David Guetta: Star DJ is excited about his teens

david Guetta
Star DJ is excited about his teens

David Guetta is proud of his children.

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Many parents reach their limits with teenage children. Star DJ David Guetta, on the other hand, shouts in an interview: “It’s the best.”

David Guetta (54) released a potential summer hit in early April: along with British singers Ella Henderson (26) and Becky Hill (28), the star DJ released the song “Crazy What Love Can Do”. An extensive music video was released last Friday that looks like an action movie trailer: Guetta plays a police officer who goes in search of Henderson and Hill, who disappeared on a road trip.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, David Guetta talks about the new song and reveals if he wants a new album soon. He also barks with his two children, Tim Elvis (18) and Angie (14), whose teenage years he describes as “the best”. “It’s really nice to have teens,” the 54-year-old said. He also answers whether David Guetta could be the guest coach on “The Voice of Germany” again after 2020.

You produced your new song with Becky Hill and Ella Henderson. How did the collaboration come about? What do you appreciate about the two women?

David Guetta: Ella wrote the first version of the song. Her voice sounds really good, but she’s also a great songwriter. I recently had a hit with Becky Hill, “Remember”. She has a huge soulful voice and I’m really into that 90s house feeling right now. So it was perfect for joining forces.

The single is titled “Crazy What Love Can Do” and sounds like a declaration of love. How does this song title fit into your own life?

Guetta: I believe that love is the greatest driving force in the universe. It’s interesting to ask yourself: How many love songs can you write? How many love relationships can you have? One can say: once one has been in love, it will always be the same. But that is not true. It’s different every time. We do the craziest things for love and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

You were nominated for a Grammy this year. Were you disappointed that you did not get an award this time?

Guetta: No, not at all. Something very positive has also happened. First of all, it is an honor to be nominated. So just being there at all is a win. And second, my friend won Black Coffee in the Best Dance Album category. I was a part of the album so I was very happy with it and also proud to be a part of it.

Their children Angie and Tim Elvis are now teenagers. How has your relationship changed as a result?

Guetta: That’s the best. It is well. They’re in another room right now waiting for me. Then we go to the gym together. Last night we saw Top Boy together, the amazing British series. We can watch the same TV shows, listen to music together, go to the gym. We just love doing things together. We’re talking about business topics, and I’m asking her for her opinion. It’s really nice to have teenagers.

Her son started a football organization for children in Africa last year. How proud were you of that?

Guetta: That was wonderful. I liked the idea so much because he loves football and this sport is so important in Africa. So he brought equipment there, hired professional trainers and played there with the kids himself. It was really incredible. I was impressed.

During the pandemic, you spent a lot of time with your family. Now you are back on stage more often. Do you still take time for family?

Guetta: Yes, of course. I always do that on a certain part of the year. This is very important to me.

After two years, big concerts are finally possible again. Are you already looking forward to the festival summer?

Guetta: So much. I’ve been waiting for this forever.

In 2020, you were a guest coach on “The Voice of Germany”. Could you imagine joining the program again?

Guetta: Yes, of course. It was a very fun experience. I really liked it. I was surprised it was so much fun.

You are currently releasing many new songs. Will there be another album from you shortly after 2018?

Guetta: I do not know if there will be one. Honestly, I could not do anything just with the songs I have released so far this year. I’m not thinking of an album at the moment to be honest. It’s a big commitment to make an album. And right now I just want to make music to have fun without the stress of an album.


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