Do health insurance companies cover the cost of the gym?

Under certain circumstances and taking into account various criteria, it is possible that the health insurance company pays your gym fee or even pays it in full. FITBOOK spoke with some health insurance companies to find out who is participating and how – and under what conditions.

Sport is important for health. Most of us have probably internalized it by now. That’s why gyms are so popular. But what many people do not even know is that health insurance companies can contribute to the cost of the gym. Some work with bonuses or bonuses. Here is an insight into different options.

How do health insurance companies fare with the cost of the gym?

Sick members are more expensive than healthy members, which is why health insurance companies initially welcome and support any health-promoting measures. However, what the health insurance companies offer is very different. A simple look at the catalog of insurance services can help you find out if you can get support. FITBOOK has also followed this up with Debeka BKK, Techniker Krankenkasse, IKK classic, BARMER, AOK and the commercial health insurance company.

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Health insurance technician

TK only supports its members with the cost of the gym if an additional course fee is to be paid in addition to the monthly fees. If, on the other hand, the courses offered by the gym are already included in the regular contributions, the health insurance does not cover these costs. If the courses are to be taken over, they must be approved by a central testing agency. Alternatively, TK members can participate in health insurance courses twice a week. calendar year.

NOT classic

IKK offers cash bonuses or grants. If you are a member of a sports club or a fitness center, you can upload your invoice to IKK via the app or online. There are 25 euros for an active membership or 20 training sessions a year.

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Debeka BKK

Debeka BKK offers no reimbursement or subsidy for fitness studies. The situation is different with the private DEBEKA. You will receive a premium refund if you do not submit any invoices.


AOK offers 50 bonus points for a gym membership. You can get the bonus points paid out (1 point = 1 euro), or you can get paid a subsidy for the fitness membership. 1 point = 1.20 euros. With 50 bonus points, it would be 60 euros for the membership fee. To get the bonuses, simply submit the membership to AOK.

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BARMER explains that it does not provide subsidies for gym memberships because the law prohibits this. Instead, health insurance contributes with subsidies for courses and preventive measures if they have a stamp from the Central Prevention Test Center. The courses range from cyberfitness (virtual training) and back training to seminars on stress management, relaxation and medication prevention.

Commercial health insurance

This health insurance company also does not cover the cost of a gym. In addition, there is no subsidy. Instead, health-conscious behavior is rewarded as part of the KKH bonus program. When you present confirmation of a sports activity in a sports club or gym, you will receive an active bonus of up to 60 euros in cash or possibly a health budget of up to 120 euros. This money is available for health services such as a fitness tracker, alternative medicine, parent-child classes, etc.

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Conclusion: health insurance companies promote sports activities

Although health insurance companies often do not cover the cost of a gym, they still encourage exercise and sports activities. Whether it is through bonus procedures, own course offers or the like: Health insurance companies can benefit from many benefits. If in doubt, just ask your personal health insurance company how they handle this – and / or look in the catalog of benefits.

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