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Pforzheim. Over the weekend, the fire brigade and the technical emergency organization Pforzheim prepared the former gym, which the town of Pforzheim rented on Wilferdinger Höhe, for the reception of refugees and equipped it with a total of 80 emergency rooms. In order for the property to be ready for occupancy, however, security and cleaning services must still be commissioned. This will last at least until the end of the week. Like the Jahnhalle, up to 80 people can then be temporarily accommodated there until suitable living space can be made available.

In addition, the city of Pforzheim is looking for new housing that is suitable for living under high pressure, which, although successful, takes a lot of time from rental to realization. “Meanwhile, only a few people were to enter the Jahnhalle at the weekend,” reports Mayor Peter Boch, “so there are currently 94 refugees there.” Some of the people who were accommodated there last week have already been accommodated there. in Paul-Löbe-Strasse can move. The occupancy of the Bergdorfhalle in Büchenbronn with up to 65 seats has therefore not yet become necessary.

“A big thank you goes to all the staff and helpers who are involved in the registration, testing, care and supply of the refugees in Jahnhalle and the temporary housing in general, and who are doing a great job here,” the mayor continued. Here we work up to the personal capacity limit. “And this in a situation where we have a lot of sick leave from the staff because of Corona.” Thanks must also go to the Technical Emergency Relief Organization Pforzheim and the fire brigade, who professionally took care of the construction of the former fitness center and the German Red Cross, which Jahnhalle is on site.

The current figures at a glance

A total of 970 Ukrainian refugees are now registered throughout the city. Many of them still live privately, which is why there are a certain number of unregistered people. In addition, 913 refugees from Ukraine are currently receiving benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, meaning that the peak of the 2015/16 refugee crisis has already passed in relation to the total number of people receiving benefits. “The figures also show how many human resources are currently tied up in different areas of the city of Pforzheim for crisis management,” said Social Mayor Frank Fillbrunn.

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The department head also notes that it is becoming increasingly difficult to move people from the Jahnhalle to shared housing very quickly. “Unlike before, this now necessarily takes longer than just two or three days.” The mayor therefore asks that “the voluntary work is coordinated very closely with the city, so that the municipal accommodation capacities can be utilized equally.” It is also important that fair distribution to all districts and municipalities of Baden-Württemberg. With 94 people, the Jahnhalle is still almost full, so the Bergdorfhalle could be occupied at any time.



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The city of Pforzheim is pushing ahead with renting suitable living space

In addition to expanding the few apartments on Paul-Löbe-Strasse that have not yet been furnished, the city of Pforzheim is also considering renting a new building intended for students with housing for 150 people. Various properties are regularly inspected and offers obtained, but also the rental of containers and potential locations for this are checked. However, the already difficult situation in the housing market in Pforzheim as well as in other cities is also a cause for concern.

Information for refugees and helpers is collected on the municipal help page:

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