Current Corona rules: Saxony plans new emergency regulation: weddings, hotspots, convalescent status

On January 25, 2022, the Saxon cabinet laid the cornerstones for a new one Corona Emergency Regulation discussed. It was to be decided next week, February 1st. Then she’s dated February 6 to March 6 have their validity.

  • What does the new regulation say?
  • What changes need to be made?
  • Which Corona rules remain the same?

Corona incidence in Saxony has fallen again. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Tuesday reported the number of reported weekly new infections per 100,000 population at 377.3. The day before, the incidence had risen above 400 for the first time since December.

Saxony has it nationwide second lowest incidence after the neighboring state of Thuringia (310.8). The Corona hotspot is currently Berlin with an incidence of 1593.5. Within the Free State, the RKI recorded the highest values ​​for the cities of Leipzig (678.2) and Dresden (525.0). The lowest incidence was recorded in the Erzgebirge district (148.5).

According to RKI, a total of 1,025 new infections were reported in Bavaria. 17 more deaths were added. This means that 13,979 people have been proven dead by or with Corona in Saxony since the beginning of the pandemic.

Corona in Saxony: New regulation presented

On Tuesday (13.00), the Saxon government announced the key points of the new Corona Emergency Regulation presented. In essence, this remains the same as before. But there should be some adjustments:

  • that hotspot regulation is repealed in Saxony. This means that although the incidence in Saxony is rising sharply, there are initially no new rules attached to it. The Government reserves the right to reintroduce this rule at short notice
  • weddings should be possible in Saxony with up to 20 people and under 3G
  • The special path of the Saxon restored status will be included in the regulation. You can read about it here.
  • to Services (travel agencies, financial services, insurance consultants, etc.) 2G should apply instead of the previous 2G +.

MPK from the federal and state governments: Kretschmer says this with a view to Saxony

Saxony remains vigilant when corona rules are relaxed. Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) made it clear after the federal states’ discussions with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) on Monday that the Free State in its deliberations on a new Corona protection regulation I also draw on the experience of other federal states and continue to look at science.

“Ultimately, it all serves only one purpose: to prevent congestion in the health care system and to protect people’s lives and health. We do this as consistently, but also as minimally invasively as possible. ” If there is room to adjust something, it will be discussed and decided. The Saxon cabinet wants to discuss key points in the new regulation on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Contact restrictions in Saxony remain an important rule

Kretschmer made it clear that contact restrictions are essential in light of the omicron wave. It is important to apply the brakes in such a way that the spread of infections can still be prevented on its own. In parts of the population are Omicron variant considered to be less dangerous. It is extremely dangerous, especially for elderly, unvaccinated people. Therefore, vaccination protection must be strengthened for this particular group of people.

According to Kretschmer, it was essentially agreed at the video conference that the measures would remain essentially the same as before. You can not let an infection go its way. You need to keep the number of infections under control. Kretschmer expressed disappointment that there is no common understanding of data collection and a vaccination registry. You need a different relationship to data to enable health protection.

Sports and culture in Saxony: Kretschmer wants to save on big events

In addition, Kretschmer advocated for additional financial support and a follow-up regulation for short-term work. There are people and companies that have reached their limit after 24 months after the pandemic. Municipal businesses are also commercial businesses, he said, referring to businesses in the tourism and healthcare sectors. It would be absurd to deny aid to these companies. That is a big misunderstanding. He hopes that this misunderstanding will be eliminated by the Conference of Ministers of Economic Affairs.

Kretschmer spoke for it, by and large events measure themselves in the future. Culture and sports should not be treated differently when it comes to spectators. Germany can handle current developments. Many things are possible “on a reduced flame”.

2G, 2G +, 3G: These rules have so far been in force in Saxony

How the rules will be adapted, a first picture will not be available until Tuesday. You can read here which corona rules currently apply in Saxony:

Vaccination in Bautzen: District Administrator does not want to implement the rule

According to statements by the deputy district administrator, the Bautzen district has made it clear that the job-related vaccination requirement for nurses and hospital staff will also apply there. With a view to entering social media, the Saxon State Directorate requested that the statements of Udo Witschas (CDU) be kept secret, the district office announced on Tuesday. The mandatory vaccination decided by the Bundestag will be carried out – however, security of supply in clinics, homes and outpatient clinics is a top priority, it says.

It is always checked on a case-by-case basis. Witschas wanted to allay the concerns of many employees that an employment ban would automatically apply to them on March 16th. Prior to the speech, there were discussions with representatives of clinics, welfare organizations and emergency services.

The deputy district administrator announced Monday night that the district did not want to implement the requirement for occupational vaccination for nurses and hospital staff from mid-March. “If you ask me what the health department in the Bautzen district will do from March 16, then we, our health department, will not ban our employees in the Bautzen district in the field of nursing and in the medical field,” Witschas said Monday. evening in front of the participants a demonstration against corona measures in Bautzen. A video of it is now also circulating in the channels of the right-wing extremist splinter party Freie Sachsen.

According to Health Minister Petra Köpping (SPD), only about 65 percent of the approximately 300,000 workers in the medical and nursing sector in Saxony are currently vaccinated. Köpping had previously expressed concern about this.

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