Corona Hamburg: 2G or 3G? What athletes need to know now

Hamburg. Olaf Jessen was lucky Thursday night. The two young men he had to send home because they were able to present vaccination proof, but no identification card for identification showed understanding (“Sorry, we forgot”), returned and spared him the often long discussions.

Jessen (55) runs the club and the club at Langenfelde S-Bahn station together with his wife Susanne, fitness and health coach Sports Center Hankook, which he has owned for 30 years. The fitness manager and licensed boxing trainer have never experienced times like these. “Members’ acceptance is declining, the checks that we also have to carry out with regard to health protection for everyone who trains with us and those that apply from Saturday 2G rules to put on will irritate many, some become really aggressive, ”complains Jessen. “You have known me for a hundred years,” they then argue, “why should I show you everything again?”

Corona Hamburg: Operators risk fines

There is no alternative in this case, the operators of sports facilities and gyms are obliged to do so under the Hamburg Corona Containment Ordinance. If those present are unable to present the necessary documents during the unannounced official inspections, Jessen and his colleagues risk fines of between 1,000 and 25,000 euros, and in the event of repeated infringements, the operating license may be revoked. “It’s a shame that adult, often trusted relationships with our members suffer from the situation,” Jessen says.

The pandemic has already hit him financially. Half of the once about 800 members have gone over the past year and a half, and he could barely cope with further decline. “We are already not earning anything anymore,” Jessen says.

2G rules now also in sports

From this Saturday onwards, the 2G rules will also be applied in sports in Hamburg and nationally. Only vaccinated, healthy, children and young people under the age of 18 may enter gyms, swimming pools and gyms. Clubs, studios and pools are forced to check everyone, it is recommended to use the CovPass check app, which can be downloaded from the internet. From now on, those who have been tested must stay outside, but must travel outdoors at all sports facilities.

Exceptions apply from Friday night until further notice for indoor games in front of an audience, defined as an “open group of participants” – in all sports and in all leagues, as long as the admission rate has not exceeded the threshold of three. In Hamburg, it was 1.94 on Friday. The Executive Order on Containment considers waste operations pursuant to section 18a to be a sporting event that can (but must not) take place in accordance with the 3G rules, ie also with persons who are tested on a daily basis.

DOSB welcomes the new rules

The prerequisite for this is a hygiene concept approved by the health authorities and compliance with the distance rules for spectators. The use of the changing rooms is also covered by these regulations. The fact that indoor sports in Hamburg must now be practiced under the 2G rules, but can be played under the 3G rules, remains a paradox typical of the pandemic.

Most clubs and studios welcome the new rules because they bring clarity to their members. “The introduction of 2G corresponds to the wishes of organized sports, from DOSB to the Hamburg clubs, which we have been in contact with for the past few days. The best thing would of course be if all clubs and teams also stuck to 2G during the game operation. , «Says Minister of Sports Christoph Holstein (SPD).

Many inquiries at Hamburger Sportbund

However, there are still ambiguities. Since Tuesday afternoon, after Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) announced the changes, the Hamburger Sportbund (HSB) has received around 150 inquiries from clubs and associations about how the new policy guidelines should be implemented in practice. HSB could only provide concrete answers on Friday afternoon, when the revised containment order was available.

Pia Random, CEO of the Hamburg Handball Association, does not consider waste management to be in danger, even though the 2G rule was introduced: “The clubs would probably all be able to implement the concept.” So far, no club has signed up for the association, which could no longer field a team due to a low vaccination rate. The situation is the same at the Hamburg Volleyball Association, confirmed sports director André Bolten. So far, no club has complained about a possible 2G model. The Hamburg Table Tennis Association, on the other hand, threatened last week to exclude those teams from the competitions that intended to voluntarily use a 2G concept.

“We want everyone to be able to participate”

“We want everyone to be able to participate. That’s why we decided to run games under 3G conditions for as long as possible, “said CEO Wolfgang Kuhfuss. Since the association suspected in June that there would be restrictions, the points game began in August. The regular season is over, only a few catch-up matches remain.

The most important corona topics in an instant

For clubs and gyms, there will be additional organizational challenges from this Saturday. The problem is not the switch to 2G, but rather the control of the rules. Kaifu-Lodge, Europe’s largest fitness center, has hired two more employees for the reception, the neighbor Eimsbütteler Turnverband (ETV) plans to seek staff through a leasing agency. “We want to avoid waiting times, especially during rush hour from 3pm to 7pm,” said President Frank Fechner. Martin Hildebrandt, CEO of Eidelstedter SV, is currently training his younger coaches in how to avoid possible conflicts when controlling older members.

Corona Hamburg: No distance required with 2G

With 2G, athletes do not have to keep their distance, wear masks, and the sports facilities can be used to the full. Coaches, on the other hand, can also practice their profession under 2G if they are neither vaccinated nor healthy. They need to take a daily test. You must wear a mask during training. However, TSG Bergedorf, one of the first sports clubs in Germany to introduce 2G five weeks ago, requires all coaches to provide proof of vaccination or improvement. Otherwise, the association would separate from them and not shy away from a labor law, says chairman Boris Schmidt.

The experience of many studies could ease the situation, especially the chains Meridian Spa & Fitness (five facilities in Hamburg) and Fitness First (eight): About 90 percent of those who play sports have already complied with the 2G rules in the last few weeks .

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