Fitness studies against 2G-plus: summary lawsuit

2G-plus also applies to the fitness industry. But they will not accept it because the wording of the regulation is vague. A study is now initiating an urgent case

In North Rhine-Westphalia, 2G-plus has been in effect in gyms since Tuesday. Those who have been tested and those who have recovered must also show a negative test before they are allowed to exercise. The country has now made that clear. It is clear to the operators of Kamener and Bergkamener gyms.

However, they noted that this is not very clear in the Corona Protection Regulation. The word “fitness studio” does not appear in the regulation. Instead, they talk about “joint exercise”. And it does not happen in the gym on the floor – if you take it seriously.

And so does the legal advice from some fitness studios, which Jan Rozanka from the Red Fitness chain, who is also represented in Kamen, reports. “We still believe that the wording of the regulation does not provide this, so we will initiate an urgent matter to clarify this legal issue,” he quotes the adviser as saying.

However, Red Fitness itself does not go to court. “It only requires one study, a colleague from Essen has volunteered for this in NRW,” says Rozanka. A court should now clarify whether it is legal to introduce 2G-plus in gyms according to current regulations. This affects the free space and not the lanes. Because there they play sports together.

If the court agrees with the plaintiff, the 2G plus rule will be overturned for all studies, Rozanka explains. The fitness operator therefore acts on behalf of all fitness centers.

Two athletes in an area of ​​1500 square meters

Until there is clarity, Red Fitness in Kamen will stick to the 2G-plus rule, according to Rozanka. Regardless of the question of whether the state’s understanding of the regulation is legally correct or not, local regulators will be guided by this interpretation and only accept the operation of the gym taking into account 2G-Plus, the legal adviser explained the study owner.

2G-plus currently applies to all fitness studios in NRW. Those who have been boosted should also test themselves beforehand. Tuesday morning, fitness operators felt members’ dissatisfaction. “We strongly found that people are angry. They load some of it from us. We then try to channel it in the right direction.” Then to the authorities.

Rozanka can understand the lack of understanding. Many were vaccinated and followed the rules and are now prevented from doing anything that is good for their health. This is supported by studies available for Rozanka.

He appeals to all athletes to complain to the country and not to the studies that do not make the rules. At the same time, he clarifies what the regulation means for the fitness operators, because the first weeks of January are particularly important for the business community. He is therefore promoting on behalf of all studies to secure an offer in January. It can usually be redeemed later – for example when the rules are no longer so strict.

Thomas Kiefer will also feel the effects of the new regulation on fitness management on Tuesday. The owner of Fit Plus in Bergkamen experienced an empty parking space on Tuesday morning.

Thomas Kiefer, owner of Fit Plus in Bergkamen, found the parking lot unusually empty on the first day with 2G-plus. There were only two other cars parked there, his car and his wife’s. © private

Where people meet in the studio at 08.00 to practice health sports, where a back training course actually enlivens the rooms, there was a yawning emptiness on Tuesday. “Two people in the 15,000-square-foot studio,” Kiefer reports. At 8 a.m., only his car, his wife and two athletes were in the empty parking lot.

And this despite the fact that Kiefer even offers its members a free quick test in the entrance area. “Thanks to the politicians … for nothing,” the owner inferred his disappointment.

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