Despite Corona: Fitness studios expand in Hamburg


Despite Corona: Fitness studios expand in Hamburg

26/02/2021, 08:25

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Nils Kuprat in his new studio in Winterhude.

Nils Kuprat in his new studio in Winterhude.

Photo: Marcelo Hernández

New locations in Winterhude and in Nedderfeld Center. Operators expect strong growth. Aspria is also investing heavily.

Hamburg. Nils Kuprat stands in front of the light-filled entrance to his new fitness centre in Winterhude. The sports economist builds his second place in the eye-catching, triangular building in Jahresen-Verlag that moves to HafenCity Hamburg. The 35-year-old will have his study for the nationwide brand as early as May Prime Time Fitness open, he invests 900,000 euros in the equipment.

Just a few months ago, Kuprat decided to expand, in the midst of the pandemic, because he believes the industry will continue to grow. The entrepreneur, who is a franchisee of the fitness brand Frankfurt in northern Germany, is still not the type to give up quickly: Kuprat made headlines a few days ago when he was looking for a loophole in the Corona rules that closed the sport Clearing banned. since mid-December.

Sports in the fresh air are allowed under hygienic conditions

In HafenCity, the operator of the Prime Time Fitness studio, which has been active there for a long time, offers training in tents. Because sports in fresh air under hygienic conditions are not prohibited. The tents are on Überseeboulevard in the district area, ie on non-public land. The trainer is considered a second household and also wears a mask. According to the district office in Mitte, the personal training is within the allowable range, so lawyers have judged after a bit back and forth.

The most important corona topics in an instant

“Winterhude is ideal for us,” says Kuprat about the location of his new studio. There is not much competition in the corner. At the same time, the people he wanted to appeal to lived here: people who work a lot and have little time, but still want to stay in shape. The monthly fee varies from 60 to 600 euros, depending on the extent of the booked personal training, where only professionals with a completed sports education are used.

People want to stay healthy

In Winterhude alone, Kuprat will soon have 15 permanent employees. Kuprat is also interested in other locations, he sees potential for ten clubs of his brand in Hamburg. “People want to stay healthy, they see that especially in corona times.”

Current number of corona cases from all over northern Germany:

  • Hamburg: 2311 new corona cases (total since the beginning of the pandemic: 430,228), 465 Covid-19 patients in hospitals (of which in intensive care units: 44), 2373 deaths (+2). Value of seven days: 1435.3 (from Sunday).
  • Schleswig Holstein: 1362 corona cases (477,682), 623 Covid-19 patients in hospitals (intensive care: 39). 2263 deaths (+5). Seven-day value: 1453.0; Admission rate: 7.32 (from Sunday).
  • Lower Saxony: 12,208 new coronary cases (1,594,135), 168 Covid-19 patients in intensive care units, 7,952 deaths (+2). Seven-day value: 1977,6; Admission frequency: 16.3 (from Sunday).
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: 700 new corona cases (381,843), 768 Covid-19 patients in hospitals (intensive care: 76), 1957 deaths (+2), seven-day value: 2366.5; Admission frequency: 11.9 (from Sunday).
  • Bremen: 1107 new corona cases (145,481), 172 Covid-19 patients in hospitals (intensive care: 14), 704 deaths (+0). Seven-day value City of Bremen: 1422.6; Bremerhaven: 2146.1; Hospitalization rate (due to Corona) Bremen: 3.88; Bremerhaven: 7.04 (from Sunday; Bremen indicates the occurrences separately for the two cities).

Prime Time Fitness’ expansion is not the only growth story in the midst of the crisis. There will also be a new sports extension in the Nedderfeld Center after the renovations that have now begun: The sports club for gym entrepreneur Alexander Sosa will move into the first floor next to MediaMarkt. An area of ​​about 3,000 square meters is currently being built for the new tenant, the total investment for the studio is about 2.5 million euros.

Extensive renovation program at Aspria

The Aspria Club, which offers fitness, tennis and wellness in Hamburg at Uhlenhorst and in Poppenbüttel, is also active during the lockdown. The Aspria club at Uhlenhorst alone has invested more than 500,000 euros in, among other things, equipment over the past few weeks.

“We have been using the closing period since the end of 2020 for a comprehensive renovation program,” says Aspria. A large part of the money went to new cardio equipment. Treadmills, rowing machines and equipment for walking on stairs were purchased.

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Attempts to offer fitness to customers despite the pandemic and the associated restrictions have meanwhile called more and more providers on the field. McFit also recently opened outdoor studios in cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen and Rostock.

However, these have now been banned again. “Unfortunately, all of our outdoor areas are temporarily closed by the authorities,” the chain said. Unlike Prime Time Fitness, McFit did not rely on individual, separate tents for the athletes.

Fri, February 26, 2021, at 08.25

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