Fuldaers want to kick-start the fitness Bundesliga: Common borderline experience hessenschau.de

The crossfit team “CrossFit Factory Fulda” has qualified for the fitness league. After hard training, the team is looking forward to the upcoming competitions – and would like to provide the next surprise.

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Crossfit – Torture at the Border | Hessenschau Sport from November 17, 2021


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Christof Gutberlet lifts the barbell with a swing, his upper arms almost tearing his sports shirt with the inscription “CrossFit Factory Fulda” on. Gutberlet, gray hair, short beard, is a crossfitter – and recently even a Bundesliga player. “CrossFit Factory Fulda” – this is the name of the training arena where Gutberlet and his team are preparing for the upcoming competitions in the fitness Bundesliga.

The large gray hall is packed to the brim with weights, dumbbells, ropes, bikes, pull-up bars and other exercise equipment. In the box, as the crossfitter’s venue is called, Gutberlet trains with three women from his team that day. Everyone’s sweat is flowing. “It’s the combination of different exercises and designs that makes CrossFit so interesting,” Gutberlet said in an interview with hr-Sport.

“We always push each other”

Crossfit is a sport that has its origins in the gym. Originally intended as a supplement to the usual fitness equipment, it quickly evolved into its own sport. Women and men compete in a mix of weightlifting, sprinting, bodyweight exercises and gymnastics. The goal is comprehensive training that trains endurance, strength, agility, speed, dexterity, balance, coordination and accuracy. Crossfit is also becoming more and more popular in this country. So much so that the fitness league was founded in 2018, consisting of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga.

There, in the first division, Sina Weitzel and Lea Wirth will soon also compete. The two enthusiastic crossfitters place two barbells on their shoulders facing each other and start with synchronous squats. The mutual whip during and high fives after the exercise is part of it. “The great thing about CrossFit is that you always have someone in front of you or next to you. It doesn’t matter if the person is faster or slower, stronger or weaker,” Wirth says. “When we train together, it’s easier to push ourselves to the limit. We always push each other.”

The decision on the champion will be made in February

To enter the Bundesliga team, both have mastered an internal competition in Fulda, where the four best women and four best men qualified for the competition team. The top 50 teams in the country are seeded for the first division, while the remaining teams make up the second. The Fuldas did the same in the beginning, but in October 2021 the Hessians managed to move up and were one of 14 second division teams that will now attack in the Bundesliga. Now there are eight game days until January 2022, where they are fighting for a place in the playoffs. The decision on the champion will then be made in February.

The teams do not know in advance which disciplines will be played on the match days, it can be exercises from the entire CrossFit repertoire. Maybe also exercises on the pull-up bar, which Weitzel now swings on with the last forces and pulls his muscular body upwards. Sitting enthroned above the bar in the air, her pain-stricken face changes into a small smile – applause from her training partner echoes through the hall. “I currently train six times a week. I take a break one day. Sometimes I train twice a day. Then I train in the morning and run a walk in the evening,” she says afterwards.

“We want to annoy the big ones”

This training zeal is necessary, a game day consists of four training sessions. For each workout, two athletes compete in a box and they can collect points by performing the exercise as fast as possible or by performing with the heaviest weight. Speed, strength, the widest possible repertoire – Weitzel does not fight without reason at every station, whether it is barbell, pull-up bar or rope, until it is exhausting.

Wirth is also completely focused on the dumbbell in front of her as she pulls face to face from the floor to her chest and then all the way up with her workout partner. And Gutberlet at least. “We want to annoy the big ones. But above all, we want to manage the four training sessions as well as possible and be happy with our performance,” he says. And maybe they can create a similar big surprise as they did in qualifying for the first division a few weeks ago.

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