Fitbit Luxe: Test of the slim noble bracelet

In most cases, that means getting a fitness tracker: a piece of plastic on your wrist. This is at Fitbit Luxe various. Here the name says it all: The case looks more like jewelry than technology, it is made of stainless steel. Inside, there are many features that are familiar from previous Fitbit smartwatches and trackers. We strapped the precious piece on to test it and find out if the bracelet also looks good apart from the beautiful exterior.

Fitbit Luxe: design and display

In the beginning the biggest shortcoming of Luxe: The Screen is anything but luxury. It only takes up part of the front of the case and is too small at around 10×17 millimeters, just like the font size. The screen is bright enough to read the time – thanks to AMOLED technology. However, it remains black until you tap it or lift your arm.

Easily recognizable in the sun: The screen only fills part of the front.


Of touch screen Reacts somewhat sluggishly to touch, the sharpness was mediocre in the visual test. It looks better when it comes to operation because it is learned quickly. You confirm by pressing there is no button. If you swipe up from the bottom, you get a menu, by swiping sideways you switch between menus, and swiping from left to right sometimes goes one level back.

Fitbit Luxe

Operating the touch screen is not difficult.

comfort and quality

The narrow fit Fitbit did a great job with the bracelet. The strap is very comfortable to wear and does not bother you while you sleep. To stainless steel box makes high quality impressions. It was still scratched in the test lab and only passed up to level 4 (of 9 degree hardness). The display showed more endurance and went up to level 7. The plastic bracelet is pleasantly soft and does not look cheap. that metal buckle opens and closes easily and ensures a snug fit around the wrist.

Fitness features in the test

Fitbit Luxe is first and foremost – in addition to the eye-catcher – a fitness tracker. As such, it combines many strengths that the manufacturer has been developing for years.

  • Automatic training detection: Fitbit brought automatic training recognition to market in 2016 – and has constantly improved it. Luxe easily recognized each time and bike ride in the test. It records it as a workout, which can later be found in the app, including heart data.
  • Manual training registration: If you want to record the training from the first second, there is room for six of the 21 training modes on the tape, and you can start recording manually via the wristband menu. When you run, the wristband recognizes when you stop if auto-pause (in the training mode settings on the wristband) is enabled. Otherwise, the band mainly provides heart and movement data. It does not count repetitions in cardio training or swimming strokes. It only records the route if the mobile phone is included and the route recording is switched on via tape or app.
  • Heart rate measurement: Luxe measures heart rate during the day. In addition to a progression curve, it determines other values ​​that help classify fitness and health, including cardiofitness and heart rate variability. In the test, the bracelet was correct even though the arms moved a lot during the workout or sweat formed.
  • Sleep recording: Fitbit trackers automatically detect when and how deep you sleep and evaluate the data with a sleep score. This also worked without problems in the test.
  • Skin temperature measurement: Like the Fitbit Sense health watch, Luxe detects skin temperature while you sleep. After three nights, Fitbit shows how this value changes. This is intended to provide health information, although Fitbit is very reluctant to interpret it.
Fitbit Luxe backcover

The sensors on the back of the case detect the pulse and fluctuations in skin temperature.

How smart is the Fitbit Luxe?

Fitbit does not give Luxe quite as much brain as the Fitbit Charge 4: it lacks the payment service Fitbit Pay, with which the bracelet replaces the purse at contactless EC terminals. You can also music remote control on the smartphone from the tape, but there is more smart in it than with Fitbit Inspire 2: The Luxe not only reflects incoming data news from the mobile phone, but is also able to send a quick response. Five emojis of your choice and five short text messages can be set as default in the Fitbit app. But it only works if an Android mobile phone is connected and within range. iPhones are only allowed via Apple Watch. Fitbit has added another feature to Luxe. (vibration)Alarm clock as well as one timer can now – unlike the Inspire 2 – be placed without a mobile phone.
Fitbit Luxe alarm clock

A few smart features are on board, such as a vibrating alarm clock and messaging features.

Fitbit Luxe battery life

In the test, Luxe held up better than promised by the manufacturer. Fitbit announces the band with a five-day period. In our continuous heart rate measurement test, the tape lost only 11 percent of its charge within a day. Since the display cannot show the time permanently, it does not drain the battery as quickly if it is not activated.

Charge Fitbit Luxe

The charging cable is magnetically attached to the housing and fits in a USB-A connector.

Fitbit app and Fitbit Premium

His collected fitness values sends Luxe as usual via Bluetooth to Fitbit app for iPhones (from iOS 13.3) and Android smartphones (from Android 7.0). Alternatively or in addition, the connection also works with Mac (from OS X 12.2). Fitbit trimmed its app for clarity early on and is constantly expanding it. that sleep analysis provides detailed insight and also compares the data with other users. The relatively new health measurements (skin temperature, heart rate variability, etc.) are already shown in the free basic version – but only retrospectively for a week. Only long-term analyzes obtained PremiumUsers who also enable coaching videos with their subscription; Fitbit charges a subscription fee of € 8.99 per month or € 79.99 per year. If you buy Fitbit Luxe, you can test the premium service for free for six months. In the app you can log how much stress You have. If you want to see Fitbit’s stress analyzes, which also include heart data from Luxe, you must have a subscription. However, the bracelet can also be used without a subscription.

Fitbit app

Fitbit prepares the results of the sleep, exercise and health analysis clearly in the app.

Prices, colors, variants and availability

Fitbit Luxe has been on the market since May 2021. The strap usually costs 149.95 euros and is available in the following colors:

  • Case: Black; Plastic strap: Black
  • box: soft gold; Plastic strap: moon white
  • box: platinum; Plastic strap: Pink
The standard version comes with plastic bracelets in two sizes (circumference in size S: 133.5 to 180 mm, circumference in size L: 180 to 228.5 mm). that Fitbit Luxe Special Edition for 199,95 EUR comes with a case in soft gold and two straps: a plastic strap in pink and a chain strap in stainless steel from the jewelry manufacturer Gorjana (wrist circumference: 130 to 190.5 mm). Those who need more features might like the Fitbit Charge 5 with GPS and Fitbit Pay.

For setup, you need a compatible end device (from iOS 13.3, Android 7.0 and macOS X 12.2).

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