Does this nail trick make hair grow faster?

April 7, 2022 – 14:44 watch

In the pharmacy, the shelves are filled with shampoo, conditioner, conditioner and hair treatments. But there are also countless care products that promise that hair grows faster. A hairdresser now shows on TikTok how this works – without you having to spend money. All you need for this beauty hack are your nails. Does it really work?

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Balayam Yoga is a simple technique designed to make hair grow faster

Helen Reavey has shared a video where she rubs her nails together and claims that it is good for your hair. I’m sorry, huh? Yes, this technique has been around for a while, it’s called Balayam Yoga and it should be blood flow to the scalp stimulate and improve the flow of oxygen to the hair roots, which is said to result in thick, healthy and fast-growing hair. The simple technique is also said to relieve problems such as premature graying and hair loss.

Unlike other yoga practices, which are often quite difficult to implement, balayam is a very simple method that can be practiced anytime and anywhere. When combined with other yoga poses like Shirshasana, Sarvangasana or Pranayam, balayam is even said to address the root causes of hormonal imbalances in the body that are responsible for unhealthy hair.

But is it really true, and does this simple exercise really make your hair grow faster?

Melatonin ensures that the hair can grow better

“A yoga exercise where you rub your nails together has no scientific influence on hair growth. It is very difficult to imagine that a yoga exercise that is performed regularly promotes hair growth, because here the causal connection is lacking. Stimulates blood circulation in the scalprelaxation of stress that can have an impact but does not do justice to most types of hair loss, “says dermatologist Dr. Yael Adler in the RTL interview. According to the expert, hair loss in particular can have very different causes and to be able to choose a good therapy, it is important that the diagnosis is made correctly.

If you suffer from acute hair loss, the dermatologist warns: “The danger is that when you rub your hair together, you let time go by and you only realize after months that it was the wrong therapy that did not help, so I can not recommend it. “

But: “There are also forms of hair loss, such as after an infection, after a vaccination, after stress, which also stall by themselves and it is probably the only form of hair loss where this yoga exercise supposedly works.”

Here is what you can do to grow your hair

If you want to support hair growth, you should brush it regularly as it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. But Dr Adler warns: “What is not good for the hair is heavy brushing, which pulls too much into the roots of the hair, or a tight tuber or braids that cause the roots of the hair to shrink due to the constant pulling, also permanent , chemical treatment, bleaching, blow drying with heat, heat iron, all this can cause the hair to break off or just not grow back properly, these measures should be avoided. “

Another way to do something good for the hair is to use an emulsion “with the active substance melatonin, which neutralizes the oxidative stress on the hair root so that the hair can grow better”. It also makes sense to supply the body with micronutrients such as zinc, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, biotin and in women iron in the form of supplements. Because if these are lacking, it can be a cause of hair loss or slow growth.

According to the expert, however, you need to know one thing: “The hair is dead horn strands, which once they have come out can no longer really be affected. So one should give the newly growing hair a chance and treat the old hair roots lovingly.”

Yes, maybe balayam yoga is just a placebo effect, but as long as it helps, there is nothing wrong with rubbing your nails together every now and then.

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