as far as possible. In addition, a new federal regulation must oblige employers to home office offer as much as possible. Company canteens may only open if they are absolutely necessary for the work process.
  • Should seven days occurrence rise to a value above 200, an exit restriction was to be issued which limits the radius of movement to 15 kilometers around the place of residence. It is not yet known exactly how this rule would be applied in Hamburg – the Senate wants to determine whether the occurrence is approaching the limit value.
  • nursing homes and nursing homes must test staff and visitors several times a week. This was already mandatory in Hamburg and now applies throughout the country.
  • To test strategy travelers returning from risk areas: A coronation test immediately after entry is mandatory, ten days quarantine can be shortened at the earliest with another test five days after entry. The cost of the tests is not covered.

It was with the big tent – until the visit of the Hamburg health authorities. According to Kuprat, they assessed the situation somewhat differently. The main focus was on the question or wording of the space. A tent, an area, an athlete with a coach. Therefore, Kuprat was rebuilt ten days ago. Instead of one large tent, there are now four smaller tents in front of the gym and four more on the roof terrace. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” says the entrepreneur. He can not sit down and watch how everything he has built up in about three years breaks down. Therefore, he does everything he can to keep the business running.

Kuprat: Another gym in Winterhude

The members wanted to thank him. “We are one of the only studios that can still provide this service. People are talking about it. It helps,” he says. Of course, he also noted a decline, but not as sharply as in the industry. The income would suffice for the running costs, and some of his coaches, who are also dependent on the salary, would not have to go on short-term work. In addition to training in the tents, online offers are also made and he has lent other fitness equipment and other equipment that is not in use at the moment. It plays into his hands that home coaches are currently sold out. “There are delivery times of six months,” says Kuprat, who has been in the business for 15 years.

The man from Hamburg is convinced that it is going uphill again. So convinced that he signed the lease for yet another gym in Winterhude in the midst of the crisis. “There are two ways to emerge or act. I see the crisis as an opportunity,” Kuprat said.

Purchasing in containers in HafenCity

To tackle a crisis creatively: This can be detected just a few meters away in HafenCity. Because if you want to shop at Edeka on Überseeboulevard, you can currently do so in containers. It opened to customers last week. The reason for the pop-up boxes, as the Edeka bosses call them, is actually not exactly pretty either. The branch is under water and needs to be thoroughly renovated. Last day of sale was December 31st. Work is expected to continue until April.

The idea of ​​the boxes arose to secure the supply and to continue to provide customers with a reduced offer. Further information and impressions can be found on the specially created website at

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