Corona press release: Speech + information on May 26, 2020

With the new regulation, Hamburg is taking another step back in normal public life. Sports and cultural facilities such as gyms, outdoor pools and cinemas can reopen taking into account infection control. But facilities that are important for socializing, such as the senior clubs in the districts, are also allowed to open their doors again. Since yesterday, students in the previously missing grades have also received at least five or six lessons in face-to-face instruction at least once a week.

Health senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks: “4,000 tests are still performed every day, but fewer and fewer infections are being found. The number of new cases is stable in the lower single-digit range. The clinics are being emptied. This allows for further relaxation. However, the coronavirus has not disappeared. Therefore, the distance requirement, hygiene measures and contact restrictions must continue to be complied with. The further easing should not mean that we have to take them back and restrict freedom again due to the increasing number of infections.

cinemas and planetariums

Cinemas can reopen if they implement appropriate hygiene concepts and comply with the distance requirement. Cinema gastronomy will also be allowed to resume operations. And the planetarium in Hamburg’s city park can once again offer trips to distant galaxies and planets. The minimum distance of 1.5 meters between visitors also applies in cinemas and planetariums. The contact information must also be gathered in these facilities, it is also the case that the houses develop and present hygiene and protection concepts. Similar concepts are now being developed by the institutions. This will determine when which facilities and offers reopen.

Live cultural events and drive-in concerts

Large events are still strictly forbidden until the end of August, but live cultural events in the open air with up to 50 people will soon be allowed to take place. Permission must be obtained in advance. The safety distance of 1.5 meters must be observed. Open-air concerts in the drive-in cinema are also allowed from tomorrow. Windows and doors must remain closed during a visit, music can be heard over the VHF radio in the car, applause can be given by flashing the headlights or turning the turn signal light.

Help services for children and young people as well as the homeless

Children and young people who are in a difficult life situation and need help to overcome personal crises and conflicts can once again take part in youth welfare.

Likewise, day meeting places for Hamburg’s homeless people can again offer specific survival help and practical help. This includes, for example, catering, clothing, the opportunity to take a shower and wash clothes, creation of postal addresses, social counseling and referral to other facilities and medical care.

Fitness and sports studios, yoga studios, dance schools, indoor playgrounds

From tomorrow, under special conditions and hygiene regulations, you can train again in fitness and sports studios as well as yoga studios. Dance schools and indoor playgrounds may also open. However, a distance of 2.5 meters must be kept to other people when lifting weights, exercising on a rowing machine, in aerobics class, on the yoga mat, when dancing or on play equipment. Because sweat and breathing increase during exercise and therefore there is a higher risk of droplet infection, the increased distance serves to protect visitors from infection. The training equipment in the facilities must be placed suitably far apart and cleaned after each use.

Wellness and sauna areas remain closed for infection control. After the sport you can swim individually. Shared use of showers and changing rooms is not allowed. In any case, all fitness and sports facilities are equally obliged to stay away from the facility in case of symptoms of illness or symptoms of respiratory infection.

Hamburg opens bathing season

From 2 June 2020, the outdoor pools will be allowed to reopen. There are also special rules for bathers. Both in the swimming pool and when queuing at the seesaw or at the sunbathing area – it is important to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Changing rooms and shower rooms must not be used together. Every outdoor pool must create and present its own concept of hygiene and protection. The outdoor pool kiosks must also be open – here the rules for the catering area apply.

senior meeting places

Courses, information evenings and group offers with a permanent group of participants can again take place in Hamburg’s 82 senior clubs funded by the city. In addition to the usual hygiene measures, other rules apply to the protection of the elderly: In enclosed spaces, all visitors must wear mouth and nose covers, unless health reasons do not allow this. Joint training offers are also possible – but only outdoors and at a distance of at least three meters due to the increased respiratory rate and the associated higher risk of infection by droplet infection.

Health senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks says: “The elderly meetings with their open and mostly free offers are important, especially for single people with a low pension. During the quarter, they offer opportunities for contacts, meetings and engagement as well as a colorful program with social gatherings, culture, language, sports and exercise, health, new media and internet, excursions, lectures and information. In the last few weeks, it has therefore not been easy for older people, single people in Hamburg in particular, to have to do without these offers and their social contacts in their immediate environment. Although the safeguards taken in recent weeks were necessary, I am glad that the senior clubs can now open their doors again under special circumstances. “

Nursing homes must still be able to visit one hour a week, but three hours are allowed.

“I would be happy if more nursing homes would make use of this extended visit regulation,” says Prüfer-Storcks.

Religious events in the open air

Religious events in the open air are also possible again from now on – with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and the presentation of a similar hygiene and protection concept.

gambling and betting

Hamburg’s gaming halls and betting agencies will be allowed to reopen. The prerequisite is the submission of a respective hygiene concept. There is also a distance requirement of at least 1.5 meters in gaming halls and exchanges. In addition, the following applies: They must also be delimited by partitions. Operators are required to record visitor data for the purpose of detecting a possible infection. Any other use of visitors’ contact data that is not used for this purpose is not permitted. In any case, the data should only be collected for tracking in case of a coronavirus infection.

Prohibition on alcohol sales

The police may in some cases prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages for collection in kiosks and similar outlets if there are large gatherings of people and joint consumption of alcohol in front of these facilities where the distance regulations are no longer complied with and protection. against infection is no longer guaranteed. This not only affects the individual points of sale, but can also affect small areas, such as several contiguous streets.

The Hamburg Regulation offers a new, clear list by industry to enable quick briefing. It is valid until 30 June 2020 and can be found at the following link:

Current new cases of COVID-19 infections and number of recoveries

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), about 4,700 of the people who previously tested and reported positive for the Sars-CoV-2 virus can be considered cured. The National Board of Health currently assumes that around 120 people in Hamburg are infected with the corona virus. Since yesterday’s report, the health authorities in Hamburg have confirmed 3 more cases of COVID-19 disease. The total number of reported cases in Hamburg is 5,064.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, 241 people died with a COVID-19 infection in Hamburg. According to the Department of Forensic Medicine, the COVID-19 infection was found to be the cause of death in 217 people.

Current cases of COVID-19 in 24-hour treatment

Currently, the hospitals in Hamburg are very well positioned to treat people with a coronavirus infection. According to the current status, 36 people living in Hamburg are currently in inpatient treatment due to a disease with COVID-19, of which 14 are being cared for in intensive care. It can still be seen that the numbers in both the hospital area and the intensive care unit have been continuously declining for days.

Brief overview: Corona figures on the official website of the city of Hamburg
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