Gym Comparison: Finding the Right Studio for You

There is a large selection of gyms in Germany: from large fitness chains such as McFit or Clever fit to small private studios. Each studio offers different courses, equipment and customer support. Before signing up, you should answer the following questions yourself:

Is the studio cheap?

The distance between the gym and your own home is of great importance. Probably most people would not even seek out the perfect gym if it is difficult to get to.

When choosing the study, it must therefore be considered how long it takes to travel to the study. It helps to be aware of when you really want to be in the gym. Those with an affinity for fitness who would like to play sports before or after work should ideally look for a studio that is on its way. If you want to be more spontaneous, you should choose a studio that is close to your own home.

The connection should also be considered: Is the studio easy to reach by bus, train, bicycle or car? Is the trail very difficult, or are the buses unreliable? Does the local transport also run regularly in the evenings, mornings and weekends?

Your own weaker self should not be underestimated when it comes to these issues, because the more excuses we find for not going to training, the less often we go.

What does the studio offer?

Many studios offer a wide range of fitness classes. Before committing to a study, you should make it clear to yourself what you value: Do you want a special course or do you prefer weight training? Some women feel more comfortable exercising with women, so a gym for women may be the place to be. If extent is particularly important to you, you should make sure that the studio offers enough space and appropriate equipment and bands. A personal trainer that checks your posture can be helpful, especially for beginners who want to train with weights. Some gyms also offer a pool or sauna. Maybe the prospect of going to the sauna can motivate you to exercise?

What are the opening hours?

When choosing a studio, the opening hours must also be taken into account. It helps to know your own exercise habits. If you like to work out in the morning, make sure the gym opens early. It should also be noted whether opening hours vary on weekends and public holidays.

In general, most gyms offer a trial session. It is best to schedule the test session at your own typical training time. You can find out how well you can reach the gym at that time and how full it is in the studio. You also get a glimpse of the other students and the atmosphere – after all, you want to spend a lot of time here.

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Is the study appealing?

The studio should appeal to you visually and evocatively. Who likes to go to workouts when the rooms and people are depressing? During the trial session, you should feel the urge to come right away.

The cleanliness of the studio also plays a role: equipment, changing rooms, showers and toilets must be intact and clean.

Is there good care?

A good gym will have someone by your side to explain the equipment to you. The right form is essential for a healthy workout. Fitness goals should be defined with a trainer and adapted to your own body. The fitness plan created in this way should be adjusted regularly so that all muscle groups are challenged.

Even after the first introduction, there should always be a contact person for questions about exercises and equipment.

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How long is the contract period?

In most studies, the monthly fee is based on the minimum contract period. This basically means that the longer the contract period is, the less you pay. Especially with beginners, the initial motivation is quickly lost and they are still required to continue paying even if they no longer visit the studio. In such cases, it makes sense to first enter into a contract that can be terminated monthly or semi-annually. Once you have trained effectively by that time, a contract with a longer contract period can be signed.

Is the test training convincing?

The trial session is the best way to get an impression of the gym. You can get an impression of offers, premises, employees and other customers. You can also ask how often the education plan is revised and what courses take place. It is especially important that you feel comfortable and want to train there.

You can also read other customers’ experiences on the internet, such as cancellation experiences, courses and trainers.

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