Crossfit: No idea about life’s biggest competition


Unconscious in life’s biggest competition

Miles Tardieu in the gym “WYSH” in Lokstedt.

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Miles Tardieu (19) is the youngest participant in the German Throwdown. He does not yet know what awaits him there. The backgrounds.

Hamburg. The biggest competition so far in his career, around 4,000 spectators in “Halle 45” in Mainz, the reward for eight years of hard training. When Miles Tardieu this weekend atGerman Throwdown“, The biggest German fitness competition, is a childhood dream come true for the man from Hamburg.

It seems so much the more bizarre that Tardieu does not yet know which ones Crossfit exercises he has to deal with this Saturday and Sunday at all. “I’m going down there and have no idea what exactly I’m going to do,” the 19-year-old says, laughing. “That’s the cool thing about CrossFit competitions like this – no one really knows what’s going on.”

Crossfit: Participants must do six workouts

Only the three basic components of the new American sport are safe. Participants must do at least six training sessions in two days in endurance, weightlifting and gymnastics. No one knows if in the endurance area, for example, it will end up on the treadmill, on a bicycle or in a swimming pool. “I get the information on Friday night, then I leave on Saturday, and I hope that is what I have trained for. But it will not be completely abstract, “he says.

That Tardieu, who is also a referee in the Hamburg Football Association, is even involved and secured a place among ten starters in ninth place out of 150 international applicants is already a surprise. No other participant is as young as the son of an American father and a British mother who was born in Santa Monica (California).

The Crossfit studio opened in Barmbek in 2011

When he moved to Hamburg at the age of five, CrossFit did not yet exist in the city. In 2011, the first studio opened in Barmbek, where coaches guide small groups through the exercises. “My father wanted to play a sport where English was spoken,” says Tardieu. At one point, he just came along.

“Miles was only eleven years old and was only allowed to train if his father took him with him. Everyone knew the two, he was unique in his young age. The sport did not exist in the youth sector at the time, «remembers Momme Jürgensen, who met Tardieu during her first training sessions as a coach. He still writes his training plans to this day and accompanies him to the German Throwdown in Mainz.

The focus remains on fitness so far

“When the training comes out on Friday night, we will find tactics. Miles has his strengths in endurance and gymnastics, so for example we should not put all our energy into weightlifting,” explains Jürgensen, who has also worked as a physiotherapist at FC for a long time. St. Pauli and now fit clients all over Germany as a freelance CrossFit coach.

Tardieu is currently studying urban planning at HafenCity University and also doing ten sessions a week at the gym. “For the next ten years, I will put full focus on fitness. But I also want to keep other avenues open with my studies, ”says Tardieu, who has financed his studies as a coach over the past year.

“You never stop learning as an athlete”

Tardieu says he can now carry out his own training plan without instructions. Nevertheless: “As an athlete, you never stop learning, you always have areas where you can develop. The fascinating thing is that you can see how you keep improving.”

Tardieu has not set any concrete goals for the most important competition of his life. How could he – without knowing what exact exercises await him?

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