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FC Bayern make a mistake in the dress rehearsal before playoff match 3 in the EuroLeague against FC Barcelona (Wednesday from 20:00 live on MagentaSport). FCB lost 83:87 at the Hamburg Towers, which was carried by the 3,000 enthusiastic fans. Hamburg sporting director Marvin Willoughby talks about the future goals of the Towers as seventh in the BBL: “We also want to play for the German championship.” On Wednesday, the burgers play at the champions Berlin (live from 18.45) – a good check for the requirements. “Veteran” Deshaun Thomas again topped the Munich team with 28 points. Sports director Daniele Baiesi warns before the 3rd duel against Barcelona in the Best of 5 series: “They can come to Munich and destroy us.” Bonn remains in first place after a 78:76 against Göttingen and will definitely end up in the top 4 before the start of the playoffs. With a 76:75 against Frankfurt, Gießen retains the minimal chance of staying up in the league. The manager of the relegated Skyliners, Marco Völler, “always has a wild card in the back of his mind” – so maybe there is still a rescue. Völler sees Frankfurt in a good position in the future, regardless of the league “there will definitely be big changes on the team.”

Below are the main voices from the BBL game day on Sunday – if used, please name the source MagentaSport. On Wednesday, we continue with match 3 in the playoff quarter-final between FC Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona – the preliminary reports start at 20.00 on MagentaSport. Before then, ALBA Berlin meets Hamburg in BBL – from 18.45. Ulm will play the EuroCup quarter-final against Bologna on Tuesday from 20.50. MagentaSport shows everything live.

Hamburg Towers – FC Bayern Munich 87:83

After the excellent victory in match 2 of the EuroLeague quarter-final playoff against FC Barcelona, ​​everyday life in the league is sober for Bayern in Hamburg. The Hamburgers play in front of a full house for the first time in over 2 years and take an important step towards the playoffs in seventh place.

Deshaun Thomas, 28 points Bayern Munich: “They were ready right away. We also had some 50-50 balls. They played hard. We have a hard program, but that’s no excuse. They did well and hit the shots when they needed it.”

Caleb Homesley, 22 points Hamburg Towers: “The spectators helped us a lot. We knew we had to fight. We just tried to play. The spectators were loud and it helped us a lot.”

Pedro Calles, coach Hamburg: “Firstly – for us it was important that Munich came with a full squad. We wanted to. Secondly – we understood that if we want chances, we have to equalize or improve our physique. I do not know whether we managed to do it in the full 40 minutes, but I’m extremely proud of my boys for a great match. “

Daniele Baiesi, Sports Director of Munich, on the victory against Barcelona. There it is now 1: 1 in the best of the 5 series: “It was a good night, but it was a match. Unfortunately it is a long way. I mean, they can come to Munich and destroy us on our pitch too. We know it and we play without any pressure. We have a huge pride is felt after the match.When some things work and become tangible, you see the progress of your organization and you realize what all those sacrifices are worth.I think the greatest achievement is what Jasikevicius said after match 1, when they won, it’s typically Bavaria, if you give them a chance to come back, they take it too. Being typically Bavaria is a big thing, because it means we have a clear identity, or are building the.”

About the season’s many injury problems: “What happened this season is fatal. This season is inexplicable so far. All of these things are still happening. We are not over the problems yet. It was pretty bad.”

About Deshaun Thomas who was the top scorer in the second game: “Deshaun is a veteran. He is a goal scorer and shooter. He must feel that the ball lands in the basket. It did not happen in the 1st match as they defended him very well. In match 2 he had time to collect mentally with all the demons he could have had, he found a good rhythm, and that’s what scorers do. “

Marvin Willoughby, CEO and Sports Director of Towers in the EuroCup play-offs, in which the Hamburg team was eliminated: “That was our goal. To get up to this level and then stay there. I think we have shown sportingly that we can belong. Whether we play again next year will show in the coming weeks and matches. We “we focus on looking forward to the playoffs and we also want to play for the German championship.”

About the Hamburg boy Justus Hollatz, as the possible identification player of the future: “What we started then was just for that. That there is a boy up here who sees what is happening here and then says that I want it too, and does everything to achieve it. We are very proud of that. , but it also means to some extent that we are a flow warmer. The boys also want to move on. That’s part of the story. Of course we want to keep him here and he has to learn here too. Personally, I think too. “He’s still not where he should be to take that step. We’re glad he’s developed like other youth players, but he’s such a big star around it.”

Link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwB7Jc2J5cU

Fraport Skyliners – Giessen 46ers 75:76

Skyliners is already the first sporting relegation during the week due to the Braunschweig team’s victory against Gießen. For Gießen, who is penultimate and 6 points behind the saved 16th place, everything is still at stake. In the Hessen derby, the 46ers get an important victory and thus keep the minimal chance of staying up in the league. With the final whistle, the 46s are also lucky that the Skyliners’ last shot did not end in the basket.

Jamel McClean, Fraport Skyliners: “We got into the fight too slowly. We gave them too much rhythm and too much confidence. When you start like that, it’s hard to stop them. They kept going and it’s 100 percent our fault.”

Kendale McCallum, 21 points, casting 46ers: “The key was to have fun. It’s been a tough season for us. The boys have their heads down and it doesn’t look like anyone is having much fun. Today and the whole week of training was designed to be fun. “relaxed and played hard. It’s an important match for us and for the fans. We wanted to go out and fight for Giessen.”

Link to the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMCg8JSnXy8&ab_channel=MAGENTASPORT

Völler hopes for a wild card and announces “big changes” on the team

Skyliners Sport Manager, Marco Völler, spoke during the break as the first relegated and the chances of staying in the BBL via a wild card: “The wild card is always in the back of my mind, but there are still a lot of things we can not control yet, so you basically have to plan on two levels. Plan a little Pro A, plan a little BBL, I hope there might be a wild card, but I’m not worried about that yet because there are still so many question marks. “

Would Frankfurt use this? “Yes!” says Voeller

On possible changes in Frankfurt: “There will definitely be big changes on the team. It doesn’t matter what league you stay in.”

About the chances for the location in Frankfurt? “I think the club is very well positioned. It has been that for the last few years. We also have good plans for the next few years.”

Telekom Baskets Bonn – BG Goettingen 78:76

Bonn in 1st place is definitely in the playoffs and also at least among the 4 best. Göttingen in 8th place still has to tremble to also move into the playoffs. The team from Göttingen hardly fails against the leader of the table. In the 3rd quarter, the Göttingen start a race to catch up on the postscript result, which will not be crowned with success in the end. Bonn remains at the top of the table and wins the 10th game in a row.

Harper Kamp, 20 points, season best in BG Göttingen: “Our comeback started from the defense. We went back to our battle plan and made some changes. We increased the intensity and focused more on the ball. In the end, it was still not good enough.”

Comebacker Tyson Ward, 15 points Bonn: “I’m fine to finally be back. I was a little nervous, but the fans helped me a lot, and so did my teammates. Seeing them all the time, without me, without Jeremy, without Parker, motivated me to come back even faster. I had a lot of fun today. “

Link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH5Vnw3PxYs&ab_channel=MAGENTASPORT

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