Corona: ETV, Meridian Spa, McFit – fitness centers cancel courses

Coronavirus in Hamburg

ETV, Meridian Spa, McFit – gyms are cutting-hours

14/03/2020, 16:57

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A woman listens intently to her fitness trainer.  Due to the corona virus, this image is currently past in some studies.

A woman listens intently to her fitness trainer. Due to the corona virus, this image is currently past in some studies.

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Many clubs and studios no longer offer courses in Hamburg – others drastically limit the number of participants. An overview.

Hamburg. Who these days the hallway in one of the otherwise so crowded hamburger fitness centre dry, he quickly notices the emptiness of the place. Many amateur athletes follow Chancellor Angela Merkel’s request to largely refrain from social contacts and activities to prevent the spread of the disease. Coronavirus‘to slow down. For the few who want to continue working out in the gym, however, there are some limitations.

Additional so-called disinfection dispensers are available in almost all studies that are still open. The fitness chain McFit announced to its members on Saturday that it was “with a heavy heart” to cancel all course and training offers from Monday. With this measure, the company wants to protect its members and also asks them to keep their distance from each other in the studio.

As an alternative, McFit offers subscribers free access to online courses that can be accessed and completed at any time from home.

Fitness first: Coaches do not want to teach

Also suspended until further notice Fitness first his courses. As Abendblatt found out, it currently depends on the will of the coaches whether and when it will be possible in times of CoronavirusAgain, there are deals. In the coming weeks, a uniform and very likely longer-term regulation will be made.

Such regulation also applies sports fun Hamburg still before. The usual course offerings are still available on weekends. The decision on how to proceed will be made on Monday. That SportFUN no longer offers group training in its seven gyms should no longer surprise anyone.

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Coronavirus: Measures taken by Kaifu Lodge

She suggests another path Kaifu Lodge one. Here, the number of participants was limited from 100 to 26 counted persons in order to comply with the distance determination recommended by the health authorities. In addition, there are posters in the gym with information on how to deal with the pandemic in a considerate way.

To minimize the risk of infection with the corona virus, Kaifu Lodge has blocked every other device. This should also prevent accidental physical contact between the members.

Meridian Spa: No courses, but sauna

Also Meridian Spa has reduced the number of participants in its sports courses as a precautionary measure. The fitness company also announced on its website that course cancellations may occur from time to time. In addition, the steam baths will be closed for the time being.

The pools and saunas, on the other hand, remain open. “According to current knowledge, the corona virus cannot be transmitted through pool water due to the disinfectant effect of chlorination,” said Meridian Spa as the cause of the swimming pools still available. Sauna users are asked to keep towel-width distances to their neighbors.

ETV and sports facilities in Hamburg are closing completely

Eimsbüttel Gymnastikforening (ETV) is far more drastic. Hamburg’s largest sports club in terms of active members will completely stop playing the sport for two weeks. The club responds to a recommendation from the Senate and the Hamburger Sportbund (HSB) and is not alone in this.

The association Active Freizeit eV (VAF) in Bahrenfeld will also stop its entire sports and training operation until 31 March. “We take our social responsibility and responsibilities seriously, and with this measure we want to do our part to curb the spread of the corona virus,” the association said at the moment on its website. “The health of our members, guests and our team of employees is our top priority.”

The gym, sauna and solarium, swimming pool and leisure sports facility at VAF will remain closed until further notice. It can not be ruled out that other providers will follow suit over the next few days.

Coronavirus – the risk areas:

  • Italy
  • Iran
  • In China: Hubei Province (incl. Wuhan City)
  • In South Korea: Gyeongsangbuk-do Province (North Gyeongsang)
  • In France: Grand Est Region (this region includes Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne)
  • In Austria: the state of Tyrol
  • In Spain: Madrid
  • Germany: District of Heinsberg (NRW)

Sat, March 14, 2020 at 16.57

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