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Eisvogel USC Freiburg could on Saturday celebrate their first playoff final since 2011. The reigning champion from Keltern will prevent that. A Baden-Württemberg basketball duel with title ambitions.

The battle for the basketball championship goes into the next round. In the second match of the semi-final series, Rutronik Stars Keltern welcomes the Eisvogel USC Freiburg team on Easter Saturday (19.00). A couple who promise a lot.

Not a clear favorite

The two clubs from Baden-Württemberg do not have much in common. Both are trying to push each other to become favorites. While USC Freiburg focuses primarily on his youth work, Keltern has had the clear goal of collecting titles since promotion in 2015. The women from Breisgau were all able to win the league duels this year’s season. The reigning champion, however, is the team from Keltern. In the main round, which ended early, Freiburg took second place, the defending champion from the Enzkreis region being third. So it could be tight.

But they exist, this one sporting similarity: Both teams had to enter the third and decisive match to qualify for the semifinals. It was close to both times. In the end, Keltern defeated the team from Hanover, while the women from Freiburg defeated the team from Marburg. There is no clear favorite for the semi-final series – it showed both teams’ first playoff duel.

Intense thriller with Freiburg ending joy

The match last Sunday held what was expected of a top duel in Baden-Württemberg. In a close match, the USC Freiburg women’s basketball team won the first of a maximum of three semifinal playoff matches against the German champions Keltern with 77:74 (15:25, 26: 7, 18:21, 18:21).

The Freiburg team took the lead through a three by Andjelina Radic, but then finished the first quarter ten points behind Keltern. In the second quarter, the kingfishers found their game better and better and convinced with a much more active defense. The Celters were only able to score seven points, and then it was 41:32 to the Freiburg women at the break, coached by Harald Janson.

Keltern are fighting back in the third quarter

The game developed dramatically: In the third quarter, Keltern regained their initial strength, gradually reduced the deficit and came up with six points. The game was open again, the crucial quarter marked by changes in management – ultimately with the successful end for the Freiburg women. USC coach Harald Janson was relieved after the match and summed it up: “In the last two minutes, Andjelina Radic saved our victory with his strong defense.”

Christa Reed (on the ball) from Freiburg in a duel with Matea Tavic from Stars from Keltern.

Kingfishers USC Freiburg

Who will make it to the playoffs?

The Kingfishers now need a win to reach the final series. USC had only done so in 2011, but then had to admit defeat to the series winner from Wasserburg in the final round.

“We have what it takes to become champions. It must be our demands and goals.”

The players from Freiburg around Lina Sontag are optimistic that with this “very good team” they will reach the final again this year and believe in the championship.

Keltern coach Christian Hergenröther opposes it. In an interview with SWR Sport, he stressed: “We need to avoid mistakes against Freiburg as much as possible and reward ourselves.” He did not see his team play badly, but the team was too careless in crucial situations. The so-called green stars have been working on this all week. In any case, nothing has changed in the starting situation for the 35-year-old: “It was clear to us from the start that we should win both at home and a match in Freiburg.”

Winners meet lions or panthers

Should Keltern win this second match, a third match would be decided on Easter Day, which team from Baden-Württemberg advances to the final series of the championship. The winners then face the winning team from the semi-final pair of Rhineland Lions against GiroLive Panthers Osnabrück, whose first duel ended with 73:69 for the Lions.

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